Free religious fiction Kindle books for 14 Apr 15

Immortal Memory: Her Darkest Hour (Book Three)

by Sylvia Frances

Zach and Simra Hanley live a normal life with their three daughters until the hour of darkness approaches with twisted memories of the past. Or are they memories? Simra is convinced Azazel has returned from the pit to claim what’s rightfully his. And no one can stop him. Now a mortal, Zach has lost his abilities to fight Azazel. Their marriage falls apart, and there’s only One who can save it. Christ.

Even A Stone: A Short Story (Seven Angels Short Story Bundle)

by Jane Lebak

Sir Charles Hallwyn is on a quest for dragon eggs when he encounters an angel sitting on a rock. The angel says he has to sit on the rock for three years, a punishment for an uncharitable remark he made at a friend’s expense. Sir Charles recognizes an opportunity when he sees one (he’s been selling dragons to train young dragon-fighters for years now) but as it turns out, dragons are also good at recognizing opportunities. And there’s one very angry dragon-mom on the way.

Originally published in Dragons, Knights and Angels magazine, Even A Stone sees a chance meeting change Sir Charles’ entire life, and an angel may learn whether even a stone warms up if you sit on it.

Even A Stone can also be purchased as part of the “Seven Angels Short Story Bundle,” along with “Damage,” “Winter Branches,” “Hired Man,” and eight bonus shorts.

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