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Palmistry: Palm Reading For Beginners – The 72 Hour Crash Course On How To Read Your Palms And Start Fortune Telling Like A Pro (Palmistry, Numerology, Horoscope, Divination, Occult)

by Mia Rose

Palmistry For Beginners: Learn How To Read Your Palms

and Start Fortune Telling

The art of Palmistry stretches back to beyond the dawn of history. To many people it is a

mysterious but fascinating practice. If you have ever wondered if there is any truth in palmistry,

then this book will definitely be for you!

The book looks at the history of Palmistry and also contains some tantalizing information on how

science has discovered that the future may well be in your hands!

Containing a wealth of information on how to read palms, this book may well astound you.

Shrouded in mystery, the subject is actually very straightforward; you don’t need to believe in

palmistry to read this book, or to put into practice the methods it describes.

Containing a detailed look at the shapes of the hand and their meanings, how to read and interpret

the lines, mounts and other signs on the palm, this book takes you through all of the basic

techniques you will need to learn in order to effectively read your own and other individuals’ palms.

This book is a short, but very comprehensive, guide to palmistry and will provide you with

everything you need to start exploring this fascinating subject.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

ï?· The History And Context Of Palmistry

ï?· The Shapes And Meanings Of Both The Fingers And The Hands

ï?· The Mounts And Lines Of The Hand And What They Mean

ï?· Additional Signs, Marks And Symbols And How To Interpret Them

The Pure in Heart

by Thomas Watson

Another quality eBook from Chapel Library. The Pure in Heart is excerpted from Thomas Watson’s classic work, The Beatitudes, written in 1660. In the experiential style of the Puritans, he examines in part one the nature, reasons and motives for, signs of, and how to attain heart-purity. Then in part two he wonderfully describes the blessings of the pure in heart: what it shall be like to see God! Thomas Watson was born approximately 1620, and died in 1686. Educated at Cambridge, he served as lecturer and then rector at St. Stephens in the Church of England. He was imprisoned in 1651 and ejected in 1662 for non-conformity to the Church’s erroneous practices. He continued to serve God’s people in several congregations thereafter. Watson became a well-respected Puritan preacher in his day, and a prolific author. His works include A Body of Divinity, The Lord’s Prayer, The Ten Commandments, Heaven Taken by Storm, and numerous others.

Astral Projection: The Beginners Guide On How To Travel Out Of Your Body On The Astral Plane (Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Plane, OBE, Out-of-Body Experience)

by Mia Rose

Astral Projection the Beginners Guide On How To Travel Out Of Your Body On The Astral Plane

If you have ever pondered the mystery of Astral Projection and Out-of-Body-Experiences and wondered if they are real or if you could learn the techniques for yourself, then this book may be perfect for you!

Taking a look at the science, the facts and the speculation behind both the near-death experience and the concept of Astral Projection, this book will provide you with a solid introduction to the experience of travelling beyond your own physical reality.

The book also covers the basic principles behind Astral Projection including everything you need to know to begin exploring the phenomenon for yourself.

Using tried and tested methods, the book looks at how to prepare yourself to project beyond your own physical body, what to expect when you do and how take the first steps in order to achieve your first out-of-body experience.

In this ebook you will discover the realities and benefits of Astral Travel along with a look at the dangers involved (and also how to deal with them). The information in the book is presented in a simple, easy to understand format and the exercises included in the book are designed to be easy for the beginner to both understand and put into practice.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The Facts, the Fiction and the Science Behind Astral Travel

The Basic “Rules” and Techniques of Astral Projection

The Realities and Benefits of Astral Projection

The Dangers of Astral Projection – And How to Protect Yourself

Tags: Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Plane, Astral Dynamics, Astral Beings, OBE, Out of Body Experience, Robert Bruce, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Project, Meditation, Astral Projection, William Buhlman, Astral Projection for Beginners, Astral Projection Techniques, Near Death Experience, Astral Projection Free,

Third Eye: Third Eye Awakening For Beginners in 5 Easy Steps – Activate And Decalcify Your Pineal Gland (Third Eye Awakening, Pineal Gland Activation, Open the Third Eye)

by Mia Rose

Open Your Third Eye For Beginners

If you have heard of the Third Eye but know very little about the subject then this introductory

guide is perfect for you.

The book takes a look at the science, the myth and the traditions behind the concept of the Third

Eye. It takes a comprehensive look at how the Third Eye has been understood in the past and how

science has contributed to our understanding of the subject.

The Third Eye is, today, closely linked to the Pineal Gland. A small and mysterious part of the

brain. In this book you’ll learn how to access this amazing part of your mind and also why it is so

often subject to the process of calcification.

The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland are, in most people, inactive or damaged. However, as you will

learn, it perfectly possible to repair this damage and begin to reap the benefits of an open Third Eye.

Bringing intuition, clairvoyance and a much deeper understanding of yourself, the world around

you and your place in it, life with three eyes will astound you!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

ï?· What The Third Eye And The Pineal Gland Are

ï?· How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland And Open The Third Eye

ï?· Easy To Use Techniques To Achieve Both

ï?· How To Use Meditation To Open Your Third Eye

ï?· Crystals And The Third Eye

ï?· The Benefits Of Life With “Three Eyes”

Put Hand to Plow: get what you want

by Barbara Lucas

This book explains how to become a more successful getter. The book uses the creative process, the system used since the beginning of time to bring newness into the world, as the basic system of getting. Put Hand to Plow lists the four categories of getting that all of us are interested in having: survival needs, success markers, preferences and requirements as well as spiritual desires, and then explains how to obtain these. It identifies the one Critical Belief that most of us must change and the Success Beliefs that most of us must add to our core beliefs in order to be successful manifesters. It teaches the Language of Optimism most of us must learn to speak and the Universal Laws to put into practice as well as the steps of the Creative Process itself. Examples of how to use the creative process are given.

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