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Poetry Writing: Poetry Writing Mastery, Proven, Easy To Learn Techniques And Exercises To Write Your Own Unique And Inspirational Poetry ! -poetry writing, poetry writing course –

by S. Evans

Discover Poetry Writing Mastery.

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Do you often think about writing poetry but you’re not sure where to begin?

Are you thinking about writing poetry in order to write lyrics for music, but you’re not sure about the rules you should be following?

In this book, I’m going to teach you about the fundamentals of poetry and how you can find the inspiration to write your first poem! There are many aspects of poetry a potential poet needs to learn about before they begin. This fundamental knowledge will help you structure your poem in a way that it really speaks to the reader.

DOWNLOAD: Poetry Writing Mastery, Proven Easy To Learn Techniques And Excercises To Write Your Own Unique And Inspirational Poetry Today

In this book, you’ll learn all about:

    â??The structure of a poem, including the line structure, stanzas, and form of a poem.
    â?? The meter of a poem, such as what it is, how you can use stressed and unstressed syllables to your advantage, and how you can count your feet (and not the ones at the end of your legs)
    â?? How to use rhyming and the different forms.
    â?? How to write your very first poem!
    â?? And much, much more

If you want to learn about all of those things and much more, especially the pitfalls all poets should avoid, scroll up and take a look at this book!

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STEVE’S JOURNAL: The Adventures from Steve’s Journal: (An Unofficial Minecraft Book, Diary,Journal) (1)

by Block Boy

Three Adventure stories based on the life of Steve.

Your are about to read Steve’s personal Journal in a world based on Mine craft.

He’s lost his journal and we found it! Now let’s enjoy the unheard adventures of mine- Craft Steve,

hero-brine, creepers,zombies and more…

This is the first book of a new Mine craft adventure series of short stories.

Minecraft stories written by fans!

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