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Toddler Champions : Discover Secrets to Deciphering Toddler Behavior and Overcoming Toddler Tantrums

by Diane Edwards

Unleash your true parenting potential!

Are you feeling frustrated because you can never decipher your toddler behavior?

Do you feel drained daily because of your toddler’s endless tantrums?

Getting disrupted sleep every night when your toddler clings to you?

Feel like you are at the loosing end of parenting your toddler?

TODDLER CHAMPIONS will guide you exactly on how you can be in control of your parenting woes and take parenthood to new heights by overcoming all your toddler’s antiques and tantrums. The key to this is about understanding your toddler’s behavior, and learning how to effectively tackle them in the most efficient manner.

In this book, you will learn:

– The 5 Key Steps to understanding your child’s thoughts and behavior

– Preventing and controlling your child’s temper tantrums without much discipline

– Tackling defiance 6 Simple Effective Steps

– Coaxing your child using our 7 Step Routine to ensure they sleep perfectly through the night

– Triumph over your frustrations and enjoy parenthood more than ever!

A child is a beautiful gift from GOD and we all deserve the right to delight in the phase of parenting.

Take your first steps to great parenting and download TODDLER CHAMPIONS to help relieve your parenting frustrations.

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The Practical Parent’s Guide to Good Behavior: Evidence based steps to positively managing your child’s behavior without losing your mind (Practical Parent’s Guides)

by Leah Boulter

Evidence Based Steps to Discipline and Effective Parenting

Get this Top Selling Kindle Book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device

You’re about to discover how to FINALLY get your children to follow your rules without power struggles and temper tantrums. In the Practical Parent’s Guide to Good Behavior you will learn evidence based, step-by-step strategies to help you create and environment where you are able to help your children behave without losing your mind. Parenting is a marathon and while many books will tell youâ?¦they do not get to the bottom of the CAUSES of misbehavior. While children misbehave in all kinds of circumstances this book will explain YOUR role in the discipline process and save you time and energy in managing your children’s behavior.

The Practical Parent Series is an evidenced based guide to parenting. Whether it is discipline, stress management, single parenting, or helping your children cope with grief and loss The Practical Parent Series WILL help you. These materials are used in top parenting programs and have helped thousands of families find peace and success in their parenting journeys. Download your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for only $2.99

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Your role in the discipline process
  • How your expectations impact how you discipline
  • Parenting traps and how to avoid them
  • Practical skills and tools you need now
  • Discipline cautions
  • Why being tough doesn’t work
  • Understanding negotiating versus bribery
  • Understanding natural and logical consequences
  • Much, much more!

Check out what others are sayingâ?¦

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never understood the importance of sticking to my guns so-to-speak. I had my A-HA! Parenting moment from reading your book.”

-Becca Thornton (Joplin, Missouri, USA)

“As long as my kids weren’t screaming I was happy. This book helped me understand WHY I have to follow through with the rules I make.”

-Amanda (Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA)

“Thank you for the strategies without a lecture. This book is so straightforward and to the point. I wish I had this advice years ago.”

-Mark Rengfeld (Spokane, WA, USA)

“I followed the section on â??Your go to skills and tools’ to a tee and could not believe how fast my kids responded. It has taken so much stress out of my life. THANK YOU!!!”

-Chrissy C (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

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Ten Fingers & Ten Toes

by Yvonne Joye

Set In South County Dublin in Celtic Tiger Ireland, Yvonne Joye documents her deepest thoughts during the most difficult period of her life. Caught up with the outward trappings of wealth and the pressures of modern life, Yvonne thought it was all possible – the perfect marriage, the perfect house and the perfect family. Juggling kids, a mortgage, a busy husband and home extension, life was to take an unexpected twist with she and her husband lost their fourth child, Matthew. Told with self deprecating humour and with brutal honesty, this is a snapshot of Celtic Tiger Ireland where everything appeared so right against a backdrop of where everything went so wrong.

Bleeding Mascara

by Amanda Orr

Seventeen-year-old Samantha Walker is a beautifully-disastrous teenager. She is soft at heart but has learned to keep herself from getting hurt by creating a rough exterior. When her two best friends Adam and Trey try to bring her back from the edge she pushes them away. Sam gets herself into trouble when she tries to live life without them and do things on her own, only to find out that some friends are irreplaceable. But what does she become when one gives his life for her happiness?

This novel touches on some of the trouble teens go through with self-esteem, drug abusage and self-harm. Friends, enemies, family, and self-sacrificing love.

Help! I am Pregnant: Options for An Unplanned Pregnancy

by Yasmin Young

“Help! I am pregnant. Now what shall I do next?”

Faced with Unplanned Pregnancy? Help is Here.

“I am pregnant” – 3 little words that will impact three lives – yourself, your partner and your child – forever in a BIG way.

If you have an unexpected pregnancy or unplanned pregnancy, you have a big decision to make.

What to do about an unplanned pregnancy? How do you deal with it? Find out your options. Evaluate your choice:

Option 1: Get married now

Option 2: Be a single mom

Option 3: Abort your baby

Option 4: Relinquish your parental rights through Adoption

You have a choice. You have the right to choose the option that is best for you.

The choice is yours and yours alone to make and live with.

This book explores the pros and cons of each of the options. Download the book now and make an informed life choice today!


by Joel Brissenden

Child proofing your home can be a difficult task. Things that you never considered to be dangerous can be hazardous to infants. Look around the room you are sitting in right now. Imagine letting a crawling baby move about the room and pull and tug on anything that is within a 3 foot reach– upwards, downwards, sideways. There are no rules in an infant’s mind– everything is in play. It can be eye opening and a daunting task to minimize common objects in a room from becoming risks.

This book will make you aware of the different dangers that could exist in your home. Getting you to see things through the eyes of your little one, into what could be dangerous to them, is important in identifying those risks.

The idea behind OuchProof is not to list every possible item or situation that could be a safety issue for your child. We are also not going to scare you with lots of statistics and horror stories; although where necessary we will give you real world examples and statistics of certain situations, as well as some of our own personal experience. After reading this book, you should have the right thought process in terms of how to baby proof your home and it’s surrounding area. As unique circumstances present themselves in your home, you can lean on this framework to determine the best course of action.

Moms: Learn This Simple Way To Save $2000 on your baby

by Hallie Steveson

I have breastfeed 2 sons and will be breastfeeding my daughter when she is born. The savings are astonishing and they compound with every child. Breastfeeding is a gift that you should share with your child.

Women around the world have trusted their maternal instinct with breastfeeding, an ancient but dependable practice. It is established as the most complete food an infant can acquire on the first few months of his life. Breastfeeding not only offers health benefits for babies. Parents, specifically mothers, are on the same end of the payback with its financial advantage. Just how can you save money on your baby with breastfeeding?

Read this book to find out

The Mind Games Men Play With Women

by Tonya Love

Unless you are a staunch feminist or a male chauvinist then you’ll have to agree that both women and men play mind games. However, due to the propaganda in the media especially on the big screen, women are portrayed as the only ones that are good at playing mind games especially in regards to playing mind games with men. However, if you believe this you are completely mistaken. Men are also equally as good when it comes to playing mind games especially in regards to playing mind games with women. Mind games involve manipulation. These so-called manipulations, or mind games, can be intentional or not. They can be as complex and varied as men themselves. Some of the main reasons for mind games include disinterest, lack of confidence, insecurity, boredom, fear of commitment, and need for control.

In her book entitled The Mind Games Men Play With Women author Tonya Love examines these aforementioned reasons in detail using examples from everyday life and offer suggestions for how to deal with each situation.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s helpful to know what you’re up against when it comes to life and love. The purpose of this book is to bring these mind games to your attention so that you can learn to communicate more effectively and to give you a better idea of whether you should stay or go when it comes to pursuing a relationship.

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