Free poetry Kindle books for 15 Apr 15

Phoenix Of My Heart

by Mosiur Rehman

This book is a collection of poetry of various themes like love, betrayal, hatred, praise, sadness, laughter, patriotism, lamentation and so on. It will serve all poetry lovers with different reading tastes.

“Love poems will teach you how to love. Being betrayed ever, you would go through the poems with â??betrayal’ themes. Then you will lament, reading the poems with themes of â??lamentation’. After that, you will learn to live. And in between all these, some poems will give you rest and deviate your mind so that you can make a new beginning with an enriched vigor”

Lingering On The Smell of You: Book of Original Poetry

by Christopher L. Jones

Lingering On The Smell of You is a collection of original poetry detailing the continuing struggles of the author with mental illness, life and love. Written in the author’s unique unabashed style that will leave you lingering…

“Bold, lurid, harsh, delicate…” – Vikingsaga

“True to a mark, dark but with substance…” – usedsaints

Read the latest from the streets on the street and on the go with this specially formatted version for your Amazon Kindle!

Contains the poems:
This Circle
Litter on the Floor
Black Petals
I Fell Asleep Last Night
Lips Pursed Tight
Your Jaw Stretched Wide
Lingering On The Smell of You
Wading In The Black Pool
Suck On It Big Boy
I Close My Eyes and Say Goodbye
To Be Alone
Red Wine
Seld Doubt
Cold Wind Blows
The Hater
Old Broken Easel
I Am Apart
Lost Friend
Empty House
Mid Afternoon and the Sun is High
It Is Too Late
Silent Siren

Dark Dreams and the Wizardry of Blank Stares

by Jaime Munt

Dark Dreams and the Wizardry of Blank Stares is a collection of diverse contemporary poetry, for the most part, written during the 2002-2004 years. The subject matter varies greatly – from romantic to raunchy, medieval to modern, dark to theological, cryptic to conventional. Keats, Tennyson, Byron, Browning, Yeats have strongly influenced her poetry as much as prose.


by Cassandra Musee

A young tween waxes eloquent about the changes her

family has gone through over the years, using the

seasons as a background for her reflective poem.

Who The Hell Fucks A Nun?: And Other Tales

by Shepherd Halvorsen

Who The Hell Fucks A Nun? is for all those who love truly unusual poetry – not the patented University tripe written by yet another boring pseudo-intellectual – but real poetry, written by a real poet. But you’ll have to read to find out, won’t you?

Love etc.

by Thom Young

Selected poems that describe love and everything afterwards. Good love and the longing for true love and love etc. That is all there is for love shall endure forever when all else fails. For my little bird may you fly someday free and true.

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