Free humour Kindle books for 13 Apr 15

Minecraft Crafting Handbook: The Ultimate Crafting Recipe Guide (Dig Deeper Guides Book 1)

by Ricky Stanis

Welcome Minecrafters! Now is the time to finally grasp the power of crafting!

Look inside and discover over more than 100 amazing crafting recipes…

You’ll be amazed by the power you have and how jealous your friends will be when the see the new items in your inventory!

Be the first one in your group to have the Minecraft Crafting Handbook!

Don’t leave home without it!

Clean Knock Knock Jokes For Cool Kids (Laugh Out Loud Jokes For Kids Of All Ages)

by David Lee Martin

Welcome To The Coolest Knock Knock Joke Book On The Planet!

INCLUDES: Super Secret Code (Shhhh don’t tell anyone) that will give you FREE access to the Cool Kids Clubhouse for extra bonuses (plus some more never-before-seen Knock Knock jokes just for Clubhouse members)

Hey cool kids!

It is so great to have you here on the doorstep ready to rap out a cool tune on over 150 doors!

Yep, that’s right, over 150 of the totally most awesome knock knock jokes ever, all packed behind 5 mystery doors.

Not only will you have a boat load of belly laughs at these fun jokes, you also have to guess which of the Cool Kid Gang is behind our five mystery doors.

In Clean Jokes For Cool Kids I & II you voted for your fave joker.

In this book you actually get to guess who is hidden behind the doors before reading their super funny Knock Knock jokes.

Will you be able to guess who is telling the jokes?

Let’s find out!

PS: you will also be given a SUPER SECRET CODE at the end of the book to access the Cool Kid’s Clubhouse and get some extra goodies!

Hands Up Don’t Shoot #0


Aaron Alexander, and Kyle Flex, Both have something In Common. They Hate Police. Aaron was Shot for No Reason By the Police. But The Police Didn’t Expect Him to Survive. Not Only Did Aaron Survive… Do to the Wrong Blood Put into His System, He Developed Super-Powers! He Becomes “Kid Fame!” Can He Stop these Police? Or Will he Get Shot fatally this Time!

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