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Slow Cooker Recipes: Healthy, Delicious, Easy-to-Make, Gluten-Free Recipes for Better and Healthier Eating (Low Carb Crock-Pot Cookbook)

by Keith Boyer

We all know the microwave; it is the 21st century â??go to guy’ in the kitchen. But there is a more powerful, more versatile, and more fun way to make delicious, healthy and economical meals for you and your family. Welcome back, Slow Cooker.

If you have wrung your hands about how to prepare meals for your family and friends that are at once gluten-free and appealing to a wide variety of tastes, this book is for you. Within its pages are a dozen alternatives that will not only please the pallet and the pocketbook, they will appeal to the physician as well.

Traditionally, the â??crock-pot’ or â??crock-keeper’ style of appliance has been relegated to re-heating duties. No more. By its very nature, the slow-cooker gives the home cooking specialist another tool in the arsenal in the battle against fast food and the high cost of eating on the run.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– The Evolution of the Counter Slow – Cooker

– In-cooker Casserole Recipes of Gluten-free Goodness

– Allergies and the Appetite: Making Food â??Good’.

– The Difference a Day Makes: Cooking Slowly and its Glorious Side Effects

– Souper Soups that will Feed your Family Fabulously

– The Lost Art of Leisurely Dining

– Family Tips on Getting the Kids to the Table

– Surprising Breakfast- Ready Recipes

– And Much More

Once you learn the secret power of Slow Cooking, the sky is the limit. Variations on the themes included here will give you an infinity of alternatives. Not only will your family eat healthier, you will have more time to appreciate them.

Don’t wait another minute. Learn how this healthy alternative in cooking will revolutionize you and your home.

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Cast Iron Cookbook Box Set: Cast Iron Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert Recipes (Comfort Food Recipes 1)

by Charity Wilson

Cast Iron Cookbook Box Set

You are about to discover over 140 cast iron recipes that will take you back to grandma’s kitchen.

Cast Iron Recipes Just For You

Cast iron skillet cooking is making a serious comeback finally. Cast iron has always been known to have even heating, great heat retention and is so versatile you can use it on a grill, toss it in the oven or even use it over an open flame. Yet very few people were using it.

Some people claim to have been handed down cast iron cookware that is 150 years old. That is amazing. Maybe a bunch of grandmas got together and decided it was time to revive cast iron cooking from the slow death it was experiencing. Who knows and really who cares, you just want to eat great tasting food.

What’s So Great About Cast Iron Cookware

For starters, there is the nostalgic feeling you get cooking with them if your family were avid users when you were a kid or those grandparents you only saw once in a while. The flavoring is just better in cast iron as it seems to release its own unique taste. It somehow captures the aromas of many delicious meals and melds it with whatever you are cooking.

Cleaning cast iron is not near as difficult as you have been led to believe. Just clean it while it is still warm instead of waiting until all the food is baked right on. You don’t want to use soap on it and can just use hot water. Now if you love to cook and then soak your pans cast iron will not be your friend.

You do not want to soak cast iron as it might rust and then you will really need to do some work. You do need to season your skillet after buying it which does take about an hour (instructions inside) but then you have a skillet that will last for years and years.

Cooking with cast iron is more convenient than traditional pans. You can start the recipe on top of the stove and then finish it off in the oven without changing anything. Just slide the skillet in. Or put the pan right in the oven to start and when it is done serve it right from the pan. Who needs casserole dishes?

You can essentially make any recipe you can imagine in a cast iron skillet.

Let’s Get To Cooking!

You don’t need a big book description, you need to start smelling that cast iron skillet cooking up a delicious meal.

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by Laura Ballweg

Grilling, or Barbecuing, is a true American tradition.

Barbecues are popular for events such as the 4th of July, birthday parties, receptions, or going away parties. No matter why you have decided to plan a grilling party, the memories that will come from it are sure to stick with your guests for many years to come, provided that you plan ahead. If you are truly serious about mastering the art of the Grill, then this book will spare you the embarrassment and headaches of learning from needless “misteaks” (pun intended).

Tips include:

–Planning Ahead

–Choosing a Grill for the Right Occasion

–Maintaining Your Grill

–Planning the Perfect BBQ Party

–Tips for Better Grilling

Recipes Include:

–Side Dishes and Starters

–Burgers and Dogs

–Seafood Feast

–Steaks, Ribs and Kebabs

–Chicken and Turkey

–Grilled Desserts

Get ready for summer with a copy of Great Grilling today!

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