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The Horse Dealer’s Bargain for A Bride: Horse Dealer Texas Cowboy (Sweet Western Romance The Series)

by JJ Fox

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The Horse Dealer’s Bargain for A Bride

Elizabeth’s a horse dealer and expert in the wilds of Texas in the late 1800’s. She’s not your typical shrinking violet. Instead she’s a tough and beautiful pioneer woman. She’s also a savvy businesswoman who knows a good horse and at what price to sell him/her. She’s an excellent rider, a tough negotiator and an all-round broad.

Duke is just as independent. He comes from a poor, rough background and has to make his way on his own. He’s a ruthless negotiator and he’s managed to get a wide array of clients in Texas. The two horse dealers finally meet at an auction and they’re immediately attracted to and repelled by each other.

But, out of necessity, they decide to work together. Thus begins a series of adventures and misadventures where Liz and Duke are forced to bail each other out of danger and tough out the hardships of life on the road. They eventually discover that they compliment each other and make a fine team. Plus, their sizzling chemistry is too hot to ignore. Both are hot blooded and passionate people and together they create fire. Their attraction is too hard to ignore and eventually they try to negotiate a business and romantic partnership – but not before some really creative problem solving to bail them out of their worst catastrophe yet!

A sexy romance with a lot of hot love scenes, adventure and the magic of the old West. There’s a plucky heroine that readers will love and a smoldering hot cowboy. Plenty of chemistry. A fun read with lots of old timey atmosphere.

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JJ Fox

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