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Cyber Security Principles: Computer Security Hazards and Threats

by Walter Spivak

Learn the cyber security principles with no trouble

Can’t tell what’s the difference between firewall and firefox?

Been wanting to know more about the basics of cyber security but didn’t know where to start?

The cyber world and the related uses of internet are surely getting a wider spectrum day by day. From small individual shopping issues to large corporate business dealings, all are making use of internet, as a mode of transacting and dealing, which saves resources and time. But as the use of internet has increased, the threat of illegal and unauthorized activity has also increased because of the diverse and open platform provided by platform. It has raised a greater attention towards the issue of cyber security.

After having a thorough reading of this book, the readers will be capable of understanding the technical and functional issues pertaining to cyber security. The book has been written in a way that all kinds of internet users including the individual household users, as well as the large business personnel, all can get a thorough understanding of security concerns related to contemporary cyber space. The matter is not to avoid the use of internet or cyber products, but to become highly alert, along with all the precautionary measures.

In the book we have not only mentioned the major security concerns as far as the cyber space is concerned, but we also put a greater effort in making you know about the standards and guidelines of cyber security. The purpose is to make the readers aware of their individual contribution needed in order to make this cyber space, a secure and compatible platform for all the users.

The manuscript of this book will be covering:

  • Preliminary knowledge regarding the working of internet
  • Basic definition of cyber security and an introduction of related terminology
  • Cyber security guidelines and standards prevalent in different parts of the world
  • Chief issues pertaining to cyber security
  • Cyber security tools and products available for a safe cyber space
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    Nes-Bit Magazine System Volume 2 (NES Bit Magazine System)

    by Keith Lutener

    A community created retro magazine to celebrate everything NES. Consisting of various articles, reviews and a unique glimpse into the world of the Nintendo Entertainment System. A high quality full colour professional design, a team of community writers and with content packed pages there’s something for every NES fan to enjoy. And now we are happy to offer our second issue packed with over 60 pages of content! Highlights include:

    R.O.B The Robot

    Castlevania (Cover) Special – A look at the NES series and some of its unique stand out points

    A look at some of the NES’s classic Shooters

    8bit wars – Classic systems go head to head

    Legend of Zelda Special

    Japanese Imports

    And much, much more!

    Do I Really Need the Kindle Fire

    by DC Waits

    Are you interested in buying a Kindle Fire HD? Do you want to make that purchase but you do not know too many things about the product? If your answer to either of these two questions is yes, then you should definitely read this book. Find what the kindle is all about.

    The Fast Cash Method: Simple Ways To Make $1,000 Per Month From Affiliate Marketing

    by Deddy Irawan

    Learn The Fast Cash Method that you can make $1,000 online per month from affiliate marketing even if you are complete beginner. It is working strategies that can help you to make some quick money online in just few weeks from now.

    Thinking Beyond Coding: Supplemental

    by Erik Peterson

    Begun as a series of blog posts, each of these articles were re-thought and re-written to create this e-book. It’s supplements Thinking Beyond Coding, so you can read it before, after, or alongside the other book. Both help you learn about the software developer’s life.

    Along the way you’ll find answers to some perplexing questions:

    • Can anyone code, or is the idea just hype?
    • Why is it that, with all the computers in doctors’ offices, physicians still can’t share patient data?
    • How might becoming “more efficient” make things worse?
    • Why do software measurements (metrics) pose a danger to companies?
    • Why are some Fridays our most productive days?

    These answers, and more, are inside.

    10 Powerful Free Traffic Sources To Build Subscribers Fast!

    by Deddy Irawan

    Find The Top 10 Powerful Free Traffic Sources You can Use To Drive Ton Of Targeted Visitors To Your Site Fast

    HTML5: The Quick and Simple Way to Learn HTML5 – Programming Language (HTML5): HTML5 (Web Site Design, Programming Language, Computers and Technology, HTML 5)

    by David Lawfield


    The Quick and Simple Way to Learn HTML5

    If you are interested in learning how to create websites, beginning to use coding like HTML5 is a wonderful way to do so. This ebook will take you through the steps of creating a basic website, and tell you everything that you will need to know. However, there are practically limitless things that you can do with HTML5. It would be impossible to include everything in any single guide, and many of those things would be quite complex to learn. This guide is directed at beginners, and even some intermediate users. Now that you know this is the right guide for you, please move along to the next section.

    As you might already know, HTML knowledge will allow you to create websites, from the ground up. However, there are already countless tutorials and lessons for using HTML. This book is about HTML5, and all of the brilliant, new things that this latest version of HTML is capable of. For that reason, some of the basics of putting a simple HTML website together are only glossed over here.

    What is HTML5?

    In the past, websites were made using “front-ends”, like CSS, Javascript, and of course HTML. They are thought of as being at the front, because they basically control what a website looks like, when a user views it. While they started out being relatively primitive, if comparing them with today’s standards, they have certainly flourished into very modern technologies. There has been a drastically refreshing boost in the types of features that can be used today, with things like HTML5, which would have never been thought possible without using a complex “back-end”, such as Perl, Ruby On Rails, or PHP.

    What is the biggest refreshment in front-end technology? You might have guessed that it is HTML5. This comprehensive guide for beginners will teach you more about what HTML5 is, what is can do, and then teach you the basics of how to use it. However, you do not need to have existing experience with creating websites to use this book, although it would be helpful to have.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What is HTML5
    • Why Choose HTML5
    • How to Get Started
    • HTML5 Markup Basics
    • Setting up Your Website
    • Creating Your Own HTML5
    • Shortcuts
    • How to Use Tags
    • Blog Creation
    • Much, much more!

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    PHP: Learn PHP Programming, Quick & Easy

    by Troy Dimes

    Want to learn the in-demand skill of PHP programmingâ?¦ AND do it fast?

    Are you new to computer programming or just want to brush up on some skills? If so, this book is a wonderful resource for you. PHP is one of the most widely used open source, server side programming languages. If you are interested in getting started with programming and want to get some basic knowledge of the language, then this book is for you! Famous websites, including Facebook & Yahoo are powered by PHP. It is, in a sense, the language of the world!

    PHP core concepts, examples, and exercises included.

    The book covers core PHP concepts, starting from the basics and moving into advanced object oriented PHP. It explains and demonstrates everything along the way. You’ll be sure to be programming in PHP in no time.

    Great for beginners or those that have some experience coding

    This is an in-depth book written by an expert for people like YOU. You may know some things about computer programming or coding but you still want to learn more. You’ll find that this book is so simple to digest and it provides step-by-step instructions so that you’ll have no problem keeping up.

    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

    • What PHP is, why you should use it, and exactly how it works.
    • How to prepare your computer for programming in PHP. (Screenshots included)
    • How to quickly and easily create your own PHP web applications.
    • Many useful tips and tricks on how to program in PHP with ease.
    • Much moreâ?¦

    Scroll up, click the “Buy Now” button and get started programming in PHP today!

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