Free history Kindle books for 11 Apr 15

Beyond Downton Abbey, Volume 1

by Deb Hosey White

Beyond Downton Abbey is a guide to 25 great houses in Britain, with 25 compelling stories and 25 reasons to visit.

The popular television series Downton Abbey is just the start. Britain is filled with historic houses, castles and palaces. Join us as we take you beyond Downton Abbey to dozens of the grandest, most romantic, quirkiest great houses in England and Wales.

This eBook includes nearly 70 color photographs and links to additional online information.

This is the first volume in the Beyond Downton Abbey series. Volume 2 features the history and stories of another group of great houses in England and Wales. Beyond Downton Abbey, Volume 1 is also available in paperback under the title Travels Beyond Downton.

Eleanor’s Odyssey,: Journal of the Captain’s Wife on the East Indiaman Friendship 1799-1801

by Joan Druett

It was 1799, and French privateers lurked in the Atlantic and the Bay of Bengal. Yet Eleanor Reid, newly married and just twenty-one years old, made up her mind to sail with her husband, Captain Hugh Reid, to the Pacific, the Spice Islands and India. Danger threatened not just from the barely charted seas they would be sailing, but from the lowest deck of Captain Reid’s East Indiaman Friendship, tooĆ¢??from the cages of Irish rebels he was carrying to the penal colony of New South Wales. Yet, confident in her love and her husband’s seamanship, Eleanor insisted on going along.

Joan Druett, writer of many books about the sea, including the bestseller Island of the Lost, and the groundbreaking story of women under sail, Hen Frigates, embellishes Eleanor’s journal with a commentary that illuminates the strange story of a remarkable young woman.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln: An Illustrated Account of America’s First Murdered President

by Caleb Stephens

On April 14, 1865 America suffered the loss of one of it’s greatest leaders. After General’s Lee’s surrender at Appomattox a few days earlier, the Civil War was coming to an end and Washington D.C. was in a celebratory mood. The cities jovial spirit would soon be changed by the actions of John Wilkes Booth, a man driven by ambition and a desire to avenge the South. In an elaborate plot devised to take place at Ford’s Theatre, Booth became the first man to murder a President of the United States.

This brief examination of Lincoln’s assassination highlights every major detail from John Wilkes Booth’s plot, to his escape through Maryland and Virginia, and the eventual fates of the other involved conspirators.

“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” provides a concise retelling of this American tragedy with the assisstance of images, illustrations and trivia sidebars.

Corn In The Bible: Verses

by Michael Wall

This is a brief introduction into some of the verses of the bible that CLEARLY mentions corn. A must have little book for the dialogue that will soon take over the internet.

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