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DIY Preppers Guide. Easy DIY Survival Hacks That Everyone Can Do!: (DIY Prepper, DIY Prepping, DIY Survival Hacks, prepper, preppers pantry, prepper book) … Prepper stockpile, Survival handbook)

by Corey Allen

DIY Preppers Guide

Easy DIY Survival Hacks That Everyone Can Do

Are you ready if disaster strikes? Maybe you have been prepping for a while or perhaps now I planted that seed. Don’t miss this one folks. You may have that sense of calm that you have all food, water, and shelter you need. What if you were forced into a situation where you did not have these things?

It’s OK. I don’t want anyone to be unprepared. You hold in your hand peace of mind or if you rather not think on such heavy issues that’s fine too. For the others who choose to prep themselves. I think you will find yourself glad you did. I have thoughts about the ifs? I take it there are some out there whom feel the same, too . The sick and disabled may need the extra attention. I kept you in mind too. We have those fears and they may not be unfounded. I tried to cover the main areas of attention.

Here is what’s inside:

  • Starting fires without matches
  • Survival Skills
  • Pet Survival Kit
  • Tips for the sick and disabled
  • Supplies to stay warm during the cold
  • Cooking outdoors without power
  • Essential oils and herbal remedies when there is no food or medicine
  • And other skills

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ISIS Exposed: A Comprehensive Insight into the New Form of Terrorism in the MIddle East and its Threat to Global Security (The Rise of ISIS, Army of Terror, State of Terror)

by Hassan Ghazini

“Reading this book will leave with you nothing more you need to know. You’ll never have to read another ISIS book again” – Shane Patterson

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ISIS Exposed takes us through the formation of the terror group that wants to change the world.

From their beginnings as an offshoot of Al-Qaeda, to one of the fastest growing operations in the world, ISIS Exposed leads us through their formation and their ideals.

We will cover everything from how and why they were formed to the reasons why some people have flocked to them, how they use the internet and social media to recruit and gain financing, all the way to the music they allow and the social programs they support. We’ll also read some stories from those who have escaped ISIS and why they risked their lives to do it.

ISIS Exposed tries to give us an explanation for something that baffles the Western mind and makes us wonder why and how this group has come to such prominence from such humble beginnings.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn by Reading this book…

  • The Origins of ISIS
  • Financing and Operations of the ISIS Enterprise
  • The ISIS Propaganda Machine and how ISIS recruits
  • Insiders’ Account of ISIS
  • Conflicts within ISIS
  • Why ISIS must be dealt with and why

Tags: ISIS, Syria, Iraq, Middle East, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Terrorist, Terrorism, Bombing, ISIS Solution, ISIS Unveiled, Rise of ISIS, ISIS The State of Terror

Conspiracy Theories: The Controversial Stories, Deception And Beliefs Of Our Worlds Most Mystifying Conspiracy Theories (Conspiracy Theories Of Our World … Cover Ups, Conspiracy Theories Series,)

by Seth Balfour

The Controversial Stories, Deception And Beliefs Of Our Worlds Most Mystifying Conspiracy Theories!

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Conspiracy theories have always been able to pique interest among the old and young alike. Unbelievable tales and plans that allegedly took immense planning and impeccable execution have always remained all-time favourites. This book aims to bring to you some of the biggest conspiracy theories ever recorded.

From the moon landing to the Bermuda triangle, there are many alleged conspiracy theories right under our noses. Ultimately, most conspiracy theories may seem like oversold fiction due to a lack of evidence for supporting the theory.

The words “conspiracy theory” had originally been a neutral term. Since the assassination of U.S. president, John F. Kennedy it has taken a derogatory meaning. Nowadays, conspiracy theories are seen as elaborate cover ups put in place by malevolent intelligence agencies in the best interests of their country’s political stance and/or to hide their own mishaps. If you love your conspiracy theories then this is the book for you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Conspiracy Theories – The Different Types of Conspiracy Theories in Our World
  • Conspiracy Theories – The Moon Landing
  • Conspiracy Theories – The Bermuda Triangle
  • Conspiracy Theories – The Yeti
  • Conspiracy Theories – Elvis
  • Conspiracy Theories – Princess Diana
  • Conspiracy Theories – Osama Bin Laden
  • Conspiracy Theories – Political Cover-Ups
  • Much, much more!

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How One Becomes a Self

by Philip Ward

A brief overview as to how experiences that occur during infancy or early childhood impact the mature self. The research shows that maltreated children can be hardwired to develop addictive disorders. In this way addiction can be understood to be based in an insecure a attachment.

Leaked Presidential Briefing

by Miriam O’Brian

In this book you will find a leaked transcript of a classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland.

The tape recorded a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UFOs and Extraterrestrial visitation on Earth.

The recording was made between March 6 and 8, 1981. The briefing was given by William Casey to president Ronald Reagan.

For your convenience the main points of the briefing are given at the “Summary” part at the end of the book.

Here are some of examples of the issues they discuss:

The US government had recovered alien technology from crashed aircrafts.

The US government had been in communications with extraterrestrials for years.

The US government had an exchange program of personal with extraterrestrials.

The US government had been actively covering up this issue.

And much more.

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