Free romance Kindle books for 22 Apr 15

Stepbrother’s Rules (Forbidden Firsts Book 1)

by Mila Loveline

When your drunk stepbrother and his friend ask you to play a game in the middle of the night, what do you say? I said no.

But since tall, blond, surfer Adrian had moved in two years ago, he’d always had a way of getting me to do what he wanted. This time, though–what he wanted was more than I was ready to give.

I thought it would be a harmless night of cards and drinking. It turned out I was very wrong. While our parents slept down the hall, Adrian and Jack showed me that sometimes nothing feels more right than doing something so wrong.

Stepbrother’s Rules is a forbidden short story that can be read as a standalone. The entire series is available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited. Intended for readers 18 & over. 7,500 words.

Justified Love (The Southern Gentleman Series Book 1)

by Nicole Hite

“Grabbing the beers and starting to turn towards the dance floor, I felt a slight tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I lost it and dropped the two bottles on the ground. I couldn’t hear the crashing of the glasses the way my heart was beating so loudly out of my chest. It’s him. Colton Wilson!”

For as long as she could remember small town girl, Carrington Mason had been smitten with Avery High School quarterback, Colton Wilson. The only obstacle standing between her and her destiny was an entitled blonde named Paisley Parker, along with 100 lbs of extra baggage.

Determined to change her fate, Carrington moves to New York City to attend Columbia University. Graduating at the top of her class, Carrington becomes a well-known, well-respected attorney. After receiving a heartbreaking phone call from her father pleading for her legal expertise, Carrington is forced to return to the very place she loathed the most.

Returning to Avery, it seems nothing has changed since high school, especially her feelings for Colt. Exploring her new found body and attitude, Carrington is determined to change her and her family’s fate including catching the eye of her crush. With the help of her two best friends, Harley and Skye, Carrington sets out to capture the man of her dreams while saving her father’s farm. Will luck be in her corner when faced with unforeseen obstacles? Will Carrington be able to find justice or love?

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