Free literary fiction Kindle books for 09 Apr 15

Creep House: Horror Stories

by Andersen Prunty

Zombies. Werewolves. Vampires. Mummies. Satanic cults. Unspeakable cosmic horror. Andersen Prunty welcomes you to Twin Springs, Ohio, in his latest collection of horror stories.

For Keeps

by Aaron Paul Lazar

When retired family doctor Sam Moore gets a call from the coroner to come to The Twin Sisters Inn to consult on a murder victim, he’s puzzled. Why would Lou call him? He’s retired now, and just wants to spend time with his beloved Rachel, his grandsons, and to work in his gardens.

Within days, the body count increases and Sam is a prime suspect, so he calls on a peculiar talismanâ??his brother Billy’s glowing green marbleâ??to whisk him back in time in search of clues before the killer strikes again. Book 3 in the Moore mystery series.

URIAH HEEP: The Millennial Sequel

by C.B. Callaghan

“What I actually wanted, I was beginning to understand, was something more triangular in form. Something that involved the three of us.” So muses literature’s original bad boy, reborn into the millennium following two centuries of incarceration. Charles Dickens’ most notorious villain takes a tortuous, psychosexual joyride with old rivals and new friends across a literary and cinematic dreamscape.

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