Free religious fiction Kindle books for 17 Apr 15

They Call Me Blanca

by L. Diaz

My name is Michelina DélaCruz. Meet me at the crossroad where Faith meets Diversity and the Supernatural.

A bi-racial teen living with her single white mother in Stockton, California; Michelina struggles to find a place in a confusing & often hostile world. She doubts the existence of God let alone a God that cares. All she’s ever wanted was to fit in…somehwere. She feels her only way ‘out’ is â??in.’ So she works to join a gang of girls in an attempt to establish her identity and finally gain a sense of belonging. Struggling to balance her two heritages, she chooses to undergo the deeply frightening and brutal gang initiation, at the hands of her new â??friends’.

Michelina is seriously injured in her final baptism into gang life and is transported to an out-of-body journey through the lives of her grandparents and parents. In ways she never imagined possible, her journey opens her eyes to the violence which simmers and erupts through generations and brings her closer to God and those she loves.

Perfect Place – a Novelette (Patriot Springs)

by Debby Mayne

Polly Sizemore has lived in Patriot Springs all her life, and she has never had the desire to live anywhere else. Having never married, Polly lives in the old Victorian house she and her identical twin sister Molly inherited, while Molly and her husband “Doc” chose to move to one of the newer homes on the outskirts of Patriot Springs.

Both sisters are active in church, the Patriot Springs Women’s Club that gets involved in every single aspect of city business, and in each other’s lives. Polly and Molly might be in their early 70s, but they don’t feel a day older than 60.

Patriot Springs is one of those idyllic towns where everyone looks after each other, and neighbors lift a hand and wave as they drive by. The community lives up to its name with a red, white, and blue color schemeâ??from the painted brick buildings and trashcans on the town square to the unwritten dress code for Fridays. And as new people move to town, they are presented with an American flag lapel pin.

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