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by Timothy D. McLendon

In TWISTED ENDINGS 2 we learned about the lesbian teenager Bessie Mae and how she confronted her religious parents about her sexuality. Find out now if Missy can save Bessie Mae in this horror short story.

The Paper Doll Museum (Taylor Blake Magical Mystery Book 1)

by Abigail Padgett

By award-winning mystery author Abigail Padgett, The Paper Doll Museum stretches mystery one step further – into that spooky and sometimes hilarious world you always suspected was possible. Retired, divorced and addicted to eggplant, Taylor Blake is seeing things. That aren’t there. Determined to forestall the inevitable trip to a locked facility, she skillfully hides the fact that her life has become a B horror movie. But at a club dance, an octogenarian stalker in a cowboy costume leaves her an invitation toâ?¦ The Paper Doll Museum.

There Taylor’s worst fears are subsumed in an exciting new reality. She learns that she isn’t crazy. She’s a Revenant, one of a new and curiously gifted group of people who have survived middle age only to regain the magical perceptions of childhood. But the magic is accompanied by a reappearance of childhood’s dark side as well, a ghoul now possessed of mature and horrific power. There really is something terrible hiding in the dark. There always was. Fortunately, Taylor Blake can kick ass!

It’s a good thing, because ancient tales, now unleashed, threaten the very scaffolding of human life. Only Revenants can see the threat. And only Revenants can fight it. Assuming they get their act together before it’s too late.

The Light In the Dark

by Craig A. Smith

After escaping confinement from a psychiatric facility, Drake Bollinger and three friends venture into Central Kentucky in search of a good time before being recaptured. They unknowingly enter the hunting grounds of a prolific serial killer and their hopes of survival solely hang on a Sheriff who has been unable to capture him for 30 years.

Billionaire Romance: Intern Erotica – First Time Young Girl Wealthy Millionaire Erotic & Romantic Short Story of Love

by Lady Aingealicia

Billionaire Romance: Intern Erotica – First Time Young Girl Wealthy Millionaire Erotic & Romantic Short Story of Love

A Steaming Hot Erotic Billionaire Romance Short Story

Moving on Up

Shelly had moved to the city because she knew she could make it. She had packed up everything she could and put it in her car after she graduated from high school. Her mom and she had never gotten along, she figured it was because her mom’s boyfriends were always after her. She had learned how to use her charm and looks to get where she wanted to. It never crossed her mind that in the end, the consequences would be high. She figured all she would have to do is flip her hair and bat her eyes and make her way to easy street, Veriton Industries would teach her that easy street comes with a price.

This is an adult, graphic erotic romance short story containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Billionaire Romance, Billionaire, Millionaire, Billionaire Erotica, Billionaire Brothers, Millionaire Romance, Erotica

The Silver Cape

by Adam Radcliffe

Somewhere in the Middle East, a random act of violence. In England, a man’s body lies beneath one of the last surviving elm trees. And on the Atlantic footpath in Cornwall, a pair of refugees, fleeing from the betrayals and secrets of the past, make their way to a destination on the very edge of Europe, where a transforming revelation will change everything they thought they knew before.

â??The Silver Cape’ is a unique, lyrical narrative about surveillance, about the clash of world cultures, about the ancient sites of England and Cornwall; it is a love story, the tale of a modern-day pilgrimage and a manifesto for the supreme value of authenticity in a digital age.

â??In ten or fifteen years the whole of the world will have solidified. Everything will be superseded, everything will be recorded. I’m looking for a way to safety. My intended journey is already clear. If my plan works, I’ll find a way to evade security and return to the city of danger which fell beside the sea.’

Praise for the first edition of â??The Silver Cape’ on Goodreads:

â??Once I started reading this book I had to keep going. It’s definitely not ordinary. The writing style is kind of lyrical and odd. Because of the prose style, it takes a little getting used to, but after that it is pleasant. I would say that this book is worth a closer look. The writing is thought-provoking and imaginative which makes for a worthwhile read. I was very happy that I got to read this.’

How to Turn Your Child into a Maestro Pianist: Influencing Your Child’s Career

by Hensley Pink

Mr. and Mrs. Gillings lamented the fact that they were not given a chance to be involved in the performing arts. Both their parents refused their persistent petitions to facilitate some involvement. The parents remained adamant that the academics were more important. They went as far as saying that such would be an obstacle to their performance in school. Both were encouraged to reach for scholarly achievements and leave the performing arts for relaxation and pleasure.

In order to make a point to their parents, who were alive, they decided to influence their son to pursue a particular area in the performing arts. They would work diligently and creatively and honestly to make him excel.

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