Free horror Kindle books for 23 Apr 15

The Hungry Man: A New Breed of Horror Short Story

by Justin Ryan

A 30-something-year-old man, unhappy with his lot in life, once again, enters an old trail to meet a young attractive trick. Over time, the two men developed a unique relationship. After having received some life-changing news from his fiancé, the man plans to give his friend a new lease on life. That changes, however, when he stumbles upon a mysterious killer in the woods. The man must escape with his life before he experiences the fate that befell the victims before him.

The Hearts of Men: An Aztec West Story

by TL Morganfield

When Mextli awakens again for the first time in centuries, the moon is missing from the sky and demons are terrorizing a small southwestern town. He doesn’t remember who he is, but the boy Timacoz is convinced he’s the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, returned to save them all from the sorceress who controls the demons and holds the moon hostage.

Mextli agrees to help, but it may be more than he can handle, especially when the voice in his head keeps telling him to kill Timacoz and eat his heart….

Project Zulu

by Fred Waltz

Is something strange happening in the Western Pennsylvania town of Apollo?

Why is the Military handling local police matters?

What is happening inside that mysterious “research” facility located out in the middle of nowhere?

Is that fence with the razor wire top designed to keep you out, or something in?

Can you believe what you see and hear on the evening news, or are you being told what “they” want you to know?

Is the U.S. Government covering up something in the Apollo area, AGAIN?

What is Project Zulu?

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