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Real Russian Street Fight: ‘RSF’ – real street fight system – the art of self-defense and survival in society, in prison, in the army, in the street.

by Dmitry Sillov

Russian bestseller about self-defence and street fighting. More than 800 photographies and very detail training programs. ‘RSF’ – real street fight system – the art of self-defense and survival in society, in prison, in the army, in the street. The main concept of the book that author present to your attention here sounds like that: the book reveals the ways in which any person who wants to become successful, can suссeed in his wish. In this book such a person is called the Warrior. Being guided only by this book you will be able: 1) to get in life the position you are dreaming of; 2) to learn simple but very effective means of self-defense; 3) to get all the necessary information about bodybuilding (fitness), and power preparation of a hand-to-hand fighter; 4) to become a really healthy person both physically and psychologically; 5) to learn to survive in any extreme situation; 6) to avoid many mistakes on the way of the Warrior. There is nothing superfluous in this book, only precise training programs, phenomenal effect of which is confirmed by Russian speaking readers from the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany and many other countries. In the book there are numerous examples of survival in extreme situations taken from real life.

The Essential Guide To Becoming A Professional Athlete

by Allan Kennie

Just like life in the real world, it pays to have connections. Knowing the right people can help launch careers that may not have gotten off the ground otherwise. Those connections don’t just bring opportunities but a wealth of knowledge as well. This experience can be especially helpful when you are entering the foreign world of professional sports for the first time. Having that extra knowledge from either first-hand experience or learning from a family member or friend is invaluable and can provide a significant advantage for those who possess it. And when it comes to an industry where fractions of a second can be the difference between success and failure, you can certainly use any edge you can get.

In this book, I aim to help fill in the informational gap that first-time athletes and parents of athletes face when entering the sports world for the first time. For those people that do not have the personal experience or connections needed when trying to navigate through the countless challenges that come with being an aspiring professional athlete. However, this book brings to light some of the most important and unspoken issues within the sports world and is something that even the most seasoned athlete can benefit from reading. Even if it’s only a few things that you can take away from the book. Those few things may save you from years of heartache and pain. Or more importantly those few things may be that fraction of an edge that you need to help you become a successful athlete.

I will provide helpful tips and tricks that either myself or other professional athletes have learned through first-hand experience to help give the aspiring athlete the best chance of success. Tips that can help athletes gain the advantage in the business side of sports or avoid those oh so common pitfalls that so many trip up on during their careers. Knowing how to manage coaches, agents, injuries and the countless challenges that athletes face on a daily basis is essential for success. I will provide you with an inside look at the sports world so that you know what to expect and can feel confident in the decisions that you make in your athletic journey.

My primary focus when writing this book is to provide insight into the sports world that lays just outside of the game itself. If being a professional athlete was just about managing the game itself then it would be all too effortless. It is impossible to provide advice that applies to every sport when it comes to in game situations, and that is not what I am trying to accomplish here. However, the life that athletes experience outside of the game is incredibly similar no matter what sport you are playing.

The examples and information that I have provided are from looking at the sports world with a critical eye. My professional career was without a doubt one of the best times of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, if I would have had some simple knowledge of the world that lies just beyond the game, then I may have been able to save myself from some big headaches along the way. I want to share the knowledge that I have learned during my sports career so that I can help future athletes avoid the same situations I experienced. Taking out the headaches so that they can put their focus back on the sport they love to play.

Bodybuilding Training: How to look like a bodybuilder using proven training methods, supplements and diet for optimum muscle gain and fat loss. (Bodybuilding … supplements, bodybuilding cook book)

by Clay Michaels

A Proven Step-By-Step Guide On How To Look Like A Bodybuilder Using Proven Training Methods, Supplements And Diet For Optimum Muscle Gain And Fat Loss.

Dear Friend,

My name is Clay Michaels and I am about to reveal to you my proven, step-by-step guide that will help you unleash that muscular ripped body that you desire.

I know that this is a bold statement, but I can confidently say that because I have personally transformed my body with the information that I am sharing with you in this book.

The bodybuilding guide will share the secrets of years of research to get the right combination of dieting, supplements and training to look like a bodybuilder and this will work for you as well. Don’t expect to look like Mr Olympia in one year. The methods highlighted in this book are the same methods applied over many years of strict dedication in order to have the Mr Olympia physique, however, you will pack on muscle that you have never seen and lose fat and look like a bodybuilder.

This book will lay the foundation for aspiring bodybuilders who would like to pursue Bodybuilding as a profession for men and women.

These Strategies and Principles Changed My Life.

This book is full of latest scientific research that are backed by years of my own personal experience and research, along with the experiences of thousands of men and women who have transformed their bodies and achieved amazing success by using these proven strategies and principles for muscle building, Bodybuilding Nutrition and Bodybuilding supplements. In short, what you will learn in this book WORKS.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download The Bodybuilding Training Guide.

  • Weight Training Methods used to build pure muscle.
  • Bodybuilding Nutrition : Dieting for Muscle Gain.
  • Dieting for Fat Loss.
  • Bodybuilding Supplements used to promote muscle gain, fat loss.

Download Your Copy Today.

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Rabbit Hunting Made Simple: 21 Steps to Rabbit Hunting Success

by Scott Dawson

LEARN:: How to Successfully Hunt Rabbits Even If You Have No Rabbit Hunting Experience

Do you want to hunt Rabbits but are frustrated with your lack of success?  We have all been there.  We have spent hundreds of dollars on hunting supplies and hours driving, walking through the woods but then not finding any rabbits or missing the shot at the Rabbit.  That is the experience of many beginning rabbit hunters. Whether you are new to rabbit hunting or you have been rabbit hunting without much success, “Rabbit Hunting Made Simple” can get you bagging more rabbits.

We would all like to shoot more rabbits. The trick is to know how to find the rabbits, when to hunt, how to scout and how to get permission to hunt private land. “Rabbit Hunting Made Simple” can help you do this.

TAKE ACTION:: Focus on These 21 Simple Steps and Get Rabbit Hunting Results

It’s easy to learn the basics of effective rabbit hunting.  The hard part is finding all of the resources in one place to do this. As you know, the internet is full of books and videos that talk about rabbit hunting. The problem? Most don’t talk about the specific actions or provide illustrated hunting instructions needed to achieve rabbit hunting success.

In the book, “Rabbit Hunting Made Simple”, you’ll get a twenty one-step plan for achieving your rabbit hunting goals. Unlike other titles, this book will teach you step-by-step on how to effectively hunt rabbits with no step missed.

DOWNLOAD:: Rabbit Hunting Made Simple — 21 Steps to Rabbit Hunting Success

“Rabbit Hunting Made Simple” contains step by step instructions for your Rabbit hunting success. You will learn how to:

  • Get Hunting Equipment Cheap
  • Clothing
  • Weapon Types
  • What Else to Bring Hunting
  • Time of Day to Hunt
  • Where to Hunt
  • How to Get Permission to Hunt Private Land
  • “Still Hunting”
  • Rabbit Attracting Techniques
  • Shooting Strategies
  • And many more rabbit hunting topicsâ?¦

Rabbit hunting doesn’t have to be difficult. You can achieve rabbit hunting success by following the techniques of successful hunters. And “Rabbit Hunting Made Simple” can help you do this.

Would You Like To Learn More?

Download and start having rabbit hunting success today.

Backpacking Light For Beginners. 50+ Mistakes You Should Avoid!: (Backpacking for beginners, backpapacking guide, backpacking essentials, hiking, camping, … backpacking guide, backpacking essentials)

by Imogen Cruze

Backpacking Light For Beginners

50+ Mistakes You Should Avoid!

This guide is for people who are planning their first ever backpacking trip. Venturing into the unknown can be nerve wracking, and it is tempting to pack endless items to take with you “just in case”.

Many websites suggest a lot of specialist equipment which will not be of use to the average backpacker. This book lets you know what’s really essential, and what you can safely leave behind.

It includes advice on:

  • First aid
  • Clothing
  • Security
  • â?¦and at least ten items you really don’t need to bother with

Travelling light will increase your enjoyment of your trip and allow you to be more spontaneous. Why weigh yourself down, especially on the trip of a lifetime?

Download your E book “Backpacking Light For Beginners. 50+ Mistakes You Should Avoid!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Sexy Women With MUSCLES (Photo Book)

by Sarah R.

Hot Sexy Women With BIG Muscles

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True Small Boat Adventures

by James Nugent

I left the beach on the Island at 11:00 pm. All went well and I made it to the Olympia Shoal in 3 hours. Then in the dark I saw some fishing boats. The boats and the nets were not properly lighted. I paddled toward the east shore, a half mile away, then I hit the net. The current was rushing through the nets and at first I was just trapped against it. Then I capsized. I wasn’t worried because I heard a speed boat rushing out to me.

100 Tips to Get Fit and Healthy: And Stay That Way for Life

by Jessie Brooks

First thing you need to know – if you want to lead a better life, you need to be determined to commit yourself more into staying fit and eating right.

There are thousands of exercise programs and diet plans – and all of them claiming to be greatest and the fastest – but we know that only one path will give us certain results – proper diet and regular exercise.

You can call it any name you like, define it in so many different ways and present it in hundreds of forms, but everything comes down to EXERCISE and DIET. There is no shortcuts, not if you want long lasting results. But diet does not mean not eating or eating less. Not at all. Quite contrary, diet means what you eat nothing else. And you should eat a lot, as much as your body needs, but not necessarily more than that, and you should eat the quality food.

Despite the fact that almost everyone knows what needs to be done in order to become/stay healthy and fit, big majority still struggle to keep their weight reasonable or trying to lose weight.

The industry centered on weight loss has become very profitable, with all those nutrition experts and special food manufacturers, and plastic surgeons, all earning from depression and desperation of overweight and obese people.

Although the formula of fitness and health is really simple, it still poses a great challenge for many. There are many demands of daily living – stress related to work, life changes, social pressure, holidays, travels and a lot more who are making weight loss much harder than it should be by disrupting diet regimes and fitness routines.

So, actually the real challenge lies in staying consistent with the program despite all those internal and external factors that often appear on the journey to a healthier life.

This eBook is designed to provide you with all the help, tricks, tips and practical advice on how to stay or become fit and healthy in fast modern times.

This shouldn’t be a constant struggle. Living the healthy life is not a temporary thing or a solution to the problem of getting in shape for the summer season. Forget those 2-week or 6-month plans and programs. If you want lasting results, make fitness and health a part of your lifestyle.

If you want to find out how to live, eat, breath, move and think healthy, just read on.

LASTCAR: Cup Series Last-Place Finishers By Track (1949-2014) (LASTCAR Statistics Book 3)

by Brock Beard


LASTCAR’s Brock Beard presents a NASCAR track guide unlike any other – a track-by-track breakdown of the last-place finishers at each speedway on the current Cup Series circuit, the exhibition races, and some tracks no longer on the schedule! If you’ve ever wanted to know who had the most last-place finishes at Daytona International Speedway, or at the old Riverside International Raceway, this is the book for you!



North Wilkesboro, North Carolina – 0.625-mile oval


The unusually-banked bullring in Wilkes County, North Carolina is almost as old as the Cup Series itself. On October 16, 1949, the track was a half-mile dirt oval which held the season finale for NASCAR’s first year. Bob Flock was flagged the winner while Red Byron was crowned the sport’s first champion. Finishing last in the 22-car field was Frank “Rebel” Mundy from Atlanta, Georgia. Mundy’s #2 1949 Ford fell out of the race after 38 of 200 laps due to reasons not recorded in the official results. Mundy went on to run 52 Cup races through 1956, scoring three series victories in 1951, including the first by a Studebaker in Cup Series competition. Ironically, that same year Mundy became a LASTCAR Cup Series Champion with three last-place finishes.


The final race run on the old short track, now in its five-eighths of a mile configuration, was the Tyson Holly Farms 400 run on September 29, 1996. The final checkered flag went to Jeff Gordon, who as a rookie three years earlier swept both the track’s last-place finishes in 1993. Finishing last was Derrike Cope of Spanaway, Washington, the surprise winner of the 1990 Daytona 500 who was driving for Bobby Allison in the veteran’s final year of car ownership. Cope’s #12 Badcock Ford qualified a strong 7th, and though he finished under power, the short track carnage left him 31 laps down in last place. It was the second-straight year that every car in the event finished the race It was Cope’s 13th of 26 last-place finishes in Cup and his third of the season, securing him his first of three LASTCAR Cup Series Championships.

North Wilkesboro Speedway still stands today, and even hosted a handful of races in 2010 and 2011, the first racing events held at the track since 1996. Grassroots efforts such as “Save The Speedway” are still actively seeking the preservation of the track.


Much like Martinsville, North Wilkesboro has a long list of first-time last-placers, including an even greater number of big names. Included are the sport’s first superstar, Glenn “Fireball” Roberts, its first three-time champion, Lee Petty, the sport’s iron man, Ricky Rudd, and the four-time Cup champion and three-time Daytona 500 winner Jeff Gordon. Gordon, also the 1993 LASTCAR Cup Champion, is the last of three drivers to sweep both North Wilkesboro last-place finishes the same season, joining G.C. Spencer (1970) and John Kennedy (1978). 1991 Daytona 500 champion Ernie Irvan is on this list as well, plus Nationwide Series veteran Tommy Houston, Blackie Pitt, NASCAR’s first Rookie of the Year and 1954 LASTCAR Cup Champion, and Rob Moroso, the first rookie to claim that title posthumously.

RVing. DIY Projects 15+ RV Living Full Time DIY Household Hacks & 10+ Awesome RV Camping Secrets!: (RVing full time, RV living, How to live in a car, How … for beginners, DIY Projects, RV Camping)

by David Bloom

RVing. DIY Projects.

15+ RV Living Full Time DIY Household Hacks & 10+ Awesome RV Camping Secrets!

RVs â?? or â??recreational vehicles’ â?? are steadily growing in popularity. At its best, they combine all the comforts and privacy of home with the freedom and flexibility of travel. With an RV, you are the master of your journey. You can enjoy new sights and experiences by day, then sleep in a safe, familiar and comfortable home by night.

This book covers areas including:

  • Safety and security of your vehicle
  • Saving money on the road
  • Making the most of your limited space
  • Travelling with pets

We also run through some points to bear in mind when choosing your first RV. Thousands of people now enjoy their leisure time travelling the world in their very own RV or caravan â?? you could be one of them!

Download your E book “RVing. DIY Projects:15+ RV Living Full Time DIY Household Hacks & 10+ Awesome RV Camping Secrets!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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RV Living, RV living for beginners, RV Living full time, Rv camping secrets, RV camping books.

The Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance: Holistic Guide for First-time Bike Owners in Caring and Maintaining their Motorcycle (Mechanics & Street Ride)

by Terrance White

Congratulations on getting, or at least considering, your first motorcycle! This guide will get you going for your first ride, and for taking care of that investment, this guide has you covered.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– How to care for your new investment, whether it be a two-wheel street bike, endure combo rider or a dirt bike.

– The various components of your bike, and what kinds of challenges to maintenance you might face.

– How to keep the bike in the best condition possible.

– What kind of maintenance expenses you may incur during your first year.

– What are the key trouble-shooting steps of handling a bike of any kind

– And Much More

Once you learn the keys to keeping your bike on the road, you will be far more excited about your travels, as you won’t have the worries you had before you read this book. It will not only make your everyday life better, it will make you better prepared for the uncertainty that owning a new vehicle can cause.

Don’t wait another minute. Learn how quick and easy the maintenance routines are on a motorcycle, and you will be so glad you’ve made the decision to join the millions who enjoy motorcycles every day.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

Weight Loss For Women: 33 Tips to Improve Your Hips, Waist, & Buttocks (Weight Loss for Women Books, weight loss motivation, weight loss tips)

by Jennifer Smith

Weight Loss For Women (FREE Bonus Included)

33 Tips to Improve Your Hips, Waist, & Buttocks

Losing weight can be a huge struggle for most women. With so many fad diets and exercise trends that promise to slim your hips, tone your butt and reduce your waist it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start your own weight loss plan. Some women end up taking drastic measures to drop the pounds by getting risky surgeries. Some spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, exercise equipment or diet planning kits. You can easily get the same results by making conscience changes to your everyday routine and sticking to an effective workout that does not cost any money or require hours of sweat at the gym. Weight Loss For Women: 33 Tips to Improve Hips, Waist & Buttocks covers a variety of effective weight loss tips that ensures achievable results.

If you, like so many other women struggle to cut fat from your midsection this book will help you finally see results for an improved body. Any women can put the tips in this book into practice for the body they have been not been able to attain from their previous weight loss attempts.

Examples of the tips and topics covered in this book include:

  • Dieting Tips. Simple Lifestyle Changes to boost your weight loss
  • Exercise targeted to shape up your butt
  • Core focused exercises to slim your waist
  • Hip trimming exercises

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Weight Loss For Women” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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