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Creeptastic: The diary of a misunderstood creeper and how he saved Steve’s life (An unofficial Minecraft autobiography)

by Dr. Block

Why would a creeper save Steve’s life?

Open this diary of a misunderstood creeper, and you will learn how he wandered through the world trying to understand what he was and why he was spawned.

What does he think about his looks? When will he make some friends? And what exactly is it that draws him and the other creepers to Steve?

Creeptastic is a great book for gaming fans of all ages!

START: IGNITE The 4 Qualities That Give You POWER, WEALTH, & HAPPINESS (The Zero to 1 Million Internet Entrepreneur Series)

by Todd Sivers

In this first book in the Zero To 1 Million Internet Entrepreneur series, author & entrepreneur Todd Sivers outlines explains how YOU can ignite the four qualities that automatically lead to continuously increasing power, wealth & happiness.

These qualities are available to everyone, and when you use them, they rapidly develop the mindset that Todd has used to become a successful internet entrepreneur and develop multiple brands.

This is the baseline for any high performance, high income business. If you believe in the potential of the internet and the power of entrepreneurship to solve global problems and create global opportunities, this book will show exactly how to harness that power for yourself: How to believe in you. How to believe in your ability to be significant, be powerful, and be loved.

You have within you the ability to create solutions to problems and new opportunities that other people are desperate for. You can package and present those solutions and opportunities in powerful, life-changing ways. And as you begin to rise to that mission, you’ll be loved for the difference you make in people’s lives and in the world. You’ll have the power to develop and direct your life in directions you alone choose. You’ll experience tremendous wealth as people who benefit from your valuable solutions and opportunities appreciate, reciprocate, and seek more. And you’ll find deep, resilient happiness and fulfillment as you understand, connect, influence and motivate people naturally, authentically, and masterfully.

Z21M.COM is the central website for Todd’s Zero to 1 Million challenge, where he answers the question: How long will it take one average guy with one old laptop, no money, and no connections to move from zero to one million dollars in annual revenue?

Having set aside all his personal assets and connections for this project, Todd started with only a three year old laptop and an internet connection – things many people have or can get. And with absolutely no money or relationships, he’s building a million-dollar-a-year business from scratch. And he’s doing it with complete transparency, showing you every decision, activity, failure, lesson, and success along the way.

You can follow Todd’s daily progress through his timeline blog at Z21M.COM and join in on the challenge at Z21M.COM

500 SEO Tips: Essential Strategies To Bulldoze Through Google’s Rankings, Increase Traffic and Go Viral

by Silvia O’Dwyer

“500 SEO Tips” contains 500 bite-sized yet extremely actionable SEO strategies, tips, tricks, tools and hacks that you can use right now.

Do you want to start getting traffic to your site and fast? Do you need lots of invaluable, juicy tips to get your website ranking higher? Want to get your website known on the web alongside brands such as Mashable and Buzzfeed?

“500 SEO Tips” is an answer to every webmaster’s call.

This book covers everything you need to know in the SEO and content marketing world including keyword research, competition analysis, linkbuilding, on-page SEO, technical SEO, creating viral titles, blog posts and infographics, tips for 2015 and so much more.

It’s time to go viral, get known and rank higher.

It’s time to start getting insanely actionable advice that you can use right now, to get your website on the road to extremely successful.

A lot of the advice on the web is difficult to read and completely outdated. This book offers you the complete course to SEO. Retaining all that experience but completely up to date for 2015.

Most of the tips found in this book can’t be found on the web. Simple as that.

I’ve also asked some of the most notable experts in SEO, and a few industry leaders to give their thoughts on the best SEO tips they’ve ever come across.

Don’t wait, join the thousands who have already bought this book, and kick-start your website’s growth today.

Internet Marketing Essentials: A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Textbook

by Jeff Larson

Internet Marketing Essentials is a digital marketing textbook that will keep you up with the fast-paced online marketing industry. The textbook features 13 chapters of content that teach you the principles of search engine marketing, PPC, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, social media marketing, landing page optimization, and much more! The internet marketing textbook is written by a Ph.D. from Wharton and a leading internet marketing agency owner.

Make Money Online Fast: Turn Your Hobby into Profitable Business (Make money online fast, make money online free,make money noline now book Book 1)

by Samantha Brown

A Proven, Step-By-Step Method to turn your hobby into profitable business Once And For All

Discover how to finally make money online, start a business and create a passive income for good so that you can be successful, wealthy and accomplished person!

In the Make Money Online Fast, you will learn specific step-by-step strategies that will help you make your first dollars online, starting from $50 a day and ending with $300 a day. While many books will tell you how to make money illegally or by scamming people, in the “Make Money Online Fast” I’ll give you strategies that are not illegal or complicated. I suppose you read many books about how to make money online but many of them never told you the SOURCE of the problem – once you fail. The source of successful way to make money online is constituted with a variety of factors, such as making money via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), or through freelance sites such as Freelance or Elance or via ecommerce sites such as eBay, Espleto or Amazon.

The fastest method of turning your hobbies into cash, working from home is described in detail here.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to duo what you love and how will

    money follow
  • How to build Internet empire from scratch
  • How to create sales letter
  • How to do affiliate marketing properly
  • How to advertise
  • Much, much more
    • Download your copy today!

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