Free horror Kindle books for 25 Apr 15

Decomposing Head: Frighteningly Funny Tales That Will Rot Your Brain

by Vincent V. Cava

Written by the authors of several Top 100 Kindle eBooks (in their darkly comedic and satirical genres):

Here you have found a book so foul, so repulsive, so horrifying… that you will undoubtedly find yourself running to the nearest bathroom in an effort to both relieve your bowels and scrub your hands clean of its putrid filth. Though these attempts will be in vain — just as the authors of this demented book of short stories have planned. I speak of none other than the intolerable Mr. Vincent V. Cava and his dimwitted pen pal, S.R. Tooms (the pair oftentimes billed simply as Hideous and Handsome). They have finally released this humorous collection of terrifying tales, despite the bitter public outcry which demanded these pages never see the light of day… and perhaps for good reason.

Inside this tome you will read such stories as the much talked about “Gas Station Bathroom,” which has been known to cause many travelers to rethink their next rest stop pullover.

The psychological masterpiece in “The Horror of Knowing” will never allow you to gaze upon your friends in the same light again.

“A Favor for a Favor” depicts an unparalleled moralistic look at the true nature of mankind — complete with an exquisitely satisfying finish that will have you shaking your head with sinister disbelief.

These are but a few of the many finely crafted tales lurking within this haunted collection. To those of you with a few screws loose in the noggin or those with a twisted smile (and crooked tooth or two), I bid you enter this haven of horror…

1) Gas Station Bathroom

2) It’s A Small Road

3) Home Sick

4) The Returning Nightmare

5) The Cannibal

6) Giver

7) The African Bowana Spider

8) Vibrations

9) The Job

10) The Horror Of Knowing

11) The Paranormal Investigators

12) Typo

13) Rice Pudding

14) The Dweller

15) The Crime Scene

16) The Witching Hour

17) A Favor For A Favor

18) The Looker

19) Thoughts Of A Modest Murderer

Jeffery Smiles (The Joshua Diaries Book 1)

by Chase Knightly

A boy, who’s on the brink of madness with a thirst for blood. A young man, tied to crimes he did not commit, by a connection he cannot understand. A Detective, who is put to the test when grisly murders and unbelievable stories shake the foundations of his sleepy little town. Death has come to Burlington, and only one man knows the truth behind it all. The only hope to stop the blood soaked madness, is if the young man understands his visions in time, and makes the Detective believe him.

Spiteful (The Infected Book 3)

by Justin Gowland

Marc wakes in a darkend room with a massive headache and panics over what happened.
But his panic is only the beginning of a stressful time and with the return of an old enemy more problems arise.
Beaten and left to die at the hands of the infected.
Can he pull together another group of survivors and get back to the bunker?

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