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My Flame (Savage Evolution Book 1)


I give to my audience a glimpse of a broken woman’s sexual and mental evolution. My Flame is a poetic journey into the mind of an abused woman who feels angry but yet curious of the events of her past. She teeters on the brink of madness as she explores the world and the people within. In her mind she has been chosen for something far beyond the vulgarity of the life she leads.

Faggot: Book of Original Homo-Erotic Poetry

by Christopher L. Jones

Hard, edgy and just plain offensive, Faggot is a collection of the author’s homo erotic poetry. Described as “masturbating on the world’s stage in verse” and “â?¦exactly what is wrong with the average white American maleâ?¦” this collection of poems are written with an often sexual narrative that borders on the vulgar.

An arousing look into the mind of the Faggot.

“…elicit sex poems… juvenile.” – David B. Prather “renfield67”

“…is a revealing, new and foreign perspective of sybarite pleasures…” – wordweaver

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Contains the poems:
Writhing Men Upon the Bed
The Thick Pink Shaft
I Met a Scary One Today
Shadow Cast Across My Back
In The Bathroom at The Bar
The Penis is Big
Showering White Rain of Love
Suck On It Big Boy
I Rode the Cock Today
Fascist Faggots
Afternoon Slut
Cross Dressing
Equus Bound
Daddy’s Toy
Tall Black Man

A Big Cold Dry Explanation For Getting High

by Digant M. Trivedi

A Big Cold Dry Explanation For Getting High (ABCDEFGH) is a collection of 30 poems, which depict the Author’s personal experiences through happy, troubled, pensive times and those in denial and in escape. Experimenting with different styles, rhyme schemes and genres, the poems display a variety of moods and ideas each different from the other, unique. ABCDEFGH is also a journey of the Author through the times and how poetry was a pivot around which reality and obscurity revolved, often overlapping. The ideas expressed are blunt and at times visceral and objective, but keeping true to the emotions felt and the swarm of words within the cacophonous self. It is, as the Author says, to the continuing journey; from the end of all innocence, to the beginning of all truth. Poems range from self-questioning, self-deprecating, romantic, motivating, to complete fiction, but somehow retaining the nakedness of thought and the purity of essence.

Caught Between Darkness and Light

by Walter Mirkovic

A collection of poetry highlighting observations of the world through spontaneous workings of the mind and personal experience.


by Anonymous

Hi. We’ll probably never get the wonderful opportunity to meet. That’s very unfortunate. We may never know one another and never get the chance to become friends. We’ll never get to share stories and experiences with one another. We’ll probably not get to laugh together at a snarky comment or sarcastic quip. But I would like to tell you what I tell me new friends:

My life has been tarnished for the most part. My father was and still is abusive. I grew up with depression and anxiety. I managed to survive the darker parts of the human condition. I finally received treatment in 2010, just days before it would have been too late. I’m always amazed and grateful that I’m still here today. Recently I was diagnosed with PTSD. The diagnosis also explains the anxiety and depression. It was never easy, but I was able to improve exponentially. I’m so proud of who I am and I’m able to love myself unconditionally. I can’t predict how long it will take, but I can tell you that I strive to do the best I can and to better myself each day.

I am so fortunate that I have a natural affinity to words and writing. Being a writer has helped me express my feelings with precision in metaphors. I was able to learn about myself and understand myself. Through writing, I was able to redirect my pain into poetry. And I was able to record poignant thoughts and prose related to my experience.

Which brings us to this. This is a small collection of prose, poetry, notes, and letters that I assembled. I think that these pieces allow me to convey to others my experiences and thoughts and feelings. Blood is a little window into my past self and the impact my father’s abuse had on me. I want to share it with the world. Please help me do that. Read my words.

Be warned that this work includes references to things related to self-harm and suicide and contains profanity.

A journey to one’s self

by Deyan Zhivkov

I am just one ordinary Bulgarian. . This book is written about dreams to inspire, but if you want to understand it you just need to read behind the lines. This is not more than book, but is peace of me, peace from Bulgaria. And yes here you can find the way to make your dreams to come true.

Don’t be afraid, just take a look in one Bulgarian hearth. I promise usually I don’t eat pets, and still I wonder did I want them roasty or alangle

Simple Love Poetry

by Yuna Angell

Simple Love Poetry is an effort by self published author and poet Yuna Angell, which was inspired by daily radio love songs, to showcase the prose she wrote in her free time. She endeavors to write prose pieces like lyrics to songs. This free ebook version is self published by Angell Sacred Wisdom through You can reach Yuna by going to her Facebook Author Page at

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