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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: A Beginners Guide To Reducing Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Green Living Series Book 1)

by Ann M. Colson

Make Your Contribution to a Greener Earth – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Now

  • Have you ever wondered how your life has affected the environment that you live in?
  • Have you heard the term â??Carbon Footprint’ and been unable to understand the concept in its totality?
  • Are you conscious of the fact that your lifestyle could have led to the depletion of resources that are vital to life on this planet?

Well then here is the answer to all your queries. This book aims to educate readers on the various aspects of Carbon Footprint and help find easy and implementable measures to reduce the impact as far as possible.

The objective of this book is to help simplify the scientific jargon and make it easy to understand for everyone so that all readers are able to realize and relate to this problem that is staring in the face of mankind.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in the book:

  • The concept of Carbon Footprint
  • Means to measure your carbon footprint
  • The significance of Carbon Footprint as an individual as well as a Human being.
  • Understanding what the invisible increments to Carbon Footprint are.
  • The exact short term measures that you can adopt to reduce the footprint.
  • The long term measures that we all must initiate and implement in order to deal with the problem on a global scale.
  • The strange yet real facts about Carbon Footprint that you wouldn’t have heard before.

With this book you will be armed to tackle the problem right from your homes and be able to educate your kids to take steps that will their footprints low. The simple yet proven strategies discussed in the book are aimed at creating awareness on the basics of the problem and help you take small incremental steps in the right direction, right now.

It is our duty towards our kids to keep the earth green for them as we inherited it. That is why understanding identifying carbon footprint assumes such vital significance in today’s world. Unless you can pin point the specific small things in your everyday lives that add up to the footprint you will not be able to reduce it substantially. This is why the book is so handy for the common man who wants to see a better world for the future generations.

Why this book is special

  • Easy language and simplified terms for better understanding.
  • Examples from everyday affairs to help you identify the culprits.
  • Simple and easily implementable steps for you to get started in reducing your Carbon Footprint.
  • Macro level view for a more comprehensive understanding of the global nature of the problem.
  • Great learning value for parents as well as kids.
  • So what are you waiting for? Take action now and do your bit to save our planet for our kids. Start your journey by laying hands on this invaluable source of information.

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Herbal Antibiotics: How to Use the 15 Amazing Natural Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals That Are Hiding in Your Kitchen (Herbal Antibiotics, Herbal Antibiotics books, herbal medicine)

by Janet Sanders

Herbal Antibiotics (FREE Bonus Included)

How to Use the 15 Amazing Natural Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals That Are Hiding in Your Kitchen

It is not only the medical professionals that are debating the uses of antibiotics. There is still a large grey area surrounding how viral and bacterial infections can be diagnosed simply from the symptoms.

The subject of over prescribing antibiotics is a debate that remains buoyant amongst medical and health professionals and one that is also kept at the forefront with more superbugs being detected that bear resistance to all types of antibiotics. There is the added problem of those patients that have built up a resistance to antibiotics either from overuse or some form of allergy.

When taking this all into account it is easy to see why doctors do need to exercise a combination of experience, common sense and science when deciding whether or not to prescribe antibiotics and also the treatment will be right for the cause and the individual.

For these reasons and others that may be more personal many individuals are looking at other natural and herbal medications for their health issues and it is only when you begin to look further into this subject that you will find the overwhelming numbers of treatments that are available but also perfectly harmless and incredibly simple to administer.

This information contained within this book is provided to give a better understanding of antibiotics and the alternatives that are available.

Topics that are covered in detail are as follows:

  • Antibiotics in general
  • Introducing alternative medicines
  • Antibiotics versus natural remedies
  • 15 natural herbal and viral antibiotics
  • Today’s antibiotics could threaten your life tomorrow
  • Myths about antibiotics
  • First aid for the family

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “How to Use the 15 Amazing Natural Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals That Are Hiding in Your Kitchen” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Improving Vision: How to Improve Your Eyesight in 30 Days (Eye Training, Natural Vision, Eye Exercises Book 1)

by David A Tharp

Improving Vision – How to Improve Your Eyesight in 30 Days

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to get better vision using all natural means.

In this book you will learn more about the different methods through which you can achieve better eyesight.

In this book, here Is a preview of what you will learnâ?¦

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Micro nutrients for better eyes
  • How to rest your eyes
  • The 6 most effective eye exercises

Take action right away to improve your vision naturally today by downloading this book,

Download today!

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Living Off the Grid: A Beginner’s Guide to an Independent and Self-Sustaining Lifestyle (Shelter, Water & Energy Supply Guide)

by Machael Hansen

Want to get away from it all?

One of the biggest problems we face today is that we are way too dependent on society and its infrastructure on order to survive. We have to have electricity, cable, internet, and all kinds of things to live and it is stressing out way too much, let alone dealing with crime, drugs, gangs, and all the other things that go bump in the night.

Download this book to find out how you can have a comfortable, unstressed life away from all the concerns that living in society requires. We are not talking living like a caveman, but having residence with electricity, water, sewer, TV and internet, food, and shelter from storms.

In this book you will learn:

– How to select a proper site

– How to decide on your residence

– How to get water

– How to handle sewage

– How to be your own electric company

– How to have internet even if you are miles from civilization

– How to have a garden and raising animals

– How to properly prepare your own foods to be safe for unrefrigerated storage

How To Manage Claustrophobia

by A.M. KHAN

Are you or someone you know struggling with Claustrophobia? Don’t be bogged down by the grave symptoms of the disorder. This phobia is treatable! Read ‘How to Manage Claustrophobia’ to know more.

My Anxiety – A True Story: From Start to Recovery

by Chris Hardisty

This is my true story of how I recovered from Anxiety, Panic and Health Anxiety. I am a normal 36 year old, stay at home Dad with three children. My story includes how I fell into the cycle of fear and how I recovered from the prison of Anxiety. No matter how deep you believe you have sunk into Anxiety, full recovery is possible for anyone and I mean anyone. So if your a blokes bloke who has tattoos and enjoys a pint in front of the football on telly or a stay at home parent with young children – I can relate to YOU. If you feel you can no longer be in Social situations or hold a conversation with people, if you feel that you cannot walk to school to pick up your children – I can relate to YOU. If you have Scary/Irrational thoughts that enter your head uninvited, if you constantly believe you are going to suffer a heart attack – I can relate to YOU. There are so many symptoms you can feel both mentally and physically with Anxiety — BUT you are not alone. I have recovered and so can you.

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