Free humour Kindle books for 12 Apr 15

Simple Magic Tricks: Anyone Can Do

by Danny Egan

Are you intrigued and fascinated by magic tricks?

Curious how to perform them yourself?

Well then you have come to the right place.

Contrary to popular belief, learning magic does not take years of practice. Not even months.

In fact regular people, just like yourself, are learning how to do simple magic tricks using common items found around the house.

With this book you’ll be performing miracles in just a few hours…

This book is like no other as it teaches novices how to do simple magic tricks that the pros use.

How can you be a magician within a matter of hours?

It’s as simple as reading this book.

It’s jam packed with tricks that will have you stumping your family and friends…

You’ll be the life of the party and the talk by the water cooler…

So don’t delay… Download today!

The magic is waiting…

Solving the cube with logic

by Rodney Scarlett

An introduction to learning how to solve the rubiks cube.Includes a slow step by step tutorial with easily understood colourful diagrams.

40 Amazing Things: Surprising Things You May Not Know, Increase knowledge and Activate Your Brain

by Aiza Manheim

Do you know it is interesting to live in the world? Many things are full of our life but we may not know it!

In this ebook, I collected some amazing things. After you read it, you will learn more knowledge in short time and it’s a great benefit to your brain!

Ready, let’s go to read it and hope you will find fun in it!

AS WONDERLAND GOES BY: a satirical espionage tale by Laszlo Mohacsi

by Laszlo Mohacsi

An investment banker and a high class escort go into hiding after obtaining a top secret doctrine, which could expose a Neo-Con financed mercenary unit for igniting a civil war in a commodity rich Eastern European state.

No Escape From Paradise

by Scott F Neve

* Satire Short Story!

Manuel was a Research & Development scientist who lived in a futuristic society where everything was handed to him. There were no more challenges. There were no more barriers to break. Utopia was a curse. No one broke the law anymore. Locks were a thing of the past. Life was boring.

Then one day Manuel made a terrific discovery. His cybernetic home office was alive. The artificial intelligence was reading his mind. The computerized persona of his faithful butler could anticipate his every desire.

Plus the computer that controlled his home had created a worm hole for him to travel through. Science had somehow created two magical portals that allowed him to teleport from the front of the house to the rear of the house and then back again. He was trapped, but he did not care. Everything that he ever wanted was already there.

Manuel knew that if he could harness this new power, he would be labeled the newest god of the academic realm. He told no one of his discovery. His friends and neighbors visited often, but he stayed mum about his latest experiments with translating himself across space.

Find The Hidden Words: Word Game For Tablets

by Sandra Staines

There are 10 words hidden on each screen, all related to a theme. Your task is to find the hidden words by tapping the screen where you think they have been hidden. If you are correct a dialogue box will open to reveal the word. Once you have revealed all 10 words identify the theme for that screen (answers at the back).

Once you are done hand the tablet to your child for whom you bought this game.

Emma’s Stone

by James Arnott

A hilarious look back at my Grandmother and her outlook on life.

Snail on the Nail: 101 Riddles for Better Spelling (Vocabulary Builder for Kids Book 4)

by Ravi Sophocure

The book is mainly a word play to make you remember the spelling. It helps you create your own answers as there is no one answer to any question. You may come up with as many answers as you can.

There are 101 riddles in the Section A, and questions in the Section B to test whether or not you can recall what you’ve studied.

You can use this book for self study or to play with your friends. By using the methods with your friends, you are not only improving your word power, but also helping them.

The rules of the game:

1. The keyword in the answer should be from the bold word in the question.

2. The letters in the answer keyword should be in the same order as in the question. If you break the keyword into two, you may change the sequence of the words.

3. Ignore the above and create your own rules.

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