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Magnetic Memory Mondays Newsletter – Volume 1

by Anthony Metivier

If you’ve ever wanted to double, triple or even quadruple the effectiveness of your vocabulary Memory Palaces using the Magnetic Memory System, then this first compilation of the Magnetic Memory Mondays newsletter will show you:

* How to use dice to improve your memory.

* How to lower any hurdles that may be hindering your progress.

* Why you should try to learn each new skill you find difficult at least twice.

* How to extend your Memory Palaces to include 3000 words and more.

* How to use “Big Box” stores as Memory Palaces.

* How to memorize textbooks so you can ace exams.

* How to use video games and TV shows as Memory Palaces.

* Why perfectionism may be slowing you down.

* How to motivate yourself to memorize.

* The best time-management techniques for memorization using Memory Palaces.

* How to use free email services to memorize new vocabulary.

* What to do if you’re not a particularly visual person.

* The importance of paying attention in the first place.

* How to avoid the “Memorization Kryptonite” that may be holding you back.

* And much, much more …

The Magnetic Memory system has been used by real language learners, most of whom previously considered themselves owners of a “bad memory” to make real strides in acquiring new languages, knowledge and terminology.

Don’t worry! None of the techniques and ideas revealed in this newsletter are rocket science.

Frankly, if you can memorize a short email address or the name of a movie, then you can use the Magnetic Memory system to memorize all the vocabulary you could ever want.

But there’s really no time to lose.

Every day that you are not using this simple vocabulary memorization system, you are literally stealing from yourself the joy of reading, speaking and knowing a second-language as you easily expand the natural abilities of your mind.

The Trouble with SIOP®: How a Behaviorist Framework, Flawed Research, and Clever Marketing Have Come to Define – and Diminish – Sheltered Instruction

by James Crawford

Among all the commercial “learning systems” on the market today, how many are advertised as “research-based?” Perhaps it would be easier to count those that are not. Such claims are so widespread that they are seldom taken seriously by experienced educators. At times, however, marketing becomes clever enough to cut through the skepticism. The more extravagant the promises, it seems, the more credible the product becomes. This book tells the story of one such case: the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol, or SIOP.®

Imagine a program developed by an obscure research center. SIOP starts out as a modest tool for evaluating the effectiveness of instruction for children whose English is limited, but soon morphs into something much more ambitious. It now purports to be a detailed “lesson planning and delivery approach” for grades K-12, aligned with state standards and tests. Simultaneously, it outlines a comprehensive design for teacher training and evaluation. Acquired by a major publisher, SIOP is advertised as “field tested â?¦ scientifically validated â?¦ a proven pedagogical approach to teaching both content knowledge and language skills [that] has helped to instruct millions of students.” The program’s market is expanded far beyond the classrooms of English language learners. It is promoted as an effective model for English-proficient students as well, appropriate not only for K-12 but also for early childhood education, foreign language instruction, GED and adult English programs, and even two-way bilingual education.

There are old-time patent medicines that made fewer claims. Is SIOP a truly miraculous pedagogy – good for whatever ails you? Or is it a classic example of “research-based” hype?

The Trouble with SIOP® was inspired by a chorus of complaints from teachers, who are increasingly required to apply the model by top-down directives. Recognizing that SIOP has thus far faced limited critical scrutiny, authors James Crawford and Sharon Adelman Reyes set out to determine:

First, is this rigid approach, which requires teachers to incorporate “30 features and eight components” into every lesson, necessary to foster English acquisition and academic achievement? Or does SIOP, as a classic transmission model, impose a straitjacket on creative teaching and learning? Are there better ways to “shelter” and “scaffold” instruction?

Second, does this heterogeneous mixture of methodologies and strategies reflect a coherent educational philosophy, consistent with research on second language acquisition? Or is SIOP essentially a grab-bag of “best practices,” with a heavy emphasis on behaviorist methods?

Finally, does research on this program support the lavish claims made on its behalf? Or is the What Works Clearinghouse at the U.S. Department of Education correct in concluding that none of the studies conducted thus far have demonstrated SIOP’s effectiveness?

The answers provided by The Trouble with SIOP® should interest those concerned not only with the education of English language learners, but also with the pernicious impact of commercial pedagogies in American classrooms.

The Nightingale: by Kristin Hannah | A 15~Minute Summary & Analysis

by TextNotes

The Nightingale: by Kristin Hannah | A 15~Minute Summary & Analysis

This is a 15~Minute Summary & Analysis of The Nightingale. In The Nightingale Vianne Mauriac is the young wife of Antoine, a citizen drafted into the war like every other male of that time. Her feelings of feebleness will be put to the test as she is obligated to billet soldiers in her own home, and as she tries to save the lives of the children left behind by those who are taken to concentration camps. Her younger 18 year-old sister, the impetuous Isabelle, chooses the dangerous path of joining the French Resistance, risking everything in the process.

Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale is a powerful novel with non-stop action, realistic characters, a strong line of themes and situations that are believable. The historical context within which the novel takes place is accurate enough to be compared to true situations that certainly must have taken place during the terrible years of World War II. The insanity of the Third Reich, the sense of disenfranchisement felt by the French and Jewish communities, and the deep resilience that accompanies the French Resistance bring out intense emotions throughout the reading.

This 15~Minute Summary & Analysis of The Nightingale also includes the following:

– No Spoilers

– Details of Characters

– Synopsis of the overall text with analytical comments

– Analysis of Themes, Symbolsâ?¦

– Character Analysis

– And Much More!

This 15~Minute Analysis of The Nightingale is designed to help customers get an idea of what to expect while at the same time heighten your anticipation and enjoyment of the original.

The Complete Guide to an A&P License: For the BEST Job in the World

by Richard Wening

How to earn your Airframe and Powerplant license the way it was meant to. The way that insures the best jobs and the most secure future. The way where $100,000 a year is the norm and not the exception. Includes current information for 153 Airframe and Powerplant Schools across the country, the types of aircraft maintenance jobs, the different types of airlines, the tools, what you’ll do, and more, from the personal experience of a 35 year veteran of the aircraft maintenance who wants every young person to consider it for a great career. A career that’s available to just about everyone. Veterans will find what they need to do if they have prior aircraft maintenance experience and a list of all of the FAA offices they will need to contact.

EXCEL 2013 STEP BY STEP LEARNING FIRST EDITION BASIC LEVEL: 1st Edition From Basic Level (Advance Excel 2013)

by Muhammad Taha Khan

Microsoft Excel 2013 Complete Step By Step Guide 1st Edition

In this book you lean about basic of Ms Excel 2013 and history of Excel

This Book is suitable for those people who want to learn Excel 2013 from basics. The main areas which we cover in this book is follows:

  • Flash Fill
  • Office Button Detail
  • Commands on the Office Menu
  • Ribbon Detail
  • Auto Filter
  • Clear Filter
  • Advance Filter
  • Data Validation
  • Sorting

If you buy this book we will give you free video tutorials

The Inside Edition

by Edward Strong

In this book you will learn the inside edition on real estate, finance, credit, investments and the list goes on.

Learn secrets that Banks and Investors don’t’ want you to know! American people have been cheated out of billions of dollars. Every adult needs to know the facts and principles included in this book.

5 mistakes I made publishing my first ebook

by Raphael J. Adams

Are you thinking of writing an ebook? You have a great vision but you don’t want to screw up something at the beginning?

Let me guide you through my 5 mistakes I made writing my first ebook. Read this necessarily and save your time and money!

Becoming a resourceful person

by david locke

become resourceful

The Unsuitable Suit: 101 Riddles for Better Spelling (Vocabulary Builder for Kids Book 6)

by Ravi Sophocure

The book is mainly a word play to make you remember the spelling. It helps you create your own answers as there is no one answer to any question. You may come up with as many answers as you can.

There are 101 riddles in the Section A, and questions in the Section B to test whether or not you can recall what you’ve studied.

You can use this book for self study or to play with your friends. By using the methods with your friends, you are not only improving your word power, but also helping them.

The rules of the game:

1. The keyword in the answer should be from the bold word in the question.

2. The letters in the answer keyword should be in the same order as in the question. If you break the keyword into two, you may change the sequence of the words.

3. Ignore the above and create your own rules.

Horatio’s One Wish Teacher’s Guide: Aligned to the Common Core Reading Standards for Literature

by Joshua Kriesberg

This guide accompanies the award-winning middle-grade novel, Horatio’s One Wish. It is designed to provide a comprehensive resource for teachers who are using Horatio’s One Wish in their classroom.

The guide has the following five sections:

1. Key Ideas and Details (Organized by Chapter)

2. Personal Reflection and Group Discussion Topics (Organized by Chapter)

3. Additional Classroom Exercises

4. Illustration Exercises

5. Spelling and Vocabulary Words

The guide has been structured to align with the Common Core Reading Standards for Literature for Grades 2 through 5. The guide shows how the exercises correspond to specific Common Core Reading Standards for a particular grade level.

The guide may also be used for reading group leaders and home school programs.

Praise for Horatio’s One Wish:

Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner

“Gently inspiring prose in the style of Charlotte’s Web.”

“A touching tale with kindness, empathy, and courage.” “Delightful.” “Unforgettable.”

â??The Midwest Book Review

“Horatio’s One Wish stars a resourceful hedgehog and his amiable traveling companions,” and takes you on “a journey with considerable suspense.”

â??Publishers Weekly

“All the right elements for an epic adventure. Perfect for 3rd graders and older or to read to younger children.”

â??Seattle Child’s Magazine

“A classic quest adventure filled with likable characters, suspense, and a satisfying conclusion” that exemplifies “teamwork, cleverness, courage, and compassion.”

â??Puget Sound Council

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