Free war Kindle books for 17 Apr 15

Clash In The Baltic: Ian Fleming’s Secret Mission

by Duncan Harding

“As always, recommended.” Library Journal

“His special gift to carry the reader along can be simultaneously dramatic and objective.” Publishers Weekly

In the dying embers of World War Two, Winston Churchill orders Special Intelligence Service Commander Ian Fleming to mount a daring rescue mission. His orders: to bring home the brave women of the Special Operation Executive caught behind enemy lines in the clutches of the fleeing German army.

But it soon appears that the mission is doomed to failure, and so the women’s only hope lies in their own guile and determination, which may just keep them alive long enough for the men of 30th Commando, led by the battle-hardened Sergeant Slaughter, to reach them. With time running out and their options rapidly decreasing, the women and their rescuers make for Swinemunde on the shores of the Baltic in the hope of safe passage on one of few remaining seafaring transports. But as a Russian sub enters the Baltic with orders to bring down the largest of these vessels, the situation looks decidedly grim.

Intense World War Two fiction writer Duncan Harding is a pseudonym of the late writer and WW2 historian Charles Whiting, who has sold over three million books worldwide. Whiting also famously writes under the name Leo Kessler, whose SS Wotan series is a stalwart of Second World War fiction.

M.I.A.: A Trey Hendricks Novel

by Joe Graddy

A military procedural mystery, M.I.A. follows the efforts of U.S. Marine Trey Hendricks and his team to find, and bring home, every American still missing in action. Volume 1 follows Trey as he begins his new assignment by searching for the last three American servicemen M.I.A. from the Vietnam War.

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