Free poetry Kindle books for 22 Apr 15

Poetry From The Heart

by Terry Lawrence

This is a book of poems that I have written over the past 3 years. While some may seem dark it should be noted that these poems come from a very dark period in my life, so the poems reflect that sentiment. It is my hope that the reader will feel and experience the words that have been written.

Curse of a Ghost Hunter (Paranormal Raider Force Poetry Book 2)

by Dakota Frandsen

Walking the nights looking for the truth behind legends can be fun, but sometimes it comes at a cost. Learn about the Curses of those who dare wonder the starlit lands of the world. The paradigms are shifted once you walk a path engulfed in darkness.

The Diary of Romeo Slim and The Cold White Room: A Poet’s Dream

by Mike Rembis

A collection of poems exploring youth, unrequited love and the dream of escape in search of something better.

Written almost entirely in rhyme, the story follows Romeo Slim from the brink of suicide on a journey to self acceptance. Along the way he explores the world around him, keeping his words to himself, until he finds the strength to share them.

Guiding Light Community Church Poems

by Cyndi Anthony

This book of poems is written about the ministries of Guiding Light Community Church from the eyes of a member. The poems are humorous in nature and give a snippet of the people that attend there. Any church attender will undoubtedly see themselves in at least one if not more poem.

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