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The Emotionally Absent Mother:: Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect And Begin To Heal Yourself (Narcissistic,Personality Disorders, Borderline BPD, Abusive Relationships)

by Michele Gilbert

Life for you hasn’t been easy.

You are currently in a relationship that is doing more harm than good,, and are working a job that you never seem to be able to execute perfectly. While others are enjoying life in all of its fullness, you feel like you are in a rat race that gets more competitive by the minute. “What is my problem,” you ask. “Why can’t I just sit back and enjoy life?” Blame it on your mother.

That’s right!

Your mom and her emotional absence has a lot to do with your current state in life.

Emotionally Absent Mothers will delve into your mother’s apathy, and why such lack of compassion may not be her fault. This book will also help you find ways to cope with the pain that you suffered as a child, as well as look past the scars to see a better future.

Download::The Emotionally Absent Mother Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect And Begin To Heal Yourself

You’ll Learn…

What is Emotional Absence?

Mom Wasn’t There â?¦ Deal With It

Try Forgiveness

Let the Past Stay There

Embrace the Future

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We’re Very Good Friends, My Grandma and I (We’re Very Good Friends–Family Series Book 1)

by P.K. Hallinan

A tender and humorous look at the loving relationship between a child and his grandmother. Written and illustrated by award-winning children’s author P.K. Hallinan.

Rabbit: (a novel?)

by Jared John Smith

PUBLISHER’S NOTE As of February 2014, the author, Jared John Smith, has been out of contact with the publisher. We are unable to locate him and hope he is happy and well. Per our contract, we opted to publish the book but decided to continue forward from the last place we had input from the author himself. You’ll see our editorial notes and conversations with the author, but we wanted the book to be as close to what we saw as our shared vision for Rabbit.

Jared: We miss you, if you see your book on shelf somewhere, please reach out to us. We owe you royalties.
EDITOR’S NOTE A proper book jacket description would have read like this: “Rabbit” explores a young folklorist driving 4,000 miles, collecting ghost stories and meeting his homeless schizophrenic father for the first time…The author attempts to finish his book, infuriating his editor with an endless amount of revisions, only to go missing a year later…This literary rant devolves into a mess of obsessions with our cosmos, estranged parents, abuse, and infidelity. It is an angst-riddled ride through the American subconscious of the twenty-first century…It would be quite a delight to read if the author wasn’t so ungrateful after we invested all of our spare time–I have a life, too. Are you happy now, Jared?

The Modern Caveman’s ‘Alternative’ Guide To Pregnancy For Men: How to survive with your manhood intact

by Paul Palmer

Most pregnancy books for men seem to just regurgitate the same information contained in the pregnancy guides for women – with a few references to football and beer thrown in to make them seem a bit more â??blokey’.

If you really want to know what size the foetus is at week 7 or what features to look for when buying a cot, then by all means purchase one of those other â??guides’.

If, on the other hand, you would rather have more practical information like:

how to maintain an active sex life despite your partner throwing up around the clock,

how to make a customised sick-bowl,

how to reduce any housework you may have to do to the bare minimum, and

how to keep yourself entertained through the long, boring hours of labour, with great games such as ‘Swearword Bingo’

then The Modern Caveman’s â??Alternative’ Guide to Pregnancy For Men is just what the doctor ordered – assuming the doctor is a foul-mouthed misogynist.

This alternative guide aims to get you through those nine months not as a selfish, lazy â??Neanderthal Man’, nor as a namby-pamby, man-bag wearing â??New Man’ but as a â??Modern Caveman’ – the supportive partner she needs rather than the doormat she probably wants.

21st Century Dad (and husband): Or rather… the trials and tribulations of being a modern day father and husband (also told from the perspective of his wife)

by 21st Century Dad

A fun, comical, light-hearted look at being a father in the 21st Century, bringing up two (daft) kids, keeping a (very) (only joking) (not really) demanding wife happy, going through a mid-life crisis and all while trying to desperately earn a bit of a living.

Written by a modern day father and husband.

And his wife!

Tea Cups and Cowboys: One mom’s journey with laughter and tears

by Kendra Graber

Life with Littles is never boring, entirely fascinating, and provides endless entertainment. Read how one mom is surviving the toddler years and beyond. The joys and struggles that come with a big family and the curves life throws you.

Journey with her through midnight feedings, grocery trips, and diaper changes, as well as an accident that nearly took her husband’s life. Then weep with her as she remembers the precious babies she gave back to God.

You’ll laugh and cry as you learn about being “just a mom.”

Get Them Reading – Learn How To Motivate and Inspire Your Child To Read (Encouraging, Inspiring. Motivating and Getting Children to Read Book 1)

by Karl Jeffery

Do you want your child to do well at school, or to live the best life they possibly can?

Research proves children who are keen readers do better in school, and have a greater chance of living a happier more successful life…

But getting them to read isn’t always easy. Helping them can sometimes be frustrating. Sometimes they struggle, aren’t interested, or just don’t get it.

Get Them Reading was written to make your life easier.

By the time you’ve finished this book, you’ll know how to influence your child, and how to make reading fun, enjoyable and irresistible for them. It reveals a simple to understand and an easy to follow step-by-step formula for motivating and inspiring your child to read, plus proven strategies that work. You’ll also learn how to build their confidence, how to encourage them, support them, and get them to enjoy reading. Once they love it, it’ll be hard to make them stop.

Karl Jeffery is an entertainer who specialises in encouraging and motivating children to read. Along with his magical puppets and spectacular stories, he performs live reading shows in schools and libraries. He also runs a website dedicated to inspiring children to read. He’s already helped thousands of children and is committed to helping many thousands more.

Reading is a skill that can change lives.

Karl knows from experience how true this is. As a child he struggled, only fully learning his alphabet when he was10 years old. He left school with no prospects or qualifications. In his mid twenties, he managed to turn his life around, and using the power of reading he changed the predicted outcome of his bleak future to a destination of hope and fulfilment. His goal is to help today’s children avoid the same dark and challenging experiences he faced.

No matter how old your child is, or what level their current reading ability is, they can live the brightest and happiest future possible. Karl Jeffery shows how to give your child the greatest gift ever – the gift of reading.

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