Free poetry Kindle books for 11 Apr 15

Bitter: Book of Original Poetry

by Christopher L. Jones

A personal collection of poems by Christopher L. Jones relating the author’s own struggles with life, love and self worth. Written in a brutal, disturbing style that is uncompromising and down right bitter!

“Bold, lurid, harsh, delicate…” – Vikingsaga

“True to a mark, dark but with substance…” – usedsaints

Read the latest from the streets on the street and on the go with this specially formatted version for your Amazon Kindle!

Contains the poems:
Destroy Me
Inner Torment
My Last Lament
Circumvent in Wait
Doldrums of Madness
Waiting My Turn
The Empty Spaces In My Head
My Love
To Juliet

Don’t Read This

by Scott McDowell

a dark and twisted gathering of words on paper. This is not for the faint of heart, or weak-minded, and in the end all should heed the warning and… Don’t Read This.

Henry Lawson: Poetry and Ballads from a Legend of Australian Bush Poetry – PART 1 (The Great Australian Poets Series Book 2)

by Henry Lawson


‘The Greatest Australian Poets Series’ brings all of the best Australian Poets works together in a single magnificent collection of the best Australian Poetry ever written.

In HENRY LAWSON – PART 1 you will discover the very best poetry and ballads from one of the greatest classical bush poets.

Double Act

by Fiona Pitt-Kethley

Poetry by Fiona Pitt-Kethley

FootSteps of Hope

by Feon Davos

FootSteps of Hope- Says it all. HOPE in God, our Savior, Our Christ. In all things. In all small. In all big. And in all about us.

Solitary Bird

by Thom Young

The love and lovey poems collection for the broken hearts and hopeless romantics. Selected Poems 2015. The solitary bird dreams and flies alone to a blue sky and the promise of a better tomorrow. Thank you readers for reading and turning off the glowing box for you truly are the free thinkers.

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