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Essential Oils: Best Essential Oils For Your Pets: Natural Remedies For Your Cat and Dog (Best Recipes Book 1)

by Nathaniel Wake

My Personal 50 Favorite Dog and Cat Essential Oil Treatments

There are so many options for your loving pet that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. In this book I have unveiled my 40 personal favorite safe essential oil recipes for dogs, and 10 for Cats. We have to be extra careful with our precious felines. And I explain clearly and specifically why in this book.

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • What are the best daily uses of essential oils for your pets
  • The proper and safe steps in handling and applying essential oils to your Dog or Cat.
  • How to easily master homemade essential oil remedies for your Dog & Cat
  • Why Cats need extra special precautions and what they are
  • What essential oils to NEVER USE on your Dog or Cat! Ever!
  • Essential oils are used by tens of thousands of loving pet owners around the world to treat their pets safely and naturally. The Power of Essential oils are gaining ground by the veterinary community. Essential oil components are all organic, natural and environmentally friendly.

    In this book I reveal My Best Recipes that I personally use on our own pets. Be done with overpriced store brands and quit dumping and spraying chemicals on your pets forever!

    If you are new to essential oils, I suggest you read my other books first before you start using these recipes.

    But if you already have experience and are ready let’s get you started in this wonderful world of Dog & Cat Essential Oils Today!

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    Life Without Clutter: A Textbook on The Most Effective Ways to Dispose of All Types of Clutter

    by Janet Curry

    Do You Hate A Cluttered Life?

    Often our lives and homes are cluttered with a lot of stuff that we do not need. Our work spaces and computers are cluttered too. We often wonder how to rid of the clutter that interferes with our every day life. Clutter even slows down the pace of completing tasks and may lead to utter confusion

    At some point of time or other each one of us has struggled to get the clutter out of lives and systems and live a smooth life streamlined in all respects. But achieving that has been a daunting task for most.

    Here is a book that will help you to get rid of all kinds of clutter from your life and transform your life into a simpler one, free of clutter.

    Here is a preview of what you will learn from the book:

    – The common types of clutter and why they accumulate

    – How does clutter affect our personal and professional lives?

    – How does clutter affect our relationships?

    – The impact of clutter on our mind and our thinking

    – Practical and step by step process of de-cluttering your home and office space

    – Steps to de-clutter your mind

    – How to stay motivate yourself to lead a clutter free life

    – How to monitor your progress towards a clutter-free life

    The book describes the impact of clutter on our lives and gives you simple and practical methods of busting the clutter in our lives. It provides easily implementable steps which can remove clutter from you live in a systematic manner and ensure that you stay clutter free always.

    Follow the steps that have been detailed in this book for a simpler, clutter-free life.

    Download your copy today!

    Keeping It Hot In The Bedroom: The Best Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Relationship And Keep Him Hooked! (Best Relationship Advices and Flirting)

    by Scarlett Long

    Spice up your sex life and experience sex like you’ve never had before!

    Did you know that sexual contact with our partners is not only a great method of bonding but it also has a multitude of health benefits for you as an individual?

    Whether you and your partner have been dating for a year or married for thirty years, things can sometimes become a little stale in the bedroom, but ‘Keeping it Hot in the Bedroom’ can help you to spice things up!

    Designed with you AND your partner in mind this book takes a look at how the two of you can spice things up between the sheets and kick start that old libido once again!

    Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

    – Why Sex is Such an Important Part of a Relationship

    – Beginners Sexual Positions to Get Things Started in the Bedroom

    – Intermediate Sexual Positions to Test Your Stamina and Flexibility!

    – Expert Sexual Positions to Really Push Your Limits!

    – The Ins and Outs of Tantra

    – The Importance of Non-Sexual Bonding Between Partners

    – And Much More

    Once you get started on this graduated book you won’t want to put it down as you and your partner both test your limits. Begin with the easiest position in the book and soon enough you and your partner both will be trying positions that you never dreamed of being able to achieve!

    Don’t wait another minute! Learn how this book can help you to add the spice back in to your relationship with nothing more than your two writhing naked bodies!

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    Weekend Weight Loss: 3-Day Rapid Detox – Lose Up to 10 Pounds!

    by Linda Westwood

    From the Best Selling weight loss writer, Linda Westwood, comes Weekend Weight Loss: 3-Day Rapid Detox – Lose Up to 10 Pounds!. This book will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health!

    If you feel like you need to give your weight loss a kick-start…

    If you feel like you’re always tired and feel unhealthy on the inside…

    Or if you’re just sick of working out…


    This book provides you with a 3-Day rapid detox plan that will have you losing up to 10lbs in just 3 days!

    Are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then check out this 3-Day Rapid Detox, and start transforming your life TODAY!

    If you successfully implement this 3-Day Rapid Detox, you willâ?¦

    – Start losing weight without working out as hard

    – Begin burning all that stubborn fat, especially belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat

    – Say goodbye to inches off your waist and other hard-to-lose areas

    – Learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle without trying

    – Say goodbye to long, dull, boring workouts

    – Get excited about eating healthy – EVERY TIME!

    50 Ultimate and Mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss!: (Low Carb, Low Carb Cookbook, Low Carb Diet, Low Carb Recipes, Low Carb High Fat, Low Carb Diet For Beginners)

    by Athar Husain

    Low Carb Recipes: Ultimate, Mouthwatering, Healthy, Easy and Quick to Prepare!

    Read on your Mac, Tablet, PC or Kindle device.

    Are you trying to lose weight for long time? Getting tired of changing from one diet plan to another? Worrying About your Body shape?

    Don’t Worry! I am going to give you the best ultimate mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes. Just eat these delicious, Easy and Quick to prepare meals and lose the excess pounds!

    The Diet is not Just Maintain your Body shape but also reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and much more!

    The Author Giving you ultimate, mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Side Dishes, Salads, Soups and Snacks in one package!

    The Book contains mouthwatering recipes like:

    Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

    Garlic chicken

    Herbed Lemon Pork Chops

    Skillet Fish with Spinach

    Herbed Tuna Salad

    Hearty Beef Soup

    Chocolate Pro Cake

    All the Recipes Are Delicious and Easy to cook!

    Just Click on the Hyperlink “Table of Content” that allows you to reach directly on your loving recipe!

    Get your copy today and enjoy The Ultimate Mouthwatering Low Carb Recipes!

    Essential Oils: Best Essential Recipes Guide Book: 30 Best Essential Oil Recipes (Best Essential Oils Book 1)

    by Nathaniel Wake

    My Personal Favorite Recipes – My Top 30 Best Essential Oil Recipes I Use Everyday…

    Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world use a variety of natural essential oils to heal and enhance their health and overall well-being.

    Aromatherapy refers to the use of powerful and natural plant essential oils that are regularly diluted in a natural solution for therapeutic application. Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, stems,tree bark and flowers.

    This book has taken most of my favorite recipes and proven natural treatment combinations and gathered them into an easy to read and apply format. I just wanted to say thank you for all my loyal readers and growing essential oil users.

    You don’t have to wait any longer or look any further for the Best Essential Oil Recipes!

    Scroll back on up and grab your copy today! And start revitalizing your mind-body-spirit!

    One Day Crochet: Easy Afghan Projects You Can Complete in 24 Hours (One Day Crochet Books, one day crocheting projects, one day crochet projects)

    by Debra Hughes

    One Day Crochet (FREE Bonus Included)

    Easy Afghan Projects You Can Complete in 24 Hours

    The idea behind this book is truly two-fold; we wanted to include something for those that are experts in the craft of crocheting and also to draw in those that are new to the craft. Most people look at a crocheted item and think that it is just, too hard or that it takes much more time than they have to spare. That really is not the case and that is why this is the perfect book for everyone. People that have been crocheting for years will be able to find quick and simple afghan projects for when they find themselves in need of a quick gift because; they forgot someone’s birthday. Those that are new to the craft will find that they can create awesome Afghan projects in twenty-four hours are less.

    Many people find that they lose interest in projects that take too long to complete and they inevitably get shoved in a closet or drawer to never be finished. This book can help to avoid the drawer of crafts gone by and give you a feeling of satisfaction; not to mention lots of beautiful Afghans to share with friends and family. Below is a list of what we will be covering in the book; some you may already know, but will be a great refresher and some may be a learning experience for you.

    Below is a list of what we will be covering in the book:

    • A brief history of crocheting
    • Health benefits of crocheting
    • Basic tools for you crocheting needs
    • Patterns for one-day Afghans

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Simply Tomato: 10 Easy DIY Steps to Grow, Harvest and Cook Your Own Tomatoes with Heart-Healthy Recipes (Urban Gardening & Homesteading)

    by Judy Kim

    This book will help save money and live healthier, by simply learning how to grow tomatoes on your own! If you are one of those who love tomatoes – raw or cooked, you can save cash by having your own tomato garden without having to go through all the fuss.

    Growing and planting tomatoes is simple and easy. You just have to know the vital steps to produce robust, healthy and high-yielding tomato plants. The great news is you can do it with the power of your own hands.

    Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

    – How to Choose and Purchase Tomato Seeds

    – How to Use Grow and Transplant Tomato Seedlings

    – How to Prepare the Soil To Make it Suitable For Cultivating Tomatoes

    – How to Plant Tomatoes the Right Way

    – How to Fertilize, Water and Mulch Your Tomatoes

    – How to Know When Your Tomatoes are Ready to Harvest

    – How to Store and Preserve Your Tomatoes

    – How to Make Sumptuous Dishes Using Your Tomatoes

    – And Much More

    Once you learn all the secrets in growing your own tomatoes, you will never dare to buy from the supermarket again. It will not only help you save money, you will also live a better and healthier life.

    Don’t wait another minute. Learn how you could set-up your own tomato garden at home.

    Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

    Soap Making: How To Make Natural Handmade Soap From Scratch – A Beginner’s Guide For Making Organic Soaps – Includes 20 Easy Soap Making Recipes (Homemade Soap, Essential Oils)

    by Emily Green

    Soap Making

    How To Make Natural Handmade Soap From Scratch – A Beginner’s Guide For Making Organic Soaps

    If you want to learn how to make soap than this book is for you. Not only are you going to learn how to make soap but you are going to learn:

    • All three soap making processes.
    • How to be as safe as possible when making soap.
    • How to create simple soaps and how create amazing luxurious soaps.

    You are going to get 23 amazing luxurious soap recipes that you can use with any of the three soap making processes and you are going to learn how to create soaps of your very own.

    You will learn how to calculate the amount of essential oils or fragrance oils you will add to your soaps, how to calculate the amount of dry additives you will add into your soaps and when to add them so that your soaps turn out beautifully.

    Finally you will learn how to cure your soaps so they don’t dry out to quickly but dry in the appropriate time to ensure they do not crack and to ensure you get the best lather out of your soaps.

    This book is a complete guide to not only learning how to make soap but learning how to create your very own luxurious soaps to keep for personal use, share with friends or family or even sell.

    Download your copy of “Soap Making” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Critical Thinking: Think Clearly and Logically: Make Smart Decisions Using This Simple Guidance (Critical thinking book, critical thinking skills, critical thinking for kids)

    by Ava Young

    Critical Thinking (FREE Bonus Included)

    Think Clearly and Logically: Make Smart Decisions Using This Simple Guidance

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to think like a scientist or a mathematician? Perhaps you look up to those around you who seem to always have it together when there’s a problem, and they always seem to have the answers? Thinking critically and logically is a complex process that’s more than just looking at a few facts and coming up with a conclusion. It’s about thinking outside of the box and looking at the answers that may not have seemed like a possibility at first. This thinking style can be very helpful in our everyday lives, as well as in our professional lives. No matter what your career is, you can benefit from thinking logically and critically. So scroll up and get your copy!

    In this book, you will learn some of the following information:

    • The science behind critical thinking and what separates it from emotional thinking.
    • If, Then Statements and why they’re so important.
    • How to form your own opinion by using only facts.
    • Eleven different critical thinking techniques.
    • And several things you ought to be aware of when attempting to think critically.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Detox and Clean Food Diet Box Set: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your body With Day by Day Cleanse Meal Plan (Detox and Cleand Food Diet, Detox, Clean food diet)

    by Tina Morgan

    Detox and Clean Food Diet Box Set: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your body With Day by Day Cleanse Meal Plan (FREE Bonus Included)

    BOOK #1: Detox: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your Body. Revitalize Your Life in Less Than a Week

    “Detox: 25 Essential Hacks to Purify and Detox Your Body” is a book about getting healthy and overcoming ingested or absorbed toxins including excess sugar on one week. The liver is the primary focus as it is instrumental in promoting a better metabolism, and immune and digestive systems. It takes a week to effect a change, but you will also get a lifetime of benefits.

    The book covers how to:

    • Follow 25 essential hacks to purify and detox the body
    • Improve the digestive process
    • Feel less bloated or constipated
    • Change your mood
    • Become healthier
    • Have more energy and strength

    BOOK #2: Clean Food Diet: Stay Healthy With Day by Day Cleanse Meal Plan

    It is all about good health and that positive and inspiring feeling of vibrancy. That is the exact “side-effect” you will get from trying out a new way of life – eating clean and staying healthy by having your body cleansed and renewed only by changing your diet. We are what we eat. What do you want to be? Our Clean Food Diet is set to present you the new way of life, having been created a one week clean food diet for you to follow up with. We have lots of ideas for clean food meals we want to share, also providing you with recipes for tasty and delicious healthy clean food meals we have suggested for you. There is a new breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner idea for each day of the week, along with tips and explanations of healthy clean food “policy”. Why choose clean food? What is the difference between processed and whole food? What clean food can do for my body? You can find the answer to all of these questions in our Clean Food Meal Plans Guide, divided in six chapters and categorized through 7 days of your first clean food week plan

    In this book you will find:

    • Meal plans for all seven days of your first clean food week
    • Recipes for clean food meals
    • What is clean food and what are the benefits of consuming it?
    • Organic and natural vs. Processed and Additive-saturated
    • Clean Food DO’s and DON’T’s
    • Clean Food Grocery List

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download your copy of “Detox and Clean Food Diet Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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    Acrylic Painting: A Beginner’s Guide To Acrylic Painting With Step-By-Step Instructions And Tutorials – Includes Abstract, Landscape And Portrait Painting … To Paint, Acrylic Painting for Beginners)

    by Victoria Ellis

    Acrylic Painting

    A Beginner’s Guide To Acrylic Painting With Step-By-Step Instructions And Tutorials

    Acrylic art paints come in tubes, just like old-fashioned oil paints. But they dry much more quickly, and retain bright vibrant colors far longer and are easier to clean. Add acrylic medium or acrylic glazes, and this versatile medium can do even more.

    Discover the basics of how to mix, to blend and to apply various paint colors and textures – and the properties that are specific to acrylic paint. Explore painting landscapes, abstract paintings and even some short cuts to painting portraits of friends and family. Also, pick up some safety tips for working with art materials.

    You can use acrylic paints to create your own original art works to decorate your home or to use as gifts. You can even imitate master painters such as Mondrian and Kandinsky using acrylic paint.

    Acrylic paint can be used on almost any surface; all it takes is a little preparation. Revive Tole painting in your home, and enliven tired cabinets or repurpose household throw-aways.

    If your home needs some special touches, if you need to come up with a gift, if you have a creative itch that needs scratching, then this is the book for you. Add in the easy clean up, and acrylic painting might be just the craft for you.

    Download your copy of “Acrylic Painting” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    The Downsizer’s Almanac: Finding the freedom to do the things you really love in life (Simplifying Things Book 1)

    by Colleen Deardon

    Have you been thinking about making a change in your life? Do you often contemplate selling your home and moving into a smaller and more affordable space that will allow you to save money and time because it requires less maintenance? Do you dream about being able to spend more time doing the things you love and exploring the creative or philanthropic ideas that you’ve thought about for years? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this book was written for you.

    Many of us have achieved various levels of success in life where we feel relatively safe and financially confident in our careers. However there’s something missing. You take a step back and look long and hard at your life and the material possessions you’ve accumulated over the years, and then you think to yourself, “Is this it? Is this what all my hard work has been for?” Your perspective about what is important in life has changed. You start to realize that what you’re looking for is a life full of experiences that are substantial and meaningful in your life. You want to contribute your time and talents to helping others, or traveling and exploring places that you’ve always wanted to visit. Or maybe you just want to slow down the pace of your life to reduce your stress, your obligations and have experiences that give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

    In the Downsizer’s Almanac, we’ll explore these topics and more so that you will have the information you’ll need to begin the next chapter of your life. We’ll discuss the benefits of and the ways that you can begin to slowly make changes in the way you live that will ultimately lead to a simpler and more enjoyable way life for you! Buy now with one click. You’ll be glad you did!

    Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Cleanser for Problem Skin

    by Sarah Shilhavy

    Using a facial cleanser as a part of your daily skin care ritual is one of the essential outward practices to maintaining clean, healthy skin. Many acne-fighting and exfoliating facial cleansers and masks contain little beads to help “polish” the skin by taking dead layers off, while a creamy and cleaning base should help moisturize and condition.

    Instead of shelling out money and being wasteful in the process of trial and error in trying to find a product that works for your skin, try making it at home with only two ingredients you probably already have: coconut oil and baking soda. Not only are these two ingredients readily available, they are also highly effective in treating problematic skin. Unlike all the fillers and toxic ingredients in normal store-bought cosmetics, these two ingredients are not only safe for your skin, but safe to be eaten as well.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.