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by Timothy D. McLendon

The children are back, and they want blood.

The lesbian teenager Bessie Mae has been brought to Jake for help. Now we find how the ‘soap that heals’ saves her, and what she plans to do next in this short horror story.

Read the entire TWISTED ENDINGS short story series to discover the power of the ‘Soap that heals, Soap that kills’.

The Prince and the Pauper

by Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s historical fable explores what happens when the Prince of Wales changes places with a young beggar

Set in sixteenth-century England, The Prince and the Pauper follows two boys with vastly different lives: Tom Canty, the indigent child of an abusive, roustabout thief, and Prince Edward, the son of King Henry VIII and heir to the throne.
One day, daydreaming while wandering near the king’s palace, Canty catches sight of the princeâ??and nearly catches a brutal beating from the royal guards. Prince Edward commands them to stop and invites the street urchin into his immaculate home. Both fascinated by their strikingly similar appearances, the two boys craft a plot that could unwittingly upend the monarchy: to temporarily switch clothes, thereby swapping lives. Through first-hand experienceâ??and a series of humorous folliesâ??the two discover that neither life is as carefree as they expected.
In The Prince and the Pauper, Twain elevates the classic theme of mistaken identity with his inimitable storytelling to create something uniquely American: a historical fable.
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The Ghost of Richard Brautigan

by William Hammett

Lamont Bistro, a writing teacher married to Bourbon Street exotic dancer Jaguar Montaigne, receives regular visits from the ghost of Richard Brautigan, novelist and counterculture icon of the 1970s.

In this short, quirky, fast-paced novel reminiscent of Brautigan’s dark humor and satire, Brautigan challenges Bistro to write a novel about his sexy young wife, snake-handling evangelicals, a swamp monster, Babe Ruth, a gaudy theme park named Gatorworld, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Gulf War, a deity named Bob, and a planet diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

As Bistro writes, however, he wonders if he himself has become a character in a surrealistic novel by the late great Richard Brautigan.

The Silver Cape

by Adam Radcliffe

Somewhere in the Middle East a random act of violence. In England, a man’s body lies beneath one of the last surviving elm trees. And on the Atlantic footpath in Cornwall, a pair of refugees, fleeing from the betrayals and secrets of the past, make their way to a destination on the very edge of Europe, where a transforming revelation will change everything they thought they knew before.

â??The Silver Cape’ is a unique, lyrical narrative about surveillance, about the clash of world cultures, about the ancient sites of England and Cornwall; it is a love story , the tale of a modern-day pilgrimage and a manifesto for the supreme value of authenticity in a digital age.

â??In ten or fifteen years the whole of the world will have solidified. Everything will be superseded, everything will be much more difficult because everything will be recorded. I’m looking for a way to safety. My intended journey is already clear. If my plan works, I’ll find a way to evade security and return to the city of danger which fell beside the sea.’

Praise for the first edition of â??The Silver Cape’ on Goodreads:

â??Once I started reading this book I had to keep going. It’s definitely not ordinary. The writing style is kind of lyrical and odd. Because of the prose style, it takes a little getting used to, but after that it is pleasant. I would say that this book is worth a closer look. The writing is thought provoking and imaginative which makes for a worthwhile read. I was very happy that I got to read this.’

Adam Radcliffe

Adam Radcliffe was born in 1966 near Cambridge, England. After studying at Oxford University he travelled extensively in North Africa, the Middle East and North America. He now lives a few miles from Land’s End on the Penwith peninsular in Cornwall.

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