Free humour Kindle books for 10 Apr 15

The Top Half Of My Best Poetry

by J.S. Whyte

This is a beautiful collection of over 40 poems. Humorous and thought inspiring. Poetry of love, loss, hope, animals and nature. Reflections of times spent with family friends and a journey’s end. You will laugh,smile and maybe be lost in thought and mental pictures for a while.

Libra: …..the Real Story…..

by N C Noco

Horrorscope….. Librans….. RIP….. Superman, Kermit….. ‘Your Soul…..’ The Fish Scales of Justice….. Words for life….. ‘Hope is the thing with wings…..’ ‘Hope…..’

Elephant Sanctuary

by Michael J. Lafferty

It was a typical hot Sunday afternoon open house. The usual suspects of condo commandos, retired nobodies, and the ever present snowbirds filed through. None were buyers, Finn could tell. All they wanted to see was how the Epstein’s had decorated and to tell him how it was overpriced.

Finn hated his life. After 10 years selling real estate in the sleepy beach community of Vero Beach, FL he had had it. 7 years ago he was selling luxury homes on the beach, had rental property, nice cars and his family. Shortly into the real estate crash he had to file bankruptcy and shortly after the bankruptcy his wife had taken the kids moved back to savannah leaving him with nothing. Now he was selling $50,000 condominiums and doing price opinions for banks on foreclosed properties. All of the foreclosed properties were disgusting. Most had mold, missing appliances, stains of unknown origin, dead rats or raccoons in the pool and the occasional lone squatter thus the Glock he carried concealed in his messenger bag.

After his Mother (also a Realtor) is found face down in the pool of one of her listings Finn’s life changes for ever.

Publisher Note: This book contains Adult language and some scenes of graphic violence.

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