Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Apr 15

The Elect: Malevolent, a Dystopian Novel

by Tamryn Ward

Set in a futuristic Detroit, this novel is the perfect read for fans of dystopian series such as the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner. Written by USA Today Bestselling Author Tamryn Ward, Malevolent is the story of a dark dystopian world and one determined girl’s story of courage, self-sacrifice, and love.

For twenty girls and boys, the Elect is the chance of a lifetime–the opportunity to not only escape a life of backbreaking work, pain, and hunger but to save their families from that life too. But for Eva Pearson, being selected as a member of the Elect means sacrifice. It means pain. It means danger.

And possibly death.

The Agony of the Gods: Softly Falls the Snow

by Tom Wolosz

Who is killing the Gods?

Man created The Machine. The Machine gave to each man or woman a world of their own design, to do with as they pleased. They became Gods – omnipotent, absolute rulers; but also vain, arrogant, hedonistic and brutal.

Now someone is killing them.

The enforcer, a servant of the Gods, is tasked with finding the killer, but first he must train a new apprentice. Given a list of worlds to investigate, they set out trying to find a key to the identity of a killer they cannot hope to overcome. In their travels they come across worlds dedicated to the study of butterflies, to the perfection of music, to eternal war, and to a magical storybook existence where animals talk and act like characters from a children’s story; and on each world they find a brutal disregard for the people who serve the Gods.

As the death toll mounts, and the pressure from their masters to find the killer increases, they learn more and more about the strange universe of The Machine, and about themselves. But soon they face the ultimate question: is the killer a monsterĂ¢?¦or a hero?

The Wrath of Yellowstone (Preppers Fiction): The Race To Escape North America (Preppers Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Survival, Travel Fiction Book 3)

by Frank Montgomery

The global population has dropped to 2 million people in a matter of 9 months. The Yellowstone eruption of 2015 has been an unprecedented global catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude

Chad, Lynn, Todd and Phil have endured endless pain. Since returning to the Yellowstone volcano in search of a warmer climate, they have began running out of food and water. When they hear on the radio that the closest survival shelter is located in Los Angeles, they are forced to begin another epic journey. A limited number of boats will be leaving L.A. and heading towards the western coast of Australia.


Making it to L.A. may only be half the battle since the city has become a post-apocalyptic war zone. The eruption has destroyed the city’s water supply, which has lead to the death of millions of people. Water has become the most valuable commodity in the city. If you have it, you need to guard it with you life.

You don’t want to miss the final book in “The Wrath of Yellowstone” Trilogy. Find out if the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano might truly cause the extinction of the human race!

‘A Thousand Times’

by Rob Buckman

It is said, that a hero dies but once, a coward a thousand times. To anyone that knew Charley Harris they would all agree that he was a coward. A coward, a thief, a liar, a cheat, and mostly Charley would have agreed with them. And yet, the line between a hero and a coward is not so simply drawn. After a devastating attack on his ship by an unknown alien force, Charley had to face his greatest fear, and find the courage to do what was right. On his journey home, Charlie Harris put that old saying to the test.

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