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Love Addiction – How To Overcome Toxic Relationships & Find LOVE: How To Overcome Toxic Relationships and Find Healthy Love

by Dr. Wendy O’Connor

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to free yourself from toxic relationships and finally open yourself up to the love you deserve.

We all have at least that one toxic person in our lives that we can’t seem to shake off. Dysfunction may come in many forms, but there’s one who will change you completely.

It may seem like you’re in a healthy relationship on the surface, but when doors are shut, it’s a different story. You feel so addicted to the love that you don’t know how to let it go.

Erectile Dysfunction: Take Action In Your Problem Of Erectile Dysfunction – The Most Effective And Permanent Solution To Finally Overcome Erectile Dysfunction … How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Book 1)

by Edison salazar

Are You Ready To Cure Erectile Dysfunction For Life?

There is a common issue with many men recently, and it’s something that has become a big issue with many and their ability to have a great life. That is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can cause impotence in males, and if there are issues in the future, then infertility is a result.

Erectile Dysfunction Not Only Take As A Toll On One’s Sex Life, But It Also Makes One Feel Self-Conscious About Their Bodies

Many men are afraid to cure this, and they sometimes have issue talking to their partners about this due to the nature of the content. Not only that though, there are other results as well, such as:

# An Increased Risk Of Heart Attack

# Low Self-Esteem

# Risk Of Suicide

# Divorces

And eventually it can create other issues in the body that you don’t want to have to deal with. Many men look for a solution for erectile dysfunction, before it becomes infertility. That’s where this book comes in, because it will help you cure your erectile dysfunction, and it’s the best erectile dysfunction cure around.

From This Book, You Will Learn A Great Erectile Dysfunction Cure

It can be used to help you cure your erectile dysfunction permanently, and you’ll be able to stop the continuance of infertility in your body. If you feel like erectile dysfunction is starting to take over your life, then it’s time to stop it before it becomes impotence. That’s when this comes in, and this healthy book will provide a cure for erectile dysfunction that will help you become stronger, and it will help you feel better. It’s time to take your life back, and from this, you will learn the best erectile dysfunction cure that you can use in order to stop the problem in its tracks. Don’t wait any longer to take care of this, but instead, work on fixing it now before it’s too late…

Let’s Take A Look At The Topics To Be Covered

  • Erectile dysfunction – what and why?
  • Recognize it as soon as possible!
  • How dangerous it is
  • Home remedies and lifestyle for a better tomorrow
  • Eat right! Exercise well!
  • Keep an eye to stay away from ED

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Pregnancy Box Set: Childbirth + Breastfeeding: Natural and Holistic Approach to Childbirth and a Healthy Start for Baby, Pregnancy, Nutrition, Pregnant

by Misty Jordyn

Pregnancy Box Set: Childbirth + Breastfeeding

The Perfect Box Set for Mothers Seeking a Natural and Holistic Approach to Childbirth and a Healthy Start for Baby


Pictures of an infant nursing are some of the most serene images in all of human life. It represents that special bond between mother and child. Even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing imaginable, it is not instinctive.

Many mothers, especially first time moms, often struggle with simple issues based on their lack of knowledge and the information resulting from their inexperience. They question how to perfect the baby’s latch on the breast. Some feel pain while the baby is feeding, while other breastfeeding moms get sores and blisters. Some of these moms think they don’t have milk, or have other struggles related to feeding. This book seeks to bridge the knowledge gap and to equip these mothers with the information and skills they need.
By the time you finish reading, you will have received proven steps and strategies on how to successfully breastfeed your child from minutes after being born, up until the weaning years.

The essentials of breast pumping and milk storage.
Having information and a plan, enables new breastfeeding mothers and relieves the anxiety that often hinders their milk production and quality.


Going through a natural childbirth can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences of your life, though it can be scary to think about, especially if it’s your first child. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to prepare yourself for a natural childbirth and make it an easier process.

Everyone hears the horror stories about childbirth and it’s only natural to be a little scared of what’s ahead for you and your baby, but never fear! This guide will help you prepare before and during pregnancy to make the process of Natural Childbirth as painless, simple, and organized as possible.

One of the milestones in the life of any woman and any family is the birth of a child. This event signals the start of a new life. Such a moment is both exciting and tense. Anyone who has ever birthed a child knows how tense the moments leading to the child’s birth are. Of course, birth is a process that goes beyond the release of the child from the mother’s womb to the waiting world. It should be accompanied by proper planning and preparation to ensure childbirth will proceed as planned.

In The This book is particularly valuable to couples who are anticipating the birth of their first child. It does include considerations that others would benefit from learning, but the pregnancy causes the woman involved to be especially eager to know all that is possible to be ready for the birth.

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DATING AFTER DIVORCE FOR THE SINGLE DADDY: How To Start Dating After Divorce [Single Daddy Dating Series]

by Nick Thomas

Do You Want To Date Again As A Single Father?

Do You Suffer From The Lack Of Confidence After A Painful Divorce?

Do You Want To Gain Confidence To Date Attractive Women?

After a divorce, many single dads find it difficult to find confidence to date again. They feel rejected, lonely and painful after a testing divorce. Together with the responsibilities of being a dad and making a living, it can be tough for most single dads to start dating again.

Single Dads Lack Confidence & Don’t Have Time To Date

Post-divorce, many single dads lack confidence to meet new women. They are constantly worried about the ability to love another women after such a painful divorce. He is also afraid of the various stigma of divorce that impacts his confidence.

Being a single dad means he also wouldn’t have enough time to meet women. Due to his responsibilities and obligations, he wouldn’t know how to start meeting women. As such, he may simply date someone out of convenience or not date at all. This means he isn’t in a relationship he wants to be in.

In Dating After Divorce, Nick Thomas shares his experience as a dating guru specializing in single fathers. He has helped many single fathers regain their confidence and date attractive women. You would learn how to get ready to date again after a divorce and find happiness from a relationship again.

What You Would Learn From DATING AFTER DIVORCE?

Dating After Divorce is the perfect guide for all single fathers who want to date again after a divorce. Among the lessons you would learn from this book include:-

  • How to improve yourself before you start dating again?
  • How to deal with post-divorce issues that would impact you?
  • A checklist to divorce closure
  • Why you should never date immediately after a divorce?
  • Why the â??ideal love scene’ ruins your dating life?
  • The NEW Rules you need to follow
  • The number one rule in post-divorce dating: Honesty

Among The Chapters In This Book Include:-

  • Should You Start Dating & After The Divorce – Chapters on how you can evaluate yourself and look into the differences in dating that you would encounter.
  • Checklist To Divorce Closure – A valuable checklist to ensure you are truly over your divorce before you start dating again.
  • 20 Ways To Heal Your Heart– Quick ways you can apply to your life to heal your heart and start being a more date-able man.
  • Focus On Yourself First – Understand the importance of focusing on your own life first before you start dating again
  • Stop With The Ideal Love Scene – How having an â??ideal’ ruins your love life.
  • Dealing With The Pressures Of Post-Divorce Dating – Getting a better idea about what to expect in post-divorce dating. How would women perceive you? How would it be difficult for you?
  • Honesty Is The Best Policy – Understand the importance of being honest in the process of attracting quality women.
  • Emotional Mastery Over Divorce – Having a better idea on how to quickly improve your emotions from negative to positive.

Imagine yourself having natural confidence to date beautiful women after a divorce. You would easily meet women and they become attracted to you. You may be a divorcee, but this is still possible.

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The Ladies of Hargrove Court

by David Huffstetler

What can four elderly ladies do when one of their grandaughters is abused by a violent boyfriend? Perhaps more than you think.

FAMILY: LIFE CYCLE (Book 1: Family Life Series)


Family what is it that we call family? a place of treasure, love, hate and intrigue the family within a family where we “belong or rejected” as we take this journey we read about our very own deep family connections, worries and fears the very fabric that has woven generations together for life.Love it or hate it family is here to stay,weather you live in it or outside is all that remains today!

A Little Butterfly (PARAMYTHOLOGIO Book 3)

by Katerina Mparmpa

Somebody thought that she will not make it, but she proves that she is very strong!!

This little and bizarre butterfly, my hero…my hero who definitely resembles yours…!

The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation: The Successful Way to Bring Up Children in a Loving and Secure Environment

by Alastair Agutter

****The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation has been written by a parent for parents****

We all want to be good Parents in our life time. But the journey is one of endurance, joy and heartache. In our society today there are many books and questionable experts on caring for Children and bringing them up. The recent programmes on television, in many cases amount to child abuse and gross ignorance written by the utterly mindless, but perhaps this again reflects on our society today!

I never knew the answer then, as a young man just before leaving the forces. But I had an opportunity to ask a spiritualist what my best job would be? Filled with ambition, I was open to suggestions be it a scientist, lawyer, doctor etc. But the answer I got was as a “Father” and looking back some thirty plus years on, I knew the answer to be right.

It may seem strange for a man to write on such a subject, sadly still in today’s society few really appreciate the thoughts of man and especially when it comes to the love and well-being of their Children.

Having been blessed with 5 children and today, beginning to read and hear about my expressed views in this book, now being covered by the media and press. I know the content of this book is invaluable when it comes to common sense, love and care.

Beyond the superficial material nonsense of our society today, if we all paused and looked around at all other life forms, we would finally appreciate our life’s purpose is to love and create life. Such views are not romantic whims, but a scientific fact in relation to Natural Law and Quantum Mechanics.

The biggest and most important job in our lives is being a parent. It is rewarding and after time, such an experience begins to put all other things and events into perspective.

I leave you with this Quote;

“As Parents the best we can ever do is to always love our Children. For regardless of our views they will always go their own way.” ~ Alastair R Agutter

I hope this book can be a unique and valuable reference, resource and companion for you and found within the following key chapters.

Chapter One – Preparing To Start Your Family

Chapter Two – A New Baby Arrives and How to Care as a Parent

Chapter Three – Those Great Fun Moments Begin, Little Toddlers

Chapter Four – Starting Out in Life Infant School for Your Little One

Chapter Five – Building a Strong Relationship and Junior School

Chapter Six – Senior School and My Child Has Become an Alien

Chapter Seven – Further Education and Adulthood of Your Children

Chapter Eight – Being There As Parents in Their Relationships

Parenting never ends, it only begins!

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