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How to Debate Leftists and Win In Their Own Game: Obama and other Democrat Debaters’ Key Points, Responses and Counter-Responses

by Travis L. Hughes

Learn how to debate leftists and democrats and win – in their own game!

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This book contains detailed steps and strategies on understanding what it means to be a leftist, what you can do to debate a leftist, and how you can come out as a winner of the debate.

The rules of a traditional debate do not apply when you are debating a leftist. Leftists have different ways of viewing issues, and these are often extremist and geared towards making changes. With these types of views, they will address anything that you want to bring forth as wrong.

In a debate, the leftist is determined to win, and the easiest way for them to do so is to weaken your argument and your character. They start their argument aggressively, and often use a variety of tactics to distract both judges and the audience from the actual point. Being able to see through their tactics will help you win any debate with a leftist.

In order to understand the way a leftist operates in a debate, this book is divided into the following sections: –

  • The Traditional Debate
  • Understanding the Leftist
  • Know how your Opponent views you
  • Debating the Leftist – Preparation
  • Debating the Leftist – During the Debate
  • Debating the Leftist – Break Down their Approach
  • Once you go through these steps, you will get a deeper understanding of the leftist – what drives them forward, what is their ultimate objective and how they present themselves. With this understanding, you will be better able to prepare for your next encounter with a leftist – and to come out on top.

    This book simplifies the process of the debate, which will go a long way when you prepare you game plan.

    Read ahead and use the detailed information in this book before you go for your

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    Unsolved Murders: The Amazing Accounts And Horrific Stories Of The Worlds Most Well Known Unsolved Murders, Murder Mysteries And Unsolved Crimes (Unsolved … Unsolved Murder Books, Murder Books,)

    by Victor Ellanos

    The Amazing Accounts And Horrific Stories Of The Worlds Most Well Known Unsolved Murders, Murder Mysteries And Unsolved Crimes!

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    Crime, specifically murder, is something that people have been committing and witnessing since the dawn of time. You can blame this on our psychological set up, which is our ability to be logical and reasonable. More often than not, rage can take over and people commit horrendous crimes on a whim.

    Such cases remain unsolved for posterity and get embedded in local history. They become part of history in the region, history that mankind strives to erase from its memory.

    In this book, we shall look at some such cases of unsolved murders and other horrific crimes and the stories behind them. Note that none of these cases have been solved by the respective authority in charge or by others in spite of the best of their efforts. To the chagrin of the kin of the victims and the community at large, they still remain unsolved.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Unsolved Murders – The Mystery of the Doodler
    • Unsolved Murders – The West Mesa Bone Collector
    • Unsolved Murders – The Highway of Tears Murders
    • Unsolved Murders – The Monster of Florence
    • Unsolved Murders – The Mysterious Bible John
    • Unsolved Murders – The Case of the Somerton Man
    • Unsolved Murders – The Murder of Bertha Schippan
    • Unsolved Murders – The Paturis Park Murders
    • Much, much more!

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    IMMIGRATION: Obama must act now!

    by Leonard Birdsong

    Why Obama must proceed with his promise to provide immigration relief!

    U.S. immigration law: 12 timely and topical essays.

    This volume consists of twelve immigration law essays that Leonard Birdsong, J.D. has written between 2008 and 2014. The first essay advises why President Obama must proceed with his promise to provide immigration relief to many of the five million undocumented non-citizens in our country by deferring deportations by executive order.

    Following essays describe the progress the President’s 2012 initiative to defer deportation of up to 800 thousand non-citizens brought to the U.S. by their parents before their sixteenth birthday and allowing them work permits for up to two years; there are then a number of essays explaining the concept of asylum for non-citizens fleeing persecution in their home countries; essays exploring what is meant by certain asylum terms and an essay that provides recent statistic on asylum.

    His final essays provide his observations on the working of our U.S immigration courts and how their functioning may be improved. These essays comprise his own beliefs and observations concerning immigration law based on his work as a former U.S. State Department Foreign Service officer, his career as a former immigration law practitioner and his current work as a law school professor who writes and teaches in the area of immigration and refugee law.

    Leonard Birdsong is a 3-time professor-of-the-year at Barry University School of Law and former U.S. State Department diplomat with assignments in Nigeria, Germany and the Bahamas. He worked as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C. and private practice in Washington, D.C. specializing in trial work in both criminal matters and asylum cases. He has also provided legal commentary on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. He also appears as a legal commentator on CBS radio and Fox radio news. He received his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

    UFOs And Aliens: A Thrilling Collection Of UFOs And Aliens ‘True’ Stories, UFO Encounters And UFO Abductions: Believable Or Not? (UFOs and Aliens Books, … Books, Alien Abduction, UFOs And Aliens,)

    by Seth Balfour

    A Thrilling Collection Of UFOs And Aliens ‘True’ Stories, UFO Encounters And UFO Abductions; Believable Or Not?

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    Is it possible for other-worldly life to exist? Are there aliens from outer space? Are they capable of communicating with us? Are they interested in our planet and our lives? Most sceptics will deny the possibilities.

    But, according to first hand witnesses of Alien encounters, it’s not just possible: it has already happened. This book will show you some of the world’s most famous Alien encounters– from just mere sightings to amazing alien abductions. It is up to you whether you believe the stories or not.

    If you love UFOs and Aliens Stories and occurrences, then download this book now!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • UFOs And Aliens – Aliens, are they Real?
    • UFOs And Aliens – Jacques Vallee Alien Cases Classification System
    • UFOs And Aliens – Most Famous Alien Abduction Cases
    • UFOs And Aliens – Alien Conspiracy: The Majestic 12
    • UFOs And Aliens – Shag Harbor UFO Incident
    • UFOs And Aliens – The Roswell Alien Incident
    • UFOs And Aliens – The Face on Mars/Cydonia Face
    • UFOs And Aliens – Believable or Not?
    • Much, much more!

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    ‘The Human Matrix’: Magnum Opus. (‘Thought Matrix Trilogy’.)

    by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

    ‘The Human Matrix’ promises to be a bitter honeymoon title and a mercurial odyssey. The author is offering both a catalogue of her â??Labour of love’ press and a cathartic insight into the inner workings of labour of love publications. The text is an enticing epicurean celebration of the creative capacity and spirit no less- of human archetypes, human cognition and primal competitive instinct.

    Human Matrix is partially autobiographical and addresses aspects of human exploitation & suppression. The magnum opus of this collection is honed on representation of the subjugation and marginalisation of writers & artists, articulated within the irony of the modern digital matrix.

    Walking with the human archetypes…

    â??Human Matrix’ is analogous with human expression. The illustrated work synthesises effectively creative beauty, free articulation and catharsis. The text narrates the journey of labour of love books, and offers a clarification of the lack of privilege the author has experienced at many levels- she constructs a reflexive monologue to ensure her own Freudian self-actualisation and maturity in face of creative saturation. The prose are ironic, oscillating toward a celebration of the creative excesses Labour of love titles has accomplished- a feat clearly impacting on the material circumstances and spirituality of the author.

    Following the â??Magnum Opus’ element of this text, constituted via an exploration of the catalogue of published works by Stephanie Lynne representing philosophy & music, fictional excerpts are previewed from forthcoming title, â??From Burlesque to Bohemia’, antiquated style!

    Prose and images Copyright S. L. Thorburn 2015. A ‘Labour of Love’ title in the Thought Matrix series.

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