Free historical fiction Kindle books for 15 Apr 15

An Orphan’s Heart

by Lori Crane

An Orphan’s Heart is the real-life story of Ellen Rodgers, who with the broken spirit of an orphan and the soul of a gypsy, leaves her empty home in Mississippi to start a new life in Alabama. Eventually, she has to return to face her demons and learns you can never go home again. Finally, she ventures to the great plains of Texas and finds what her heart yearns for, only to have everything ripped from her in a shattering turn of events.

Follow the great adventure of a young woman’s travels across the rugged 1880â?²s Deep South in search of the only thing that is important to herâ?¦love.

YOUNG HEROD: A Novel of Herod the Great, King of Judaea (The Herod Cycle Book 1)


This is the story of a man who should have been a hero but who is remembered today as one of the great villains of history, the wicked ruler of countless Nativity Plays

Herod the Great, King of Judaea, 40 – 4 BC, is best known as the baby-killer of the Gospel of Matthew. Yet the same historians who confirm that he was quite capable of such ruthlessness also paint another picture, that of the dashing man of action who preserved the independence of his people against the odds at a time when the Middle East was the battleground of superpowers.

This novel is an attempt to explain that contradiction. It takes the form of Herod’s own memoirs – which he really did write, but which are now lost to us. It focuses on his early years and shows how a good-hearted young man begins to be corrupted by power and violence – a theme on which, it is hoped, later novels will expand.

It also draws attention to some strange parallels between the Middle East of Herod’s time and the situation that still prevails there today.

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ESCAPADE (Women – Heart and Soul of the West Book 1)

by Kathryn Hockett

A woman running from her past. Brandy Jacobs had come to Colorado from San Francisco with an eight-woman troupe of singers and dancers to forget the heartache of a life filled with heartache and betrayal. She wanted to build a new life for herself, a future that did not include a man whose image was plastered on wanted posters all the way from Boulder to Georgetown.

A man running from the law. Logan Donovan had been framed for a murder he did not commit by a political rival. He was determined to clear his name and reclaim his life. In his wildest dreams, he never imagined he would soon be traveling with a group of female entertainers, nor that he would have to hide his real identity by becoming one of themâ??the infamous â??Prudence’.

Logan and Brandy were soon to find that life had more than a few surprises, including a love that neither one of them had planned and a dangerous enemy who now plotted their downfall.

The Demon Warrior

by L. Scott Hammersmith

Valarian Strober is one of the most notable warriors in all of Europe. Having seen battle all his life, he has become insensitive to mortality, except his own. Tempted by a demonic presence called Marasin, Valarian gains the power of a demon by combining his own existence with that of Marasin. When the two join, it is left to a legendary demon hunter who has long since retired to the priesthood because of his dark past to stop Valarian and put the demon down again.

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