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A Storm in Flanders

by Winston Groom

From the autumn of 1914 to the autumn of 1918 Flanders was, in effect, a gigantic corpse factory. Hundreds of thousands died there for ground where gains were measured in mere yards.

Soldiers who had just gone through the ordeal of Battle of the Somme cursed the prospect of being sent to the Ypres Salient.

The battles around Ypres in the First World War became the greatest struggle of attrition in history. Tantalising hopes of breakthrough were raised from time to time, only to flounder in mud and fire.

Vietnam veteran Winston Groom’s brilliant account of the campaign switches seamlessly between the generals’ headquarters, the politicians’ councils and â?? above all â?? the hell of the trenches. We see the campaign through their eyes and the experience of both the British and the Germans, generals, officers and ordinary soldiers.

â??A Storm in Flanders’ is a powerful history that combines the drama of high politics and strategy with unsparing accounts of front-line combat.

â??Fascinating â?¦ an engaging narrative of the terrible fighting around Ypres.’ – GERARD DE GROOT, BBC HISTORY MAGAZINE

Winston Groom served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division. He is the author of twelve books, including the prize-winning history of the US Civil War â??Shrouds of Glory’. His Vietnam book â??Conversations with the Enemy’ was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. His bestselling novels include â??The Crimson Tide’.

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Chalk 2

by Randall H Miller

On the morning of October 4th, 1993, the nation watched the news in stunned silence as footage of a celebratory Somali mob dragging the bodies of two American servicemen through the streets of Mogadishu was broadcast for the first time. The Battle of Mogadishu (memorialized in the book and film Black Hawk Down) was the fiercest firefight since Vietnam where roughly 100 men from Task Force Ranger faced enemy combatants numbering in the thousands. In Chalk 2, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and career special operations soldier Thomas Di Tomasso looks back at the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu where, as a First Lieutenant, he served as leader of 2nd Platoon, Bravo Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, attached to Task Force Ranger.

Chalk 2 is one of several stories from the book Norwich Heroes, covering flashpoints in military history where graduates of Norwich University (the nation’s oldest private military college) have distinguished themselves on the battlefield. Follow three extraordinary brothers as they fight their way through the Civil War’s bloodiest battles. Join others as they patrol the Central Highlands of Vietnam or hunt the world’s most-wanted terrorists and war criminals in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Iroquois Book of Rites

by Horatio Hale

Horatio Hale was an American scholar of native culture. Much of his studies concerned the history of the Iroquois Confederacy, and was tutored in their oral history by Iroquois Chiefs. The Iroquois Book of Rites , published in 1883, was in part the result from his study of wampum belts.

A table of contents is included.

The Celtic Sack of Rome (The Welsh Chronicles Book 6)

by Mark Hodges

The Celtic sack of Rome, 387 BC, according to the MS LXI. Historical fiction based on ancient manuscript translated by W.R, Cooper. Follow Belyn and Branyn, now reunited as brothers, when in a new venture they turn their attention to the plunder of Gaul and the sacking of Rome. Book six of the Welsh Chronicles.


by Nikolay Hovhannisyan

For about 50 years the author has been studying different aspects of the Armenian Genocide, as well as fundamental problems of genocides in general, in different countries of Asia, America, Africa and Europe in XX-XXI centuries.

After the investigation and detailed analysis of many primary sources, official documents and other materials, he has revised the obsolete opinions and suggested a new conceptual-strategic approach to the evaluation of the Armenian Genocide, committed in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire by the ruling Young Turk Party.

On the base of it, he came to the conclusion that:

a/ The Armenian Genocide is already an internationally recognized genocide, corroborated and recognized by the international scholarly, legal and human rights community;

b/ The Ottoman Empire was not merely the first state that committed the first genocide of XX century-the Armenian Genocide, but also the first state that recognized the crime in 1919 by the Ottoman court-martial Verdict;

c/ Turkey is the founder of the genocide-denial industry;

d/ Now a new phase has begun: transition from the recognition of the Armenian Genocide to the liquidation of the heavy cosenquences of the Armenian Genocide, committed in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire.

Evolution of the International Order and Response to the Syria and Iraq Conflicts (Vol.2)

by Shibata Goro

In the world following the end of the cold war, a process of trial and error led to the formation of a kind of common order. On the other hand, the formation of this order has inexorably unleashed tragic conflicts between ethnic groups and religious sects placed under certain conditions.

This book, while ascertaining concepts that become premises such as “ethnic and sectarian groups”, “common order”, “culture and value”, aims to remain as objective as possible in explaining how we should understand the present conflicts, and how, based on lessons learned from the past, we should go about deploying a coherent response to these kinds of conflicts that is consistent with “common order”, and in doing so bring about a wide-ranging shared awareness. In the present world where various cultures are confronting each other, that is absolutely indispensable for the people to coexist in peace and stability while retaining their diversity.

(This book was published in November 2013 and revised in July 2014. It was originally published in Japanese and is now under translation. It will be published in three parts.)

Organic: Design with Nature in Mind (Design Essentials Book 2)

by James Pierce

“Organic: Design with Nature in Mind” expands upon “Bauhaus: The Beginnings and Beyond” offering readers another fresh perspective on design. Organic design and its sprawling influence continues to shape modern art, design, and architecture with its flowing aesthetic and harmonious principles. Many of the world’s most esteemed designers, including Charles Eames, embraced this ideology and used its power to revolutionize how humans think about design and how we can incorporate natural elements into the products we use everyday. This ebook describes the aesthetic and scientific background behind the movement, introduces its most prominent contributors, includes examples of Organic works, and describes how the movement continues to shape modern products. Truly a must-read for artists of any kind, designers of any background, and individuals seeking understanding of the form and function of the world around them!

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