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Stoicism: A Beginners Guide To The Wisdom Of Seneca, Marcus Aurelius And The Stoic Life (Ancient Philisophy, Meditations, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Stoic … Self-Discipline, Stoics, Epicureanism)

by Tai Snow

Are You Ready To Learn All About The Ancient Philosophy Of Stoicism?

Welcome To Stoicism For Beginners!

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Ask anyone what they want in life and chances are a portion of them will say they want “inner peace”. Some may think that it’s corny, but realistically speaking, one can never be happy if he does not feel at peace insideâ??and that’s what Stoicism is all about.

With the help of this book, you’ll learn more about Stoicism, how you can adapt its principles into your life, and how you can make sure that you’ll be able to live a life that’s full of serenity and happiness!

Read this book now and change your life for the better!

My goal is simple. To teach you all about Stoicism in simple terms. Let’s go for it!

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn Inside…

  • An Explanation Of What Stoicism Actually Is
  • Understanding Outside Forces In Stoic Philosophy
  • Stoic Role Models
  • The Stoic Approach To Overcoming Procrastination
  • How To Reflect And Overcome Obstacles With The Power Of the Stoic Mindset
  • Understanding The Importance Of Time
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  • And Much, Much More!

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Friendly Fire

by Richard Townshend Bickers

The somewhat illogical term â??Friendly Fire’ is used to describe the accidental shooting of servicemen by their own side.

This type of, often fatal, accident leapt into public knowledge during the Gulf War as if it were an entirely new phenomenon â?? yet another example of the problems created, and still far from understood, by the presence of reporters in or near the front line of a battle with the technical equipment to transmit televised coverage of the fighting as it happens.

Of course, as Richard Bickers points out in this historical survey of some of the most dramatic incidents of what he more correctly calls â??accidental amicide’, it is an occurrence as old as warfare itself.

It is inevitable that in the heat of battle men become confused and disoriented and such accidents are bound to happen.

Sometimes, as the author shows, the blame can be attributed to the incompetence or stupidity of a commander who leads or sends his men into the line of fire of his own guns.

More often, however, it is simply the result of a breakdown in communications, stress or a change in the weather.

In this absorbing book, Richard Bickers puts â??Friendly Fire’ in its true perspective, using his own experience as an airman in and after the Second World War to show how hard it is for a pilot to distinguish friend from foe.

Praise for Richard Townsend Bickers:

â??A valuable history of the air war that began it all â?¦ by an ex-flyer of the Second World War who has a genuine feeling for the feats of his predecessors’ – THE BIRMINGHAM POST

â??His sympathy with the fighting man (and woman) shines out of every page’ – LIVERPOOL DAILY POST

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Taming the Arkansas River

by Sherry Laymon

Problems of flooding and bank cave-ins had long made the Arkansas River a nuisance to farmers, planters, businessmen, merchants, and others who lived, worked, or owned property in the river valley. For captains who transported passengers and goods on the river, underwater snags, fallen trees, and shallow water levels created minute-to-minute crises. The river’s “fits of uncontrollable rage and prolonged spells of stubborn torpidity” generated cross currents and swirling eddies that continually created unseen hazards for boatmen. In 1872, the Arkansas Gazette listed 117 submerged river vessels, most of which sunk after being ripped apart by snags.The federal government had responded sporadically to numerous requests for assistance with river development. After John McClellan became a senator in 1942, he began making progress, however slowly, in getting measures passed to tame the river. Robert Kerr of Oklahoma, joined McClellan in the Senate in 1948, and they worked together removing obstacles until the project became finally became a reality in 1971.

Auschwitz And The Holocaust Stories: The Controversial History, Stories And Tragic Details Of Auschwitz And The Holocaust (Auschwitz And The Holocaust … Irma Grese, Holocaust, Auschwitz Stories,)

by Jacob McGilbert

The Controversial History, Stories And Tragic Details Of Auschwitz And The Holocaust

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Throughout history, we have learned of various ways mankind struggled to attain power. Their reasons vary: some because they wanted to create something good, and the others just because of greedy selfishness. Their methods of attaining that power were also different.

Some tried to gain attention and open the eyes of many, and others tried to “eliminate” the enemies. The latter applied to the case of the Holocaust and Auschwitz. Try as we might, we can find it hard to understand how a person could kill innocent people, how much more comprehension would we need to understand why millions died “just because” a group of men thought themselves to be racially superior?

In this book, you will learn about the horrors of the Holocaust and how much pain the prisoners endured while they were staying in the death camps.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – The Nazis and how they Attained Power
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – What is the Holocaust and Auschwitz and why did they Happen?
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – Auschwitz 1 and 3
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – Auschwitz 2: The Death Factory
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – The Medical Experiments and the Crematoria
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – Liberation
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – The Auschwitz Gas Chambers
  • Auschwitz And The Holocaust – The Horrible Living Conditions of the Auschwitz Camps
  • Much, much more!

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Jesus, Jews & Jerusalem: Past, Present and Future of the City of God (New Jerusalem, Jesus, Judaism, City of God, Jerusalem Setback, Jesus of Nazareth, Jews gods and history)

by Ricky King

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Check out what others are sayingâ?¦

This book provides credible information about Jerusalem and its future prophecy.

This line of thought would persist through the years in many different forms, eventually leading to a replacement ideology that left Jerusalem out of future prophecy altogether.

“The World is God’s Footstool”. And even as millions pray for peace from among Judaism, Christianity and Islam, no matter what happens in the future, Jerusalem has been, and will remain, the center of the world and the center of God’s plan for humanity.

WHO is this Book for?

  • Bible scholars who are interested to study Jerusalem and Words of God.
  • Historians who are studying Rome and Jerusalem and are looking for an answer to the City of God.
  • REASONS to Buy this Book:

    1. This book will open our eyes to the prophesied City of God.
    2. This book provides information about Jerusalem: The Praise of the Earth!

    3. History of Jerusalem from the Old Testament to the New Testament as declared in the Bible.
    4. Jerusalem, city of God. Is this the true city of God that He will save? Find out here as we study.
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      New Jerusalem, Jesus, Judaism, City of God, Jerusalem Setback, Jesus of Nazareth, Jews gods and history

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