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The Law of Attraction: Attract HEALTH, WEALTH, and LOVE Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Manifestation Book 1)

by Robert Gladwell

Join Robert Gladwell, spiritual explorer and experimentalist as he takes you for a wonderful ride on how to truly tap into the Law of Attraction. Gladwell has been working in the field of Metaphysics, Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction for many years. In his book The Law of Attraction Gladwell will demonstrate how the key to abundance is to surpass limited obstacles with unlimited thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

In addition, Gladwell has included a FREE Law of Attraction 60 Day Manifestation Guide. The Guide will take you through simple daily methods which will consist of very little time and effort, while producing amazing results of prosperity and abundance.

This book contains ideas which will show you how to manifest everything your heart desires and more; eliminating the unnecessary steps to get you there…

Are you having trouble tapping into the Universal Law?

Are you not seeing the results you would have expected?

Have you tried several methods to no avail?

Perhaps you are uncertain of what the Law of Attraction truly is?

Throughout the journey you are about to embark on within The Law of Attraction, you will learn the fastest and easiest ways to becoming a personal magnet. The Law of Attraction is always working, either with you or against you, and once you learn how to control and utilize this powerful law; you will be in control of your destiny and have the ability to exceed your wildest dreams.

There are no limitations within your imagination, and once we realize how to break down the barriers which are preventing us from our greatest good (which is our connection with the Laws of the Universe) we can then manifest into our lives everything we deserve.

Obtain your heart’s deepest desires with the Universal Law of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

Gladwell uses a different approach in order to get into the subconscious mind, which will leave a lasting imprint. By following the techniques described in this book, you will discover immediate positive transformations throughout every aspect of your life, for the rest of your life.

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The Aristotle Collection: 29 Classic Works

by Aristotle

Acheron Press Collections provide history’s greatest authors’ collected works in a convenient collection complete with a linked table of contents. Acheron Press’ goal is to provide the most complete, and most easy to read collections in the marketplace.

The Aristotle Collection includes the following:

  1. Rhetoric
  2. Politics
  3. The Athenian Constitution
  4. Categories
  5. Metaphysics
  6. Meterology
  7. Nicomachean Ethics
  8. On Dreams
  9. On Generation and Corruption
  10. On Interpretation
  11. On Longevity and Shortness of Life
  12. On Memory and Reminiscence
  13. On Prophesying and Dreams
  14. On Sense and the Sensible
  15. On Sleep and Sleeplessness
  16. On Sophistical Refutations
  17. On the Gait of Animals
  18. On the Heavens
  19. On the Motion of Animals
  20. On the Parts of Animals
  21. On the Soul
  22. On Youth and Old Age, On Life and Death, On Breathing
  23. Physics
  24. Poetics
  25. Posterior Analytics
  26. Prior Analytics
  27. The History of Animals
  28. Topics
  29. On the Generation of Animals

Prepping for Beginners: Keys to Survive and Thrive

by Joe Paine

Are You Prepared?

For almost anything? Or do you think that Prepping is pointless? Or that it has to cost you a lot of money?

Well, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t and it doesn’t! Prepping is one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself and your family. And you can prepare for any situation without breaking the bank. Prepping doesn’t have to be an expensive idea. There are tips and tricks you can take today to start prepping AND saving money.

If you are interested in learning how to protect your family from any and all of the inevitable disasters that could potentially happen, this book is your first step to learning how to prepare for any emergency situation.

Don’t wait – Get started today!

For fans of Joe Nobody, Doomsday Preppers, Robert Paine, and survival guides

Aiming Higher Than Mere Civilization: How Skeptical Nihilism Will Remind Humanity Of Its Long Forgotten Purpose (Emericus Durden Philosophy Series Book 1)

by Emericus Durden

Philosophy, Science, and Self-Help, All In One

Only time will tell whether Aiming Higher Than Mere Civilization is one of the most remarkable and influential books of the twenty-first century. The book represents an attempt by Emericus Durden to sum up, codify, and present in clear language a practical method for allowing each and every human being to rise above their own humanity, surpass the norms of civilization, and become a “higher being.”

Aiming Higher Than Mere Civilization prepared the way for a whole series of books written by Durden and his colleagues that assaulted the foundational institutions of modern day civilization, including science, religion, free market capitalism, and democratic and dictatorial forms of government.

Emericus Durden is one of the most revolutionary and subversive thinkers to come out of the West since the Second World War. While much of his work remains untranslated and unpublished in English, Aiming Higher Than Mere Civilization serves as the clearest introduction to his fundamental argument that humanity is a means to an end rather than an end in itself and thus a stage in a developmental process that aims toward ever higher nonphysical realities.


by Plato

Plato (circa 427-347 B.C.) was a famous Greek philosopher who is largely responsible for Western philosophy as we know it today. Plato was mentored by Socrates and much of his writings were based off of dialogues between Socrates and others. Plato also was the teacher of many philosophers with the most famous amongst them being Arisotle.

This version of Plato’s Critias includes a table of contents.

Colonel McAleer’s Wee Bit of Homespun Wisdom: A Kentucky Colonel’s Brickbats & Bouquets

by Andrew McAleer

New Quotes! New Foreword!

Colonel McAleer’s Wee Bit of Homsepun Wisdom: a Kentucky Colonel’s Brickbat’s & Bouquets, is an enjoyable collection of Colonel McAleer’s humorous, witty,

and sometimes sardonic observations on life, death/marriage,

parenting, women, men, dogs and more.

Sage words for what ails you.

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