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How To Help Your Struggling Reader in Just 28 Days!

by By Lori Evanko

Do you have a child that is struggling in reading? If so, I have created a 28 Day Program that will put your child on the road to reading success. It is simple and only requires your time. If you have 28 Days, this program is for you and your child. This program builds reading stamina, oral fluency, comprehensive skill and listening skills. Through everyday daily activities you will enhance your child’s vocabulary. If you are committed to make a difference in your child’s learning 28 days is all you need to begin. The program is flexible and can be adjusted to meet your child’s needs and schedule. This is a day by day and step by step guide that engages your child through television, video games, daily activities and books. You can use this program with a child as young as 5 or as old as 18. It is never to late to start. My goal in putting out this resource was to make it simple and quick using minimal preparation and resources so that the average person can work with their child.

I have been an educator for over 15 years. As a successful teacher and turnaround school principal of one of New York City’s failing middle-schools I brought the school from an F to a B in 8 months and for the 2012-2013 school year received excellent in Reading for all students including students with disabilities and English Language Learners. I have a Masters in Reading and Literacy from Fordham University and am an expert in reading instruction and implementation as well as curriculum development.

Key Idioms and Slang: Learn Quickly and Easily

by Nicholas Gee

Packed with sayings and expressions you can use every day!

The real key to mastering any language, beyond having a good grasp of grammar and vocabulary, is knowing how to use idioms and idiomatic expressions. Much more than just a listing of terms and expressions, this practical, user-friendly resource provides clear explanations of each idiom.

So why wait? Get up and running right now by putting a wealth of idioms at your fingertips-with Key Idioms and Slang. Part of the Learn Quickly and Easily Series.

British author Nicholas Charles Gee, now living in England, began his business career as an instructor in English in his own private school in Japan. After 16 years of success in that career he became a financially independent entrepreneur as a broadcaster, author and teacher – now focusing his skills on teaching English to non-English speakers in his self created, an online English school. He also is the founder of Mason Hill Press, an independent publisher specializing in assisting non-fiction authors market their books. All of this background, in addition to what is evident as a thoroughly informed language specialist’s method of teaching and his own encounter with learning Japanese in Japan, resulted in this superb book. `I’ve lived in Japan for seventeen years, and for the first five years I couldn’t speak Japanese. I realised I had to make a change. The only way I was going to improve was to immerse myself in the language. If you make the switch, you can do it too!`

On both his online site and in this book, Nicholas’ very well grounded concept of teaching English fluency is stated: `The more you interact with the language, the better your English fluency will become. There are several things you can do on a daily basis to improve your fluency with the language, and the goal is not to do all of them, but just pick a few and ensure that you don’t miss to practice at least one on any given day. These methods include reading online news published in English, practice thinking in English, listening to English podcasts, songs and also watching English movies with subtitles in your native language. `â?¨

Froggy Fry 01 to 50 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 01 (Froggy Fry High Frequency Sight Word List)

by Adam Deaves

Froggy Fry 01 to 50 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 01

This is the first book in a twelve book series. This book contains the first 50 most common words in the American English language.

The simple fact is that we do not sound out every word when we read a book. When a child (or adult) learns to read, they start off by sounding out words, but quickly shift to memorizing the words that they see over and over again. This process is called sight word reading, where you learn a word by sight, not by sounding it out over and over again.

My children have enjoyed mastering these word sets using the Froggy Kindle book series and I invite your children to do the same.

The words are meant to be memorized, not sounded out. A student that learns to spot each word in this list will excel through most books at their grade level and beyond.

The Froggy Sight Words and Flash Card series of Kindle Books offers children a unique method of allowing them to practice and learn without risk of memorizing the ORDER of the list.

Each of these 10 word sets contains the entire list of words in random order. They are randomly placed on the screen, so the words appear to dance around the page. After every tenth word, the child is rewarded with a cartoon picture. The randomization of both the word list and location on the screen ensure that the child will learn the word – not the order of the words.

Also in the series are:

Froggy Fry 01 to 50 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 01

Froggy Fry 51 to 100 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 02

Froggy Fry 101 to 150 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 03

Froggy Fry 151 to 200 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 04

Froggy Fry 201 to 250 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 05

Froggy Fry 251 to 300 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 06

Froggy Fry 301 to 350 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 07

Froggy Fry 351 to 400 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 08

Froggy Fry 401 to 450 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 09

Froggy Fry 451 to 500 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 10

Froggy Fry 501 to 550 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 11

Froggy Fry 551 to 600 High Frequency Sight Word List – Vol. 12

Thank-you for taking the time to help your child to read.  You are doing a wonderful thing. By working though this book from start to finish you and your child will have read each word in the list a total of 10 times. Treat this book as if it were 10 sets of flash cards. Each set contains the same words but in a different order.  

Helpful Hints:

1. To quickly jump to a new word set, first go to the table of contents then pick one of the 10 word sets.  They are all the same – just in a different order.

2. Feel free to change the font size if you wish. Since most of the words are short, increasing the font size while using this book might make the words easier to read.

3. Make this time a fun experience for your child. Let them hold the book and teach them to turn the pages on their own.

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