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by Shala Wagh

This book is a collection of essays recounting the awkward, and often hilarious, experiences of one family’s “purple sheep” growing up in the Southern U.S. It’s a sharp and witty ride to self-acceptance, fueled by the love of the author’s equally offbeat group of family and friends including her goofy redneck dad, the multiple personalities of her grandmother, a pushy East Indian mother-in-law, a stripper with an MBA, and an amateur mystic.

Beating the Odds: Chronicles of a Survivor’s Battle with Cancer, Inadequate Healthcare and Social Injustice

by Andrew Glen

This is a passionate, emotionally charged, and poignant look into the trials and tribulations of a Stage IV Metastatic bladder cancer patient.

Given the 16% survival rate and a best-case scenario of 2 to 5 years to live, Andrew Glen had to come to terms not only with his own mortality but also with the unexpected limitations of the Canadian healthcare system, and the cold indifference of his insurance provider and government agencies.

Determined to beat the disease, he became an effective self-advocate in seeking the best care from an overburdened healthcare system and sought out alternative treatments, which he feels greatly contributed to his recovery from this dreaded disease.

He offers hope for other cancer patients in his discussion of the role of Ayurveda medicine and complementary therapies in his survival and shares some enlightenment about how his relationship with God changed during and after the course of his treatment.

The True Story of the Paranormal Raiders

by Dakota Frandsen

How does one come to start a journey within the supernatural? For some, it is a venture to find out what science has yet to uncover. For others, it is measure of the limits of ones own spirituality. However, for a select few, walks in the boundaries beyond human comprehension become a very crucial part in their overall essence.

Here is the true story of the Paranormal Raider Force, a team of young paranormal investigators from Southern Idaho as spoken by the one who started it all.

Trying To Understand Brazilian Culture: Memoir of a Brit in São Paulo

by Andrew Creelman

It’s a truth acknowledged by pretty much every seventeen-year-old guy with an Internet connection: Brazil is one of the sexiest countries on the planet. When looking at pictures of the country online you can expect to see samba dancing goddesses, ridiculously tropical beaches and, of course, the infamous Carnival celebrations. But if you’ve ever wondered what life is like beyond these images, this is the book for you. Penned by award-winning British blogger Andrew Creelman, this memoir will give you an intimate insight into the reality of Brazilian culture.

After arriving in the country on a bit of a whim, Andrew has spent the last four years in São Paulo attempting to understand Brazilians and their culture. Within the book, some incredibly highbrow questions are explored. Does Brazil really resemble one giant, dangerous game of Grand Theft Auto? What’s it like to live in a football-mad country? Are ALL Brazilian women beautiful? What is it like to teach over here? And perhaps the most important question of all is addressed within these pages: why, oh why, do Brazilians wear so little on the beach!?!

Contents of the book include:

Chapter One â?? How I Ended Up In Brazil

Chapter Two â?? Settling In

Chapter Three â?? Teaching Brazilians

Chapter Four â?? Going Out In São Paulo

Chapter Five â?? Music

Chapter Six – Five Things About Brazilians I Didn’t Expect To Discover In My First Six Months

Chapter Seven â?? Brazilian Women

Chapter Eight – Crime

Chapter Nine â?? Football

Chapter Ten â?? Brazilian Beach Culture

Chapter Eleven â?? Being British In Brazil

Chapter Twelve – Conclusion

About The Author

Reviews: Mark Hilary

This is a short, easy to read introduction to life in Brazil. Andrew has not written this as a tourist guide, it’s more like a memoir of how he settled into living life in Brazil – what worked, what was unusual, and what could be a complete disaster. He has a friendly style that keeps you turning the pages. If you are a foreigner living in Brazil then it’s worth reading just to see what you identify with too, if you are thinking of taking the plunge and moving to Brazil then take a look too. It’s not a detailed how-to guide – he is not telling you how to get a visa or pay your taxes, this is entirely personal observations on the cultural difficulties a Brit can have when settling into Brazil and being in that position myself I can identify with much of his book!

Chris Wright

One of the best ways to get a feel for a country is to look through the eyes of someone who’s gone through the hard cultural landing of just arriving and is now living out all the cool reasons for coming. And Brazil has many. Brazil seduces and has a vibe that most countries would love to rent for the weekend. Andy helps you see it,experience it, laugh at it all and feel it. As a fellow Brit i appreciate his sharpness and humour to pin point the unusual and the fascinating. Better than a tour guide Andy is your Sao Paulo contact – your man who knows what makes Rio’s big ugly sister show her bad cool side. Well recommended!



When life becomes confusing or difficult, it is sometimes easy to just give up. Your hopes and aspirations seem futile. Your choices seem difficult to make. But sometimes, if you just stop and think about things, write down some of your troubling thoughts, and make an effort to clear through the cobwebs, you can come out with a far more positive look at life. This is not to say, that depression can be simply dissolved, however, by truly examining life and the struggles you have gone through, sometimes you are able to see things which used to seem completely muddled. This book is a journal of sorts, someone working through assorted aspects of life such as love and family and life and sadness. It may help to see someone else’s slice of life. Perhaps you can learn from some of the thoughts.

Heartache Queen Unshackled: My Journey towards Liberation, Self-Acceptance and Wholeness (1)

by Cameka Taylor

“Heartache Queen Unshackled: My Journey Towards Liberation, Self Acceptance and Wholeness,” a very relatable and inspiring book.

The story is revealing and riveting; transparent and transformative. In this story you will meet a woman; a young woman, who has had myriad failures and distresses in relationships – attempted rape, rejection, betrayal, broken promises, lack of love and one painful incident after another that it takes the breath away!

But instantly one is brought back to hold on and look deeper. For, here is a woman who has not caved in to the overwhelming disasters and tragedies of personal relationships. This woman has beaten the odds and has triumphed like a

colossal warrior, which she is, and is not a mere survivor, but a teacher and exhorter. You will want to meet her in person!


by Morgan Dale

Read what happens, when a lady calls the gas company because she senses a gas leak. True and unbelievable. You will appreciate this story, if you question how companies are run.

Six Loners

by Dave Weaver

Six stories about famous personalities, both historical and more recent, at critical times in their lives. Seen from ‘their’ point of view in their own imagined words. They are identified simply by what they do but are easily recognisable. Their common denominator? They are all what might be described as ‘loners’, unique one-off’s that make them different from you and I. An attempt to get inside their minds, to see what made them ‘tick’ and affected how they faced up to their ultimate individual destinies. Six loners; six imagined scenarios; six glimpses of mortality for the famous we were never meant to see.



…… an ex neighbor in that town, was very aware of the news the night of the arrest. “I realized it was him, no one told me. I recognized him through his body silhouette. His face was not seen because it had been covered with a poncho. We knew it was in Valparaiso, so that’s how we knew it was him.”

The “Pollito” as he was known in his childhood, spent most of his 40 years between the streets of Melipilla. Alejandro Ramirez, director of the school at the time,where he studied, says she always saw him as a quiet, and introverted student……


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