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Square Foot Gardening: Grow Organic Fruits and Vegetables with Lesser Space, Time and Money (Square Foot Gardening for Beginners Book 1)

by Aileen Brosnan

Save Money, Lose Weight AND Gain Peace of Mind

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No matter who you are or where you live, you can have your own square foot garden. In this current global economy, everyone is looking to save money. Having your own garden can help save you hundreds of dollars on your monthly grocery bill. Trying to lose the ten pounds you gained during the holidays? The activity of gardening is one of the healthiest ways to get exercise, not to mention the reward of eating your own home grown, pesticide free fruits and vegetables. Taking pleasure in reconnecting with nature, even in a concrete neighborhood, offers peace of mind in a hustle and bustle world.

Read Square Foot Gardening: Grow Organic Fruits and Vegetables with Lesser Space, Time and Money by Aileen Brosnan and realize how simple and cheap it is to build, plant and maintain your own garden. A simple guide that you can read on your commuter train ride into work, teaches you exactly how to choose your crops, and how to build your raised bed for planting. It is easy to read and easy to create in less than one day. Your time is valuable, and this book will give you a larger return on investment than playing another game of Words with Friends while you wait at the dentist’s office.

There are so many benefits to having your own square foot garden and all you need is the knowledge and the tools to get you started. Square Foot Gardening: Grow Organic Fruits and Vegetables with Lesser Space, Time and Money is a quick read, loaded with tips and guides for choosing the best fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy at the dinner table. Download it now and begin your journey to a healthier, abundant life!

Inside You Will Learn:

* List of materials you will need to make your garden

* How you can plot out your garden with the help of an excellent tool

* The best fruits to Grow in a square foot garden

* The vegetable that can also grow vertically in your square foot garden

* Start building your square foot garden with easy directions laid out in this book

* Different planting methods that you can use and the least expensive planting method

* Different life spans of properly dried seeds

Building your garden from scratch costs less than $50 USD

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

Invest in yourself and take action today by downloading this book for $2.99 only!

Scroll up and download now!

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Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Type of Beauty

by Carol Tuttle

I AM VERY EXCITED TO INTRODUCE YOU to a program that I am incredibly passionate about, a program that has changed my life forever as well as the lives of thousands of other women. It’s called Beauty Profiling, and it is the very first step to Dressing Your Truth. Beauty Profiling is not focused on putting beauty one, but on your inner source of beautyâ??the real you. What you will learn is that your outer beauty truly starts with your inner beauty, and when you know the truth about your inner beautyâ??your Beauty Profileâ??you will be ready to adorn your body to show your true beauty through your outer appearance.
For many women, dressing and adorning themselves has been one of the biggest challenges of their lives, a lifelong battle that started when they were in their young teens. Most women feel defeated by that battle because, based on the way the fashion world works, it seems to be a battle you can never win. We have blamed ourselves, our bodies, and our looks for not looking great in the clothes that we are lured to purchase by a fashion culture with a insatiable appetite for trends and change. Fortunately, you are going to discover in the pages of this book how misinformed we have been and how unnecessarily hard we have been on ourselves for something that quite frankly, until now, you have not had the tools to change.
Beauty Profiling will teach you a new way of looking at yourself, not just for today but for a lifetime. It will put you in touch with your intuitive sense of what fashions are right for you, what looks best on you, and what you are naturally and instinctively drawn to.
Knowing your personal Beauty Profile will not only set the stage for you to Dress Your Truth, it will give you a deeper and clearer understanding of who you areâ??your unique gifts and talents, your inherent qualities and traits, why you are the Type of woman that you are. This will support you in moving forward in your life in great confidence and awareness. In this day and age, we as women are ready to know ourselves more fully and clearly and to live it with honesty and confidence.
My goal for you is that after reading this book you will be able to say, “I know what my personal Beauty Profile is, and I know now that my life will be different forever! I love myself!”
The purpose of this book is to assist you in discovering your personal Beauty Profile. Once you know your Beauty Profile and what Type of woman you are, you will be ready to learn how to dress your truth. You will not learn what clothes, jewelry, accessories, makeup, skincare, and hairstyles are perfect for you by reading this book. In fact, I don’t think anyone should learn a fashion and beauty system only through a book. I have studied dozens of fashion and beauty books, and to me, they are too often a maze of captions and pictures, difficult to put into the kind of practical application that creates any satisfying results.
To help you experience your total personal makeover, I have created a website to assist you. The fashion world has avoided giving you the tools to understand and dress for your Type of beauty, but Dressing Your Truth specializes in giving you hands-on tools to teach you what clothes will look best on you, the best color, cut and style for your hair, how to apply makeup to look naturally beautiful, what jewelry and how to accessorize an outfit in a style that is perfect for you. Where the fashion world left you guessing, Dressing Your Truth makes you your own beauty expert.

DIY Decoration and Design: Simple, Fun and Creative Projects to Add Zing to Your Living Space (Home Decorating and Organizing on a Budget)

by Phyllis Gill

This is a fun book not only to read but to put into action. Don’t think of this as another “how to” decorate guide because this is far from that. Instead, think of this as your guide to freeing your own creative spirit and your own sense of style. Whether you can barely hold a paintbrush or are nearly an artistic master, there will be something for you here. But more importantly you will see the way that you can take a simple idea and just run with it. Your home is your sanctuary, your nest and it should reflect your tastes, your moods and your personality. In short, it should just be you.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– How to remake pieces to take them from blah to wow with very little effort.

– How to use paint to make a wall pop.

– Simple tricks and tips for styling an apartment or rental home that will be easy to remove when it’s time to move.

– How to change a room with just a few simple furniture swaps.

– How to use accent pieces and splashes of color to give a room a complete upgrade.

You only need a bit of vision, an afternoon and some inspiring music and you can create the home of your dreams as well.

DIY Bath Melts – A Step-by-Step Recipe Guide: How to Make Your Own Bath Melts in Minutes (Tanzi Beauty Book 2)

by Tanzi Beauty

With the recipes and instructions in this book you can make up a batch of deliciously hydrating bath melts in minutes. Not only that, but with the recipes included you’ll learn how to dye and scent your melts, how to create melts that detoxify, fizz, and create bubbles.

No matter what kind of Bath Melt you’re looking to make- this book will show you how.

130+ Natural and organic lip balm and gloss recipes: Organic Lip Balms Made Easy: Nourish, Rejuvenate and Protect Your Lips with Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

by Samatha K. Ray

The Benefits of Lip Balms

Making lip balm at home does not have to be complicated or expensive to achieve the same results as store-bought lip balm varieties. You can save money and have fun experimenting with a wide range of ingredients that are specified to your preferences. The ingredients are usually very easy to find and the possibilities are virtually endless in making perfectly fragrant and effective lip balm. This book is a comprehensive and hands-on essential tool for the knowledge and how-to, for becoming an expert at making lip balm in the comfort of your home. This book outlines the benefits that lip balms have to offer, and these are not just for your lips! There are a multitude of lip balm uses that are truly beneficial for your skin, health and well-being. The book also includes tips for Vegan’s, and options for those with sensitive skin and allergies, by providing substitute ingredients. For anyone who can’t seem to find some of the listed ingredients, the author also provides more commonly found options that are easier to come by. The book is also great by providing cost effective tips to ensure you stay within your budget.

Nutrients Found In Lip Balms

Many of the lip balms in this book contain a variety of essential vitamins and minerals that nourish your lips and skin, while providing moisture and sheen to the lips. The lip balms include vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. Therefore, these lip balms are as good for your lips as they look and feel! You will learn the step by step basics of making lip balms at home, and become familiar with all of the important aspects of whipping up effective balm recipes. You will learn the types of equipment that is necessary, as well as the basic ingredients that you will have to purchase or source at home. You will also gain knowledge of how to correctly store the lip balms so that they stay fresh for as long as possible. You will learn the best application techniques and other potential uses for the balm such as a soother for dry skin anywhere else on the body. Lip balms act as humectants to lock and seal in moisture, so that you can enjoy beautiful soft supple lips and skin. It is also important to learn the health and safety while making lip balms at home, since you will be using heat to make your balms. The author provides tips for staying safe while mixing and heating the lip balms.

(3 Book Bundle) Crochet Guide For Beginners & Crochet Guide For Intermediates & Crochet Patterns: The Easy Way

by Kathy Long

Book 1

With this book you will learn:

1. How To Choose Your Crochet Hooks, Yarn And Other Items You Need

2. How To Read A Crochet Pattern

3. How To Hold The Crochet Hook And Yarn

4. How To Chain

5. How To Do A Single Crochet

6. How To Turn Your Work

7. How To Slip Stitch

8. How To Do A Double Crochet

9. Increasing

10. Decreasing

11. Back & Front Post Double Crochet

12. Back & Front Post Treble Crochet

13. Working In Different Loops

14. This book also includes 6 lovely crochet patterns

Get Started Crocheting Projects Today!

Book 2

With this book you will learn:

1. Common Crochet Abbreviations

2. Crochet Refresher

3. Intermediate Crochet Stitches Such As, Cable Stitch, Shell Stitch, Lover’s Knot Stitch.

4. How To Do Tapestry Crochet While Working In The Round Or Working Flat.

5. Intermediate Crochet Techniques Including Join As You Go, Surface Crochet And Crocheting Borders.

Get Started Today Improving Your Crochet Skills!

Book 3

With this book you will learn the following Crochet Patterns:

1. Simple Beanie

2. Chevron Design Tablet Cover

3. Water Lilies Doily

4. Legwarmers

5. Ridged Scarf

6. Star Ornament

7. Shawl

8. Triangle Dishcloth

9. Pot Holder

10. Clutch Purse

Get Started Crocheting a Delightful Project!

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Essential Oils: A Health Care Guide on Using Essential Oils for First Aid and Illnesses (Essential Oils for Beginners)

by Lisa Lyda

The All-Natural Solution to Treating Illnesses and Injuries

We all want to keep ourselves and our families healthy. But colds, the flu, and injuries are an unavoidable part of life. In order to treat many of these ailments, we rely on over the counter medications from our local drugstore. But we have no idea just how effective and safe these medications are. Many of them have chemicals that we can’t even pronounce.

But treating illnesses and injuries doesn’t have to be like this. There is a natural way, one that guarantees peace of mind since all the ingredients are entirely transparent. Essential oils are plant extracts that when used correctly have proven to have a myriad of uses. They have been used to reduce inflammation, to battle nausea, to relieve headaches, and to help reduce congestion.

Discover the safe and natural way to treat yourself and your family. And in the process save money by not having to pay for expensive cold medicines or pain relievers. See how essential oils can change your life, making your both healthier. And happier.

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How To Click With Just About Everyone!

by Clive Calvin

How To Click With Just About Everyone!

Are you feeling alone or disconnected from your social life?!

Do you feel as if you don’t know who your friends are anymore? Or, that you don’t know how to interact with people in general like you used to? Does going out to meet new people make you feel nervous or unsure of how to act? Do you worry that you won’t be accepted?

We all want to be liked, but in today’s complicated world, it is harder than ever. Our world has grown smaller via the Internet and that has thrown together customs and social mores from societies the world over. We as a society have learned how to not interact with people in person on a daily basis by hiding behind a computer so to speak. Whether you wish to be successful in your personal or professional life, understanding how to interact with people is a valuable skill.

If you are intent on learning how to get back out in interact with people you don’t know or even with your friends, then taking the time to read this book may just make the difference between “clicking” and complete alienation. Take that all important skill back that you used to have as a kid, or learn it if you never had it before. It will only improve your life overall.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn…

  • Who is my Friend?
  • The Art of Listening
  • Save the Criticism
  • Learn to Appreciate
  • Inspire Friendship
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Poker Strategy: An Introductory Poker Strategy Guide: Learn The Secrets Of How To Make Money Playing Poker And Expert Poker Strategy Techniques Today! … Strategy Series, Poker Strategy Books,)

by Marcus Searhope

Poker Strategy: Learn The Secrets Of How To Make Money Playing Poker With Smart Strategies!

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You’re about to discover the basics of how to play poker and make money utilizing simple, smart poker strategies. Poker is an extremely popular game that more and more people take up each year but most beginner poker players end up failing because of a lack of instruction.

In this “Poker Strategy” guide we take you through all the basics of how to play the game effectively and ethically so you can make some money on the side. No crazy bets, no crazy game playing or cheating, just simple, proven techniques that will help you to become a better poker player.

Poker strategy is a skill you need to learn, it will take some time but trust us, it will be a skill that will stay with you for life. If you’re a beginner poker player and want to discover the poker strategy that pros and the like use, then download this “Poker Strategy” guide now!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Poker Strategy – The Origin of Poker and where it Started
  • Poker Strategy – All the Different Types of Poker Games
  • Poker Strategy – How to Earn Money from Poker
  • Poker Strategy – What Exactly is the Poker Face?
  • Poker Strategy – Poker Strategy and How to Play Effectively
  • Poker Strategy – Basic Tips to Win at Poker
  • Poker Strategy – Poker Stories from around the World
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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$2.99! If you love poker, want to learn it and make money from it, then download “Poker Strategy: An Introductory Poker Strategy Guide: Learn The Secrets Of How To Make Money Playing Poker And Learn Expert Poker Strategy Techniques Today!”

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Leadership: The Science Of Leading, Persuading Others, And Maximizing Your Personal Rapport (Leadership, Persuading others, building rapport, personal rapport)

by Clive Calvin

Leadership is that quality that many people recognize, but few have taken the time to define. Perhaps this is because it takes on many roles, from the hero to the lesser of two evils; it still exists in any gathering of more than one person. Do you have leadership skills? Are you a better follower? Learn to define the leadership role and to recognize where you fit best. It may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Prepper’s Box Set: 80 Brilliant Surviving Life Hacks combined with 55 Most Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals (Prepper’s hacks books, prepper’s hacks, prepper’s pantry, prepper survival)

by Stephanie Evans

Prepper’s Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Prepper’s Hacks: 25 Brilliant Surviving Life Hacks That Every Family Can Use

You fancy yourself an experienced, prepared, and responsible person when it comes to times of disaster. You’ve got emergency kits, you have drilled with your family, and you’ve got a food supply that will last months and will be the envy of all of your neighbors and enemies. Congratulations, you’ve just barely scratched the surface of what it means to be truly prepared.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Ingenious uses for household objects (including trash!) that you’ve never thought of
  • How to improvise survival items like candles, stoves, fuel, and more from objects that you probably already have in your home
  • How to safely purify water using one simple household chemical
  • How to improvise weapons for survival situations
  • Much, much more!

BOOK #2: Prepper’s Pantry: 55 Most Popular Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals

Who says that your emergency food stockpile has to be filled with bland, flavorless junk? With the right advice and the right amount of ingenuity, you can recreate a familiar, delicious, nutritious, and most of all comfortable variety for your family. Even in the worst disaster, you can use the act of preparing and eating meals to offer a slice of normalcy and comfort to your entire family. Nutrition is important, but it’s just as critical to make sure that you can provide that comfort to your family in a stressful emergency situation.

This book will teach you about:

  • How to incorporate a variety of different fruits into your diet when they’re not available fresh
  • Enhancing and increasing the quality of convenience foods
  • Finding a balance between ready-to-eat meals and shelf-stable ingredients
  • Maximizing your family’s comfort in an emergency situation through food
  • Being creative and flexible with what you have on hand
  • Much, much more!

BOOK #3: Prepper’s Hacks: 55 Amazing Safety Survival Hacks

Just think for a moment! What will happen if sudden natural crises knock your door and hit your fate? Would you be able to accept this horrible challenge? DO you feel you will win this battle of “life & death”? I am damn sure such a nasty truth is hair erecting for you. But be calm and get ready to accept this malicious dare with ease. This book has been written as an immersive guide to survive in emergency situations. About 55 amazing safety survival hacks have been mentioned in this book. Such 55 amazing survival hacks are covering almost all sorts of challenging dares.

Let’s have a fantastic look over the basic topics of this book:

  • Amazing tactics for life saving survival hackers
  • 55 amazing safety survival hacks – Win the fight between life and death

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “80 Brilliant Surviving Life Hacks combined with 55 Most Convenience Food for Tasty Life Saving Meals” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Woodworking: The Ultimate Woodworking For Beginners Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Woodworking Projects Today! Woodworking For Beginners … Series, Woodworking For Beginners)

by Bruce Canningway

Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Woodworking Projects Today!

Today only, get this e-book for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to successfully create and build your own woodworking projects in this “Woodworking For Beginners” guide. Woodworking is an amazingly fun past time that many people enjoy. The thing is many people just don’t know where to start to kick off their own woodworking skills.

In this woodworking book you will learn the basic tools you need, how they work and what you could potentially make with them. Then we move onto how to construct basic wooden pieces using these tools. Then finally we give you some fun, easy starter woodworking projects that you can make yourself.

Woodworking is becoming more and more popular every year thanks to the creativeness that can be used in woodworking. If you consider yourself creative, want to learn and make your own masterpieces, then download this book now! Amazing craftsmanship is only a few clicks away!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Woodworking For Beginners – All the Basic Tools You Will Need to Get Started
  • Woodworking For Beginners – The Must Have Electric Tools You Will Need in Your Shed
  • Woodworking For Beginners – The Woodworking Basics to Keep You Safe
  • Woodworking For Beginners – Top Tips to Help You Succeed in Making Your Own Projects
  • Woodworking For Beginners – How to Make a Comfy Bed for Your Pet
  • Woodworking For Beginners – How to Make a Centre Table
  • Woodworking For Beginners – How to Make a Beautiful Chopping Board
  • Woodworking For Beginners – How to Make a Sturdy Stool
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only

$2.99! If you want to know all the woodworking basics and improve your craftsmanship, then download this Woodworking For Beginners guide now!

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