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Carrying Secrets (Healed Hearts Book 2)

by Koni Atencio

Looking for a Suspenseful Page-Turner with an Inspirational Twist?

Desiree Devlin carries lots of secrets, but what will she do when those secrets become front-page news?

It starts with a secret path that leads Desiree into the forest beyond her bedroom window. There, she meets a secret boyfriend which leads to a secret pregnancy and a secret delivery in her bathtub…but what happens when the secret baby disappears?

Sometimes the decisions we make in our youth drift away like water beneath a bridge. Other times, those decisions become the rafts upon which we crash into adulthood.

In this suspenseful, coming of age story, Desiree Devlin, sheltered and isolated, manages to hide her pregnancy and her delivery from her controlling mother and her father–ironically, an OB/Gyn who performs abortions in the afternoons after his important clients have gone home. For reasons all her own, Desiree doesn’t even share her burden with Danny, the baby’s father. But when Desiree’s newborn baby disappears, her secrets become a very public murder/kidnapping investigation, and Desiree becomes the main suspect.

When Desiree wakes up in a hospital bed with a bloody gash on the back of her head, she can’t remember if she panicked and did something horrible or if someone is setting her up. Can Desiree find her baby and clear her name before it’s too late or will she spend the rest of her life in prison for murder?

Ë?Ë?Ë? Here’s What People Are Saying:

Loved this book!! I got it for Christmas and could not put it down! It has something for every reader…romance, struggle, suspense, mystery, with just enough faith. A beautiful story about growing up, making your own choices, consequences, and family. Can’t wait for her next book.

This book kept me in suspense from beginning to the very end. I was able to connect and understand each of the characters so that I could feel compassion towards them, or understand the anger, fear or loneliness and eventually peace and happiness throughout the whole book. It brought out the message of faith, HOPE, and forgiveness which is so needed as so many of the people we may surround ourselves in our everyday lives may “Carry Secrets” that are hard to accept. I loved that I had the kindle and paperback so I could read wherever I was in my busy life! I can’t wait for her next book!

Captivating read! I couldn’t put it down and was sorry when I finished it! Looking forward to reading more great books by this author!

I also could not put this book down. It was different to see abortion through the eyes of an abortion doctor’s family. Very different than other books I have read on the subject.

A very good book. I loved the suspense and the character development. I especially liked the lessons on forgiveness and second chances. Definitely worth reading.

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Minecraft: Diary of Herobrine, The ghost tells his story. (Minecraft Unofficial Book) (Minecraft diary books crafty mods comics)

by Minecrafty Brothers


Unofficial Book

Read this Minecraft diary free with kindle unlimited!

The notion that this world is haunted is purely absurd.

Herobrine does NOT exist, and will forever be a story to scare young children.

Or so you thought.

Deep below the earth, the legendary Herobrine does indeed exist.

He spends his day hiding away from the world, having been reduced to a mere myth.

His only source of entertainment comes from scaring humans that wander too close to his cave.

Of course, when Herobrine gets the chance to mess with his brother Notch, he takes it.

Possessing a deep hatred for his sibling for a mysterious reason, Herobrine plots revenge in the worst possible way.

He schemes to steal the Notched Pickaxe, Notch’s favorite tool.

Follow Herobrine as he attempts to bring down his brother and the other admins, in an epic adventure that will leave you glued to the page.

Diary of a Herobrine has action that’s more explosive than a charged Creeper.

You’d be mad to miss it. Download it now!

The perfect gift for young Minecraft lovers.

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The Numbers’ Day at the Park: It’s fun to learn your numbers in English and Spanish. (A-Z Spanish Missy Bilingual Series Book 3)

by Spanish Missy

Make story-time, bilingual!

Don’t just read them a story, teach them another language too!

Join number One and number Two as they have a fun day at the park with all of their number friends!

The Number’s Day at the Park is a fun, simple and natural way to teach children their numbers in both English and Spanish at the same time! This eBook includes interactive questions so as to encourage your children to express themselves in both English and Spanish, which is an essential part in raising bilingual children!

Language learning should feel natural!

Do you remember learning to talk when you were a little kid? Did it feel painful or forced? Of course not! It was as natural as learning your colors. Spanish Missy is a fun eBook series designed to teach your kids language the natural way. Let Spanish Missy help you teach your kids their colors, days of the weeks, numbers and more not just in English, but in Spanish at the same time. It’s as easy as one/uno, two/dos, three/tres!

What if all of our children grew up bilingual?

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Crowley, The White Labrador Saga (A Novel for Dog Lovers) (Dog Stories for Adults): Book 1

by Shirley Reeves

Crowley, a white Labrador puppy, had a loving mother and some masters who cared about him. He loved them all but his little master, a beautiful little girl, was the one he adored. Her name was Sarah and she would always hug him and treat him with some of her candies. He was so happyâ?¦ But that wasn’t meant to last for ever. Crowley was adopted by some people who didn’t care about him. Life was nightmare with them and soon after Crowley knew escape was his only option.

James Talon and The Abandoned (The Fatherless Book 1)

by Aiden Kyler

James had never met a psychic in person before. They couldn’t predict the future, but what they could do was much more powerful. They could move buildings with their minds, fight at amazing speeds, and best of all they were treated like royalty.

Growing up as an Abandoned left James wanting a piece of that, but he wasn’t psychic. He was just plain old James, a soldier in the Avarth Army. That is, until his friend Sigil’s abilities awaken and he’s thrust into a new world at Canopy Academy, School for Military Psychics, but first he has to survive selection…

Firstborn (Elemental Reign Book 1)

by Ashley Fetterman

For thousands of years, the Elementals have had male Firstborns, though the rare female soul will live in a male body. That has been the way of life, up until Tien is born. Given the name Cheveyo, she masks her gender and soul name as a female gender case. Though being a female is not her only special attribute; being a Spirit Elemental is the bigger problem, or so she thinks. There hasn’t been a Spirit Elemental in over a thousand years.

In order for her to attend the revered Elemental and Mage School, she must first pass the Test to gain entry, where she can perform the most sacred rituals of their culture: The Summoning and the Rite of Calling.

Although, a challenge lies in her way before she can perform them. She must learn the greatest lesson of all: being able to love the body that she was born in. Will her strength overcome her inner demons, or will it bring out her worst fears. As for the Summoning, her Companion will have to wait until she can love herself. After all, it’s children’s wish to bond with their Companion completely.

A Demon.

The Little Red Train (Sommer-Time Story Book 9)

by Carl Sommer

Three big trains and a small, red train all happily coexist in the valley. While each serves the valley community, the three big trains also bring food and supplies to the people who live on the mountain, that is, until the big snow.

For many days, the snow continues to fall, getting deeper and deeper. When it comes time to chug up the mountain with food and supplies, only one train is willing. Despite never having traveled up the mountain, the Little Red Train offers to try.

With the odds stacked against him, will he make it up the mountain before it is too late? This charming edition of the Sommer-Time Story series features a cute song for children to sing as they learn to Try, Try, Try, reinforcing the power of perseverance and the strength of compassion.

Juliette & Ryo (Juliette & Ryo Storybook Series 1)

by Peter Philipp

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Juliette and Ryo are sister and brother, as well as best friends. One rainy afternoon, the two of them are playing indoors when they suddenly get drowsy and take a long nap.

In their dreams, Juliette and Ryo find themselves in an enchanted forest. Can they rescue the Moon Fairy, evade the Sugar Dragon, and find their way home?

Give Your Child A Head Start in Life!

The Juliette & Ryo Storybook series is designed to enhance your child’s self-esteem, self-reliance and build positive social interactions.

Our mission is to help give your child a head start to make a successful transition from home to classroom.

Entertaining and Educational Storybooks From The Essential Library®

Juliette & Ryo is a storybook series developed by The Essential Library to help build reading, critical reasoning and socialization skills for young children. Since 2000, The Essential Library has been dedicated to publishing the best in both classic and contemporary

15 Ways To Smoke Dat Kush

by D.T.B

Woohoo! You’ve decided to take a plunge into the world of smoking apparatus. With the legalization of pot throughout many US States both medicinally, and recreational, the time for stoners is now! This handy and entertaining guide takes a look at how some of the most popular smoking methods play out – and what they entail. So come on, Cheech! Whether you want some more info on how a gravity bong works, or want to know how to smoke out of an apple: this fun and short guide is a must have for any stoner on the go

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