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DIY: DIY Projects. 98 Useful & Making Your Life Easier DIY Household Hacks On How To Clean, Organize & Declutter Your Home!: (DIY Projects, diy household hacks, diy Speed Cleaning)

by Imogen Averill

DIY: DIY Projects

98 Useful & Making Your Life Easier DIY Household Hacks On How To Clean, Organize & Declutter Your Home

This book contains 98 cheap, simple and straightforward tips to help you keep your home clean and tidy! You don’t need expensive chemicals or harsh formulas â?? just simple household products such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon juice â?? as well as a few more unusual suggestions!

This book also includes how to:

  • Get lipstick out of fabrics
  • Make the inside of your dishwasher sparkle
  • Remove limescale from a variety of surfaces
  • Deodorize your mattress
  • Un-shrink shrunken clothes
  • And loads more. This book also contains over 95 tips on decluttering and organizing your home so that it will stay cleaner and tidier for longer.

    Spend less time shopping and more time doing the things you enjoy with this collection of amazing life hacks.

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    The Must Have Rookie Guitar Guide

    by R.D. Aragon

    The most effective new guitar book that you’re missing.

    Turn on your guitar genius switch today!

    In 2010, I was teaching one of my guitar students using a popular guitar book. I attempted to use the book to teach a popular pop tune. The problem was this popular guitar book did not teach certain techniques that the pop tune required. Like so many times I have done in the past I had to revert back to my book shelf and pull out another guitar book that did have the technique.

    Annoyed and frustrated for so many years, I figured I should do something about it. But, what?

    I know! I’ll write my own guitar guide. Eureka, I have found the solution…

    This is where my trek began to create the most effective guitar guide today.

    “The Must Have Rookie Guitar Guide”

    by Roland De Aragon gives you everything a total beginner needs from:

    1. Covering all 16 basic guitar chords (majors, minors, sevenths)

    2. Finger exercises that help build strength and dexterity while playing.

    3. Covers eighth notes and rests. ( all beginner books do not cover this topic )

    4. 26 amazing guitar tunes.

    5. Great strumming patterns.

    6. Play in different styles, including rock, blues, latin, folk, and classical.

    7. Very simple to follow instructions and illustrations.

    8. 14 Commandments of Practice.

    And so much more…

    “The Must Have Rookie Guitar Guide” is likely the only beginners guitar book you’ll ever need. Pick one up today.

    10 Minute Blender: Learn to create a 3D model with Blender in under 10 minutes (Short Journey to Knowledge)

    by John Think

    10 Minute Blender

    Learn to create a 3D model with blender in under 10 minutes

    This book will help you break into using free, open source 3D modelling software that is blender with practical guide to make a simple 3D model from scratch

    Downloading Blender 2.7 is easy, creating simple 3D model with Blender is easy, dummies can do it in under 10 minutes!

    Natural Portraits

    by Joe Scrivens

    Learn how to take stunning portraits using just natural light. I’ll take you through photography basics and teach you techniques of exposure and composition for creating the most natural looking portraits without any form of light modifier.

    If you have an interest in children and family portraits or any form of portraits using natural light then take a look at this book.

    Any readers of portrait photography should enjoy this book.

    Josep Ferrando, architect …self (English) (scalae architecture + architects ebook collection 3)

    by Félix Arranz

    The third volume in the scalae architecture + architects international ebook collection. The architect Josep Ferrando, from Barcelona, talks about the professional path he has taken; the expeditionary nature of all of the personal, professional, and university-related activities he has ended up being involved in; the way he understands any of the documents he produces as full-blown architecture; his vision of his career path as a journey that encompasses work on any scale. The rest of the book is made up of original documents, bibliographical references, an invitation to join the conversation, and the fractal map of collaborations. The cost of the ebook is due to specific Amazon features such as direct download to Kindle devices, the complete integration of social networking services, and DRM protection. A free version of the publication is available by signing up to archBIB.

    My Sexy Asian Girl: Sweet, Hot, Cute, and Lovely (Sexy Asian Pictures): Lovely Angel (Sexy Bunny Book 6)

    by Nelson Lebi

    Get indulged in my well-compiled, high quality Sexy Asian picture book. Girls in the photos are very cutie, pretty, sexy, and you can’t take your eyes off them. Get ready to turn on by these hot Asians!

    A Visit To Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (Photo Gallery): (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Story,Photo Traveler,Travel Books)

    by John Parker

    The author once had a casual tour to the Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia during which some photos had been taken.

    Here comes the photo gallery of impressing ones selected from that tour.

    Order a copy and enjoy all of it without stepping out of your house!

    Deep Tan (A Picture Book)

    by Seymour Butts

    Let these HOTTIES show you how they got such a DEEP TAN!

    You’re going to LOVE what they have to show YOU! Click NOW!

    The Hardest Pole (A Picture Book)

    by Seymour Butts

    Some WOMEN work very HARD for their living!

    Caution! Viewing these women while at work may cause your blood pressure to rise!

    Curious? Click NOW!

    Obsession (A Picture Book of the Girl STUCK IN MY HEAD)

    by Seymour Butts

    She is beautiful. She is charming. But if you look too long, you’ll become OBSESSED

    Can you handle her?

    Photo Gallery of Mandalay Hill in Burma: (Photo Books,Photo Album,Photo Big Book,Photo Display,Photo Journal,Photo Magazines,Photo Story,Travel Books,Travel Photos)

    by John Parker

    Mandalay Hill is a 240 metre hill that is located to the northeast of the city centre of Mandalay in Burma. The city took its name from the hill.

    Order a copy and enjoy all of it without stepping out of your house!

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