Free fiction Kindle books for 15 Apr 15

Thrown for a Curve

by Kit Sergeant

Pleiade (Addy) Enders has her place among the glittering stars of Chicago√Ę?¬¶ in name only. Despite the fact that she has always dreamt of marrying a baseball player, it seems she’s not really cut out for it. She’d much rather be home watching Shark Week than out hobnobbing with the local celebrities alongside her quasi-famous husband Matt.

No one ever told her what her Baseball Wife dream would really entail while Matt worked his way out of the minors: Addy was too busy coupon clipping and keeping track of Matt’s ERA to carry out her graduate research on the mating habits of sandbar sharks. Now that he’s in the Major Leagues, Addy longs to have a career of her own. But, after a chance meeting with her college sweetheart Ryan, Addy realizes that she must choose between the vows she made when she married Matt and the promises she made to herself.

Fueled Obsession 1

by Amanda Heartley

Hot New Adult Romance!

This book had me from the very beginning. I must say this is a MUST for those that love to read these type of love stories. The story line is an absolute eye catcher. I did not want to put my Kindle down.

Weeks before wealthy Mollie DuBois graduates nursing school, she’s in residency at the local hospital where her determination to help the needy takes her to a small clinic on the wrong side of the tracks.

The only thing Mollie wasn’t prepared for was going weak in the knees over Jackson Fitzgerald. An arrogant, but charming hard-bodied street racer who’s determined to steal her heart.

But what can the tattooed bad boy, and the gorgeous good girl have in common? Find out in this exciting and captivating first book of the Fueled Obsession story.

I am in love with this book the earthy gritty quality of the main characters life. That refreshing in the romance department. I can’t wait to read the outcome of this series!!!

Story length: ~34,000 words.

18+ for adult situations.

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