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Organizing Box Set: Best Ways to Organize Your Day and Your Home with These Declutter Hacks to Get Inspiration Back to Your Life (Stop Procrastination & Home Organization)

by Nancy Brooks

Organizing Box Set (2 in 1)

Book 1: Organize Your Home in Five Days: Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Space, Create a Positive Environment & Get Inspiration Back to Your Life

You are not alone; millions of people across the globe are confronted and restrained with clutter. Whether you live in a one room apartment or a sprawling residence or whether you have a single desk or a corner office in your workplace, clutter can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. The best but difficult solution is to de-clutter.

Confronted with this seemingly impossible task to complete, we are tempted to give up, make excuses or not to even start at all. This hopelessness bars us from the wide range of benefits of a clutter-free life, from a focused mind, a healthy body and a positive spirit.

This book shares with you almost 100 of the best de-cluttering advices, tips and lifehacks available today. Each are inspired by the three key ingredients and guiding principles to starting, doing and sustaining a clutter-free life.

This book has almost 100 de-clutter lifehacks and rules for your home, your office and other physical and virtual spaces in your life. Lifehacks that you can use for home areas, such as the bedroom, kitchen, garage and porch are included in this book. There are also lifehacks for the office areas, such as your desk, your office bag and computer.

In this book, there is also a suggested five-day de-cluttering plan that you can immediately use or tweak based on your preferences. Plus, a list of do’s and don’ts recommended by experienced organizers and lifestyle experts is also included.

Best Ways to Organize Your Day: Time Management Hacks to Get More Things Done in a Lesser Time, Be more Productive and Maximize Your Day

This book aims to help you better manage your time, organize daily activities, important tasks at work and will even allow you to plan ahead in a really effective and efficient way. Instead of going through the motions of spending your hectic day in complete chaos, you can read the book and learn how to sort out your priorities for both simple and complicated tasks, how to stay focused and forget about working on things at the last minute. If you also need a little push of motivation to accomplish your daily responsibilities despite your really busy schedule, then the book certainly aims to help you achieve all that.

Getting your life organized can be a really challenging feat to accomplish. If even simple tasks such as submitting your daily reports or maybe getting your house all tidied up have become uncontrollable and disorganized, then this book is definitely something worth reading.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– Understand the value and importance of space, state of mine and time.

– Learn the difference between tasks that are urgent and those that are considered important.

– Find out why procrastination is a habit that one has to break in order to get organized.

– Learn easy time management tricks and practices one can do every single day.

Altogether, the concepts and practices that this book focuses on will help you achieve that kind of work-life balance that you have been looking for.

Do not delay and download this book today!

50+ Productivity Hacks – Level Up Your Career And Become Successful: Become a millionaier (Time management, passive income, achieve success, achieve financial freedom Book 1)

by Frank J. Miller

For every entrepreneur, time is essential. By using the perfect methods for optimal productivity, everything can get really interesting.

This book contains 16 chapters and Frequently Asked Questions about success and productivity, all of them intended to maximize and to level up your career.

Real and powerful tips from this book will help you achieve your business and even personal goals.

How to Create a UDEMY Course in 5 Days

by Bob Marx

Learn How to Create a High Quality UDEMY Course in Just 5 Day’s !

Understand the Value of What You Already Know

Learn a Step-by-Step System

Discover an Easy Way to Create Content

Get the Inside Secrets to Produce & Record Your Next Course

Get Those Ideas Out of Your Head & Onto the Screen…FASTER

Usually the biggest reason we fail to get started or accomplish our goals is the strategy we are using is setting us up to fail.

How to Create a Udemy Course in just 5 days

This is a complete system – nothing is left out.

Let’s walk through step by step, the exact process you can use, to create content and produce a high quality course.

Everything becomes easy when you know how – learn a system that will help you get the information that’s already in your head onto the screen.

Start producing your course, sharing your valuable information now.

In the past 15 years I’ve had a chance to works with tons of individuals in all kinds of professions. One thing I’ve noticed again and againâ?¦ We tend to discount the value of what we know.

Think about itâ?¦ if you were to add it upâ?¦ All the time, effort, energy and money spent learning everything about your subject – I’ll bet it’s pretty impressive.

Typically the biggest road block to getting started isn’t taking that first stepâ?¦ it’s knowing what to do after you get started.

Mapping out your thoughts and ideas. Creating a high quality course that you’re proud of while adding value to the life’s of those who buy it. – Getting your thoughts and ideas out of your head and onto the screen.

Save time by learning a system that can guide you through the entire process. Get it done in 5 days!

Objections Handled! 101 Sample Scripts For Network Marketers

by Monte Taylor

Not knowing what to say or how to say it, has left many network marketers unsure of how to approach and invite their prospects, or what to say if their prospects are resistant. Objections Handled! teaches network marketers how to “say the right thing” to every prospect.

One of the most important steps to mastering the network marketing prospecting and recruiting process is learning to effortlessly manage objections, questions or concerns, and how to effectively invite, present and follow up by using the ultimate “Power Prospecting Formula.”

What you will learn: What is an objection? Where do they come from? What’s really going on in a prospect’s mind? What should you ask or say to help your prospect move past the questions or objections that are stopping them from getting what they say they want or need?

You will learn powerful communication techniques that provide “conversational flow” so you can you easily address any question or concern; Potent questions that expose “hidden or unexpressed” objections; Thoughtful questions that unlock your prospect’s desires and needs.

You will learn the posture and attitudes you must adopt for effective prospecting conversations and why your underlying “intention” is critical to your success.

Objections Handled! teaches you skills you can use immediately and skills you can teach others. Now you can become more confident at inviting, qualifying and influencing prospects – with integrity.

The Gutsy Girls Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Book Two: Give Your Speech a Makeover

by Kelly Swanson

How to write a good speech. This handy pocket guide gives you quick tips when speaking in public. Book two of the Gutsy Girls Guide to Public Speaking deals with the speech itself. How to make your words have more power and impact. How to be entertaining and compelling. Award-winning storyteller, motivational speaker, and comedian Kelly Swanson shares her secrets in a quick easy-to-read format designed for the person who is not a professional speaker, but needs to give a presentation.

How To Buy A House And Not Lose Sex: How to Find the Best House, Make the Best Offer, and Keep Your Love Life!

by Sean Hess


Includes sections on new settlement rules that go into effect August 1, 2015 and could delay the closing on your new home.

In the spring of 2001 I was looking for a new house. While looking online I saw an ad for real estate school (the cost: $300), and since I didn’t know anything about real estate or houses I figured it would be money well spent. I took the class and it looked like fun, so I got my real estate license and began this most amazing adventure.

I’m a real estate broker. The title comes from my experiences working with first-time buyers, who routinely lowball or otherwise blow their first offer, and upset their spouse or significant other so much they get cut off cold. This really happens.

Here’s what you can expect from the book:

This is truly an insider’s guide to buying a house, whether you are a first time buyer, or a fifteenth-time buyer.

I am going to tell you everything I learned about buying a house. You are going to know everything I know. You are going to get the absolute insider’s view on buying a house. You will be able to use this information to buy your first home (or your next home), and you are going to get the most home for the money because of it.

I am very good at what I do, and having this book will be like picking my brain. I will tell you what the official line is, and then I’ll tell you how things actually work in the real world.

You will learn about:

  • Looking online for homes (and how to find what is really for sale).
  • Getting financing and how much cash you need upfront.
  • If and how to get your deposit back if you walk away.
  • How not to overpay for a house.
  • Tips specifically for first-time home buyers.
  • Buying new construction.
  • What a Realtor can do that you can’t do yourself.
  • Finding and picking a real estate agent online.
  • Making an offer (and when it is okay to make a lowball offer).
  • How Zillow and Trulia really work, and using them to your advantage.
  • Buying foreclosures and short sales.
  • What closing costs are, and how much they are.
  • How to get a seller to pay your closing costs (that might be worth the cost of the book right there!).
  • Going through inspections, and how to keep from buying a home with structural defects.
  • Homeowner and condo associations.
  • Using real estate apps.
  • Researching neighborhoods and commutes online.
  • What life is like after closing on a house.
  • Picking a mover.
  • Speedbumps on the road to closing.
  • How to negotiate a backup offer.
  • What to do if the appliances disappear. Yes, that really does happen!
  • Myths? I’ll shoot them down. Reality? You’ll get a huge dose of it. It will help, trust me.

    Now, I know Mom and Dad said, “Never pay full price for anything,” and I know that you haven’t even looked at a house yet and are already planning to offer a price so absurdly low you’ll need a shovel to dig it out.

    Know what? You ain’t gonna get that house.

    Guess what else? Your significant other is going to be upset almost beyond imagination, and you are going to lose sex over it.

    So in this book I promise to tell you how to go low (and when) and when to pony up. And you will get to keep your love life.

    A bonus? I bought a new house, and sold another house, as I wrote this. You can be darn sure I practice what I preach.

    So if you haven’t purchased this book already, what are you waiting for? Let’s get cracking!

    Still not sold? Scroll up and click the “Look Inside” feature at the top left hand side of this page. It will be worth it.

    25 Secrets to Success as an Entrepreneur: Habits, Mindsets, and Behaviors That Make Successful People Succeed

    by Eric Strauss

    Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in business, where others waste their lives pursuing someone else’s dreams? If you are tired of working for someone else and are ready to take the leap into being free as an entrepreneur, this book is meant for you.

    This book will show you 25 of the habits, mindsets, and behaviors that will not only help you to reach your goals of succeeding in business, but will also help you to balance your business and life, achieve financial freedom, be happy, and stay successful in the long term.

    If you are ready to take action and begin living for yourself, rather than for others, it’s time to learn how.

    Manage Socially: The Social Process Model

    by Elias Saad

    The Social Process Model maps your work’s relevant connections with: partners, beneficiaries and risks. If you want to discover how irreplaceable your role is for the team, this book is for you! If you want to demonstrate you are the reason why your boss or clients are happy, this book is for you! If you think you can play the risks to your and your client’s favor, this book is for you!

    Passive Income Plan B: Finish What You Started!

    by Elliot Simmons

    Passive Income Plan B: Finish What You Started!

    Uncover your passion and discover ways to help you stay on the right path to making massive amounts of cash through passive income.

    In Passive Income Plan B: Finish What You Started!, you will gather specific tools and resources that will allow you to conquer your dreams of no longer working 9-5. This is a motivational book with vast amounts of needed knowledge you will be able to reference for years to come. Earning passive income successfully is an ongoing goal in which you must grow professionally in order to grow your income. You will be challenged to think differently and try new tasks throughout the book. While many books will tell you how to earn passive income, I’ll help identify ways to make sure you are finishing what you started and reap massive amounts of cash in the future.

    Passive income is limitless. If you are stuck, quit, or even thought of quitting, learn these simple techniques that will allow you to stay committed to your life long dreams. With this book you’re well on your way to learning how to finish what you started!

    Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Importance of Having a Strong WHY
    • Daily Routine and Focus
    • Personal Development, Daily inspiration and a Strong Mindset
    • Inspirational Leaders and Book Resources
    • Mentorships
    • Much, Much More!
    • Download your copy today!

    Management For Everyone: Your Keys To Success

    by Michael Ruderman

    This book is written for the real world professional, currently in management or looking to break into this exceptional career path. You will not be reading about theory and blue-sky idealistic situations that almost never apply to your work culture. Instead, you will have practical, hands-on, and well-honed lessons to accelerate your efforts.

    There are two main parts to this book: Part I covers 6 areas of foundation focus. Each chapter covers one subject along with an activity to help you gain practical experience.

    Part II brings it all together to step you through and build your own Best Management Practice. You will also learn to create a very critical Decision Making Model to streamline your operation. These two chapters alone will free up your highly valued management time, allowing your reports the opportunity to thrive while keeping a firm control over your quality, schedule, and final deliverables.

    Implementation is the last and final chapter, giving important lessons and notes to leverage both your people and senior managers, aligning them to your goals and leadership vision.

    The goal is to make you a better manager. I want you to succeed and expand your influence and responsibility. I want you to avoid the holes managers fall into, spinning their wheels for years while passively driving people and projects from one deadline to the next, missing important opportunities to make positive changes.

    Simply stated: Apply this book to your management practice and you will thrive.

    Focused: 28 Effective Ways to be Laser-Focused, Increase Your Productivity and Get Results in Life

    by Matt Harris

    Want to be Laser-Focused, Increase Your Productivity and Get Results in Life?

    We are living in the age of technology. It’s also supposed to be the age of efficiency, but it appears to be filled with challenges from the same things that are supposed to help us. We can easily sink and drown in the clutter, and it’s quite easy to get lost. Is it even possible to find our focus in a world that’s so full of distractions?

    Clear answer: Yes.

    Being laser-focused is probably more difficult than ever, but it’s definitely possible. How? Read onâ?¦

    Finding Focus: What is Focus?

    Focus is simply defined as the ability to pay attention. It changes our perception of the world around us. When we are focused, our ability to ignore things that surround us is incredibly heightened. This is why at work, when we are “in the zone,” we hardly notice what goes on around us. Unless we allow ourselves to pay attention to our surroundings, we remain oblivious to events that occur and stay laser-focused on the task we are currently doing.

    Unfortunately, being in the zone is a rare occurrence. Most of us get easily distracted. And while we may be physically present at work, our mind is elsewhere.

    Discover: How to be Laser-Focused

    Here’s the good news: We don’t have to be Jedi Knights trained by Yoda to be laser-focused. We just have to be aware of ourselves, of what goes on, of our habits, our attitude and the way we generally respond to certain stimuli that distract us from work.

    In this book you will discover 28 effective tactics everyone can learn to be more focused and increase their productivity. You’ll also learn why a focused mind will help you to live a better life and as bonus you will get a list with 10 of the best tools to beat distraction.

    Remember: There isn’t much we can do about the things around us, but we are in full control of how we respond to all of it.

    Want to Know More?

    Just scroll to the top of the page, select the buy button, and start being laser-focused today.

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