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Zentangle: 15 Easy and Inspirational Steps to Make Art Using Zentangle Methods (Zentangle books, zentangle free, zentangle patterns)

by Jayden Thomas

Zentangle (FREE Bonus Included)

15 Easy and Inspirational Steps to Make Art Using Zentangle Methods

In the 7th Century sage Hui Neng said that “the meaning of life is to see”. Zentangle is a meditative technique whereby the user creates abstract artwork while trying to reach a spiritual level. Most meditation processes require you to close your eyes whereas Zentangle requires them to be open while you focus your energy and intent. Meditation has been shown to have amazing benefits for both the body and the mind, however many of us simply can’t shut off when we try and spend time de-stressing. Often the pressures of daily life are so overwhelming that eve when we try and lay down to sleep our brains keep clicking along trying to deal with our daily problems. Zentangle can help.Zentangle is a process of creative meditation where instead of simply sitting and trying to relax you force your brain to focus on nothing outside of the piece of artwork you are creating. Zentangle allows you to meditate but also actively work at a task by focusing your mind and allowing everything else to fall away without giving you the chance to think about other things. Since the process is simple and requires less than 15 minutes it is ideal for busy professionals or those who have a need to be creative that they simply can’t express at work. It’s even great for children who may need practice with focus and for those wishing to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Zentangle isn’t doodling, a common misconception,it is drawing with a focus and purpose while letting your mind wander. If you’ve never heard of it this book will be a great introduction and if you have then you can still learn how much more there is to the process than you know about.

Here you can learn:

  • What is Zentangle?
  • Meditation and Zentangle
  • Steps to create your own Zentangles
  • Benefits of Zentangle
  • What others say about Zentangle

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Relaxation Time Coloring: Meditation and Mandala Coloring Book for Adults (Coloring Books for Adults, coloring book for teens and coloring book secret garden 1)

by Jenna Neuville

Note: Kindle version is just a preview version of the paperback book, its purpose is that you see pictures which are inside prior to buying.

Relaxation Time Coloring or mandalas is a fun way to relax, take a break and get us out of the inner dialogue that we carry on. Research has shown that we have approximately, 60,000 thoughts a day and 75% of them are negative. To do your own test, set the timer for 10 minutes and just write whatever thoughts comes into your head. How much was negative?

Relaxation Time coloring is very simple and straight forward. It has been documented that when you engage in right brain activities like coloring or painting, blood pressure drops and endorphins are released. Through this “no thought” process you can suspend inner dialogue and be in the stillness.

Containerism: photo album of beautiful shipping containers

Look into another world through the colorful square shape. 82 photos of beautiful shipping containers.



by Titania Johnson

Crush is about a girl torn between her first love and a new guy. This is my first attempt to publish an ebook or even show off my writing, so this is only part of the book. It contains 7,780 words. Hopefully you guys like it so that I can finish it. I am really looking forward to this experience.

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