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Natural Green Cleaning: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning, Organizing, and Maintaining an Immaculate Home with Natural Cleaning Recipes

by David Stone


Just because a house is clean does not mean it’s green. This book will help you understand the importance of keeping not just a clean but also a green home.

NATURAL GREEN CLEANING contains proven steps, strategies and methods that can help you clean your home and keep it safe at the same time. It also contains practical tips on how to choose the right cleaning materials and names of toxic chemicals you should try to avoid.

There’s no problem with wanting a clean and spotless home. However, most people think that a clean home is also an environmentally friendly space. We tend to forget that in order to clean the house we have to use materials and methods that are actually harming the environment in the process. This also affects our health and lifestyle in the long run. That’s why it is very important that one has adept knowledge when it comes to maintaining and cleaning one’s home.

A clean and green home matters. The house is where the family interacts, sleeps, eats and spends time together. That’s why it is very important that every nook and corner is not just clean, but also healthy and environmentally friendly!

In this Book You’ll Discover:

  • Benefits of Cleaning Your Home with Natural Eco-friendly Materials
  • Why a Clean and Green Home Matters
  • Common Natural Cleaning Products Found at Home
  • Cleaning Products and Chemicals to Avoid
  • How to Clean the Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedroom the Safe and Green Way

    How to Make your own Natural Cleaning Recipes such as:

  • Natural Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Tub and Tile Cleaner
  • All Purpose Kitchen Cleaner
  • Garbage Disposal Freshener
  • Stove and Sink Cleaner
  • Homemade, Eco-Friendly Detergent
  • Homemade Fabric Softener


    Pain Management: Ultimate Pain Relief Guide- Discover The Best Strategies For Dealing With & Overcoming Pain (Pain Management, Pain Relief, Chronic Pain … Pain Treatment, Joint Pain, Treating Pain)

    by Ace McCloud

    Stop Living In Pain And Start Enjoying Your Life Now!

    Living in pain can greatly reduce your quality of life and make you feel terrible all day long. Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, there is no need to let it overrun your life. Discover the best kept secrets on how to naturally overcome pain and prevent your body from developing serious pain issues in the futureâ??everything from proper posture, to your diet, to exercises, mental strategies, medical techniques stretching and more. Don’t let the pain that you’re experiencing cause you to miss out on some of the best years of your life!

    You’re about to discover how to treat a variety of different types of Pain. In this book are some of the Best All Natural and Medical Methods Available for reducing and eliminating pain! Take Control of your life and your health now! Stop doing what doesn’t work and get a strategy for a Healthier and Happier life!

    Stop The Suffering! Proven Therapies & Strategies That Work!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover…

    • The Different Types & Causes of Pain
    • How To Prevent Pain With Good Posture
    • The Best All Natural Ways To Treat Pain
    • Modern Medical Breakthroughs For Pain Relief
    • Exercises & Stretches To Strengthen Yourself and Reduce Pain
    • Dietary Secrets That Can Help You Manage or Treat Pain
    • Some of the Best Items That You Can Buy to Combat Pain
    • Mental Strategies For Dealing With Pain
    • The Best Nutritional Supplements For Dealing With Pain
    • Much, much more!

    What are you waiting for? If you are still reading this you are obviously motivated to get all the benefits this book has to offer. Stop thinking and take ACTION.


    Get Your Copy Right Now!


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    Mindfulness: The Anxiety Cure. A Guide to Replacing Worries, Anxiety and Negative Thoughts with Happiness and Fulfillment by Using The Power of Mindfulness … – For Beginners – Meditation – Exercises)

    by Leonard Okwayo

    Mindfulness: The Anxiety Cure



    You’re About To Discover The Step-By-Step Way To Get Rid Of Anxiety Through Mindfulness

    Special Launch Price of $2.99. Regularly priced

    at $4.99.

    Live In The Present

    Get rid of anxiety through practicing meditation and mindfulness. Many people are constantly going from day-to-day without taking time out for themselves. Time goes by faster than ever, and before you know it life has passed you by. Only then you will have noticed how you could have enjoyed life more by living in the moment.Don’t chase the carrot, learn to enjoy the present.

    The key to happiness and fulfillment is living in the present through mindfulness.That is the way to slow down life and enjoy it’s fleeting moments..

    Why Learn About Mindfulness?

    • Reduced rumination
    • Stress reduction
    • Boosts to working memory
    • Focus
    • Less emotional reactivity
    • More cognitive flexibility
    • Relationship satisfaction

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • How to Eliminate Distractions
    • The Power Of A Breath
    • How To Te Aware Of Your Thoughts
    • How To Appreciate Your Awareness
    • Alternative Methods To Mindfulness Meditation
    • The Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation
    • Practicing Mindfulness Meditation
    • Download your copy today!

      Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only

      $2.99! Remove your anxiety and live happily in the present like you did as a child!

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    Off Grid Living: 12 Essential Strategies To Live A Self-Sufficient Life Off The Grid (Off Grid Living books, off grid homestead, off grid power)

    by James Clark

    Off Grid Living (FREE Bonus Included)

    12 Essential Strategies To Live A Self-Sufficient Life Off The Grid

    Are you interested in living off of the grid now or in the future? If so, then this ebook is for you.

    You’ll also receive nine other great strategies. It’s important to learn these skills before you make the move to live off of the grid. Don’t wait. Get this ebook now.

    You will learn 12 essential strategies for success such as:

    • Choosing housing
    • Considering alternative power sources
    • What you should know about gardening and hunting

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

    Download your copy of “Off Grid Living” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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    Crochet Basics: Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Learn How to Crochet (With Illustrations and Detailed Instructions)

    by Kristina Austin

    Crochet Basics

    Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Learn How to Crochet

    You’ve always secretly wanted to learn how to crochet, but you assume it was too much for you? Do you admire the lace works of those who create them? Most of those who would like to learn how to crochet a tablecloth, sweater or some other beautiful crocheted item, think this way.

    Buy this book that will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to crochet and what materials and tools you will need to get started. Indulge yourself by learning the old skill of our grandmothers in an easy and understandable way.

    Whether you belong to those who only have the desire to learn how to crochet or you already have an initial experience in this old technique; in both cases, this book is for you.

    If you are a total beginner, this book is essential if you want to embark on an extraordinary adventure of crocheting. While reading this book, you will easily and gradually learn everything related to the beautiful old craft of our grandmothers-crocheting.

    This eBook, between other things, includes instructions for :

    • First steps(hooks, wool, templates and symbols)
    • Basic stitches
    • Low and high stiches
    • Circular crochet
    • Spiral crochet
    • How to make markers

    Download your copy of ” Crochet Basics “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Crochet for Beginners: How to Create Awesome Crochet Projects that Astonish People: (Crochet, Crochet for Beginners, How to Crochet, Crochet Patterns, Crochet Projects, Sewing, Yarn, Knitting)

    by Serine Larry

    Crochet for Beginners: How to Create Awesome Crochet Projects that Astonish People

    If you just stepped into the world of crocheting and looking for new patterns for making awesome items, this book will help you. You will find the details of the patterns along with pictures. The patterns are described exactly in the way in which you will do the crocheting. The instructions for special stitches as also provided. The detailed instructions will help the beginners to work with ease.

    The pictures will enable you to get a clear view of the finished item and in case you want to change the colour schemes, you can get a very clear idea of how the thing look when you make it with the colours of your choice. Every detail, right from the instruments to the materials is mentioned so clearly that you will find crocheting easy and interesting.â??

    5 Reasons to Buy This Book

    1. Designed especially for people who are the beginners in the world of crochet.

    2. Pictures will provide you clear idea about the finished items.

    3. The details of crocheting patterns are not abbreviated.

    4. Special stitch instructions are provided.

    5. Stitch counts mentioned here are accurate, so you will not have to bother about the finished size.

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    The Power of Adversity: A Guide To Finding Your Greatest Gift In Life (Similar to Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Bass)

    by Tiffany Mason

    Thank you to all my mentors: Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Chalene Johnson, Stephen Covey, Steve Pavlina, Brendon Burchard, Napoleon Hill, Malcolm Gladwell, John Maxwell for inspiring me to write this book.

    “The Power of Adversity is a fantastic book that will stay with you well after you have read the last page. Many women suffer the pain of assault and abuse with silence and desperate tears.The Power of Adversity sends an uplifting message that we each have the power to change our lives for the better. Tiffany Mason’s personal story is uncomfortable to read: abused by an older man at the age of 18, she found little support from family and friends. She was on the brink of an emotional and physical breakdown. But during those darkest moments Tiffany found the courage to take charge of her life. Within the pages of The Power of Adversity this amazing woman shares her insights into how we can all change our lives for the better. I cried while reading her story and smiled with satisfaction as I began taking on board the many lessons in The Power of Adversity. This is a book that I will keep on my shelf and refer back to time and time again.” -Sonia Levy, Editor at My Well-Being Magazine

    Where are you heading in life? Do you feel trapped or smothered by your past? What if it were possible to move forward rather than backwardâ??would you take the necessary steps to do so?

    A self-help guide interwoven with a personal memoir, The Power of Adversity offers hope and encouragement to women who feel imprisoned by past trauma. Empowering women to overcome their seemingly insurmountable challenges, it walks them through three steps, sharing essential tools and methods that will help them design the life and marriage they desire.

    Author and lifestyle coach Tiffany Mason is living proof of the effectiveness of her three-part method, which she has also used successfully with her numerous clients over the years. Sharing her own story of surviving and overcoming sexual abuse throughout the book to illustrate the different methods, she is an inspiring example of what it means to let the power of adversity work for you rather than against you.

    Don’t be the prisoner of your past. Be the designer of your future. And live your present life with passion, creativity, and hope.

    Overcome your adversity and start living a more meaningful and successful life!

    Three-part method

    1) Accept Your Past

    2) Gain the wisdom

    3) Design Your Future

    Book Chapters

    Personal Message from the Author


    Part one: Accept Your Past

    1. Adversity Is Your Blessing

    2. The Healing Process

    3. Unwrapping Your Greatest Gift

    Part Two: Gain The Wisdom

    4. The Skill of Self-Reflection

    5. Unleash the Law of Attraction

    6. A Wealth of Wisdom

    7. Nurture Your Wisdom

    Part Three: Design Your Future

    8. The Value of Precedents

    9. Value Your Time

    10. Feed Your Soul

    11. Live in Alignment

    12. The Importance of Appearance

    13. Behavior Is Part of the Design

    14. Model Those Your Admire

    15. Design with Passion and Creativity


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    This book contains my three-part method that I’ve personally used and have shared with several of my clients. This three-part method is the key to overcoming your adversity, discovering your greatest gift, and designing a meaningful life.

    Don’t forget to check the “Inside Look” at the top of this page.

    Simply scroll up, click the buy button & get started today!

    Design the life you want!

    -Tiffany Mason

    [email protected]

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