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Becoming a Buddhist: Discover How to Become a Buddhist With This Essential Guide to the Beliefs, Principles, and Practices of Buddhism

by Bano Laurent

Whether you are seriously thinking of converting to Buddhism or are just curious about its practice and beliefs, this book is for you!

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Buddhism continues to grow in popularity in the Western world as more and more people are becoming aware of Buddhist philosophies and the Buddha’s teachings about the purpose of life and how a person can be the best version of himself on a daily basis. Approximately 350 million people around the world already practice Buddhism, and that number is growing by the day. You probably already know that the Buddhist religion explains how to take a different perspective on personal desires and materialism, poverty and social inequalities, and how to actually overcome worldly attitudes and unimportant concerns. But what exactly is Buddhism? And how did it begin? Who is the Buddha? And how do the Buddhist philosophies apply to your daily life? These questions – and more – are exactly what this ebook was designed to address. By the end of this short read, you will have a solid understanding of the Buddhist religion, including all the relevant facts, a brief overview of its history, and a strong foundation of its beliefs and principles from which to grow. So if you’re ready to learn more and enhance your understanding about the Buddhist’s road to Nirvana, then let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • A Glimpse at the History of Buddhism
  • Theravada Buddhism versus Mahayana Buddhism
  • Dukkha and the Five Aggregates
  • The Thirst and Cravings of Tanha
  • The Four Noble Truths
  • The Eightfold Path
  • The Impermanence of Nibbana
  • Focusing on Puja
  • Much, much more!

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Mindfulness : Mindfulness for Beginners – 50 Ways to Achieve Happiness (Remove Negative Thinking, Meditation and Stress Reduction)

by Mike C. Adams

The Top 50 Mindfulness Tips is just for the person who wishes to add quality to their life by practicing better mindfulness in their life. Mindfulness is the ability to focus on your surroundings, to capture every little detail through the paying attention of even the most minor and mundane things. A person who operates in mindfulness is able to accomplish tasks no matter how easy or hard without making mistakes.

Learning how to operate in mindfulness is something that will become a very good habit. You will discover in these 50 tips how easy it is to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life. You can start as small and as easy as you like with it or you can jump in and learn the correct art of mindfulness with your most difficult of tasks. Operating in mindfulness is a great way to learn how to relax, learn how to take life one moment at a time, and fully enjoy every step of the way.

Each of the tips is easy to read, short and simple advice to put you on the road of understanding what you need to do to be mindful. One of the rules of practicing mindfulness is to embrace the simplicity and easiness. These tips are just that, simple and easy, short and to the point, easy to read and easy to implement.

Take the time and start now by making a habit of living and operating in mindfulness by reading and practicing the advice in The Top 50 Mindfulness Tips book. All it takes to walk in mindfulness is to practice it. Start with one simple area of your daily life and practice it until it becomes a habit. Once you master this, you can apply it to all areas of your life.

Understanding Christianity & How to Become a Christian: An Essential Guide for Learning About Christianity Beliefs, Rituals, Holidays, and the Process of Becoming a Christian

by Shelby McGinnis

If you are considering converting to Christianity or just want to learn more about the Christian faith, then this book is for you!

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People have differing beliefs about the existence of a sovereign God. For most of us, the belief in a God gives assurance in spite of questions about our life that we could never answer. The belief in a God also helps most of us live better lives; treat others and nature with more respect; and stay hopeful when times get tough. This desire to believe in something greater than humanity is common to most of us, regardless of the difference in our personal beliefs, religious practices, or cultural traditions. And more specifically, for about a quarter of the world’s population, Christianity is the religion that facilitates this connection with God. But why is Christianity so popular? How did the humble beginnings of a carpenter’s son from over 2000 years ago grow to be the worldwide religious following that it is today? And what is the basis of this popular faith? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed in this book. For anyone considering becoming a Christian, this book is a great place to start finding answers and learning what it takes to convert into Christianity. So whether you’re just curious to understand the religion better, or you’ve already decided to convert, this book will give you the information you’re looking for.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Who is Jesus Christ?
  • The Different Christian Denominations
  • The Basic Teachings of Christianity
  • Common Religious Practices of Christians
  • Holidays Observed by Christians
  • How to Convert to Christianity
  • Fundamental Christian Beliefs
  • Much, much more!

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The reality of the supernatural

by Demetra Gerontakis

For ages people have been interested in the supernatural. Investigators and science researchers have written many books on the subject. The reality of the supernatural explains phenomena in a new light. Ghost sightings, poltergeists, angels, demons, the old hag syndrome and life after death are just some of the true personal accounts in these pages. Scientific research as well as two thousand year old bible references mentioned to support occurrences. A book for believers and skeptics.

Word First: A Revelation On Faith

by Don C Harris

A game-changer in Christianity, Word First, presents an adjustment in the concept of faith that makes ALL the difference. Is there a question, a pause in your mind, an interruption in logic that causes you to ignore reality to be true to the faith you’ve adopted? There is a real, true and honest faith that equips men and women to deal with the daily problems of life. Faith is faith, not hope. Don’t wait for a crisis to investigate the forgotten element faith, which is revealed in this short, but powerful book.

Reiki: Learn Reiki FAST: The Ultimate Crash Course To Naturally Balance Your Mind, Body, And Spirit With Reiki (Reiki, Reiki For Beginners)

by Jonathan Chow

Reiki 101 For Beginners


Take The First Step

This book is endowed with information on Reiki practice and how you can learn it in record time. It gives an in depth description of the practice, its origin and on its use. The book highlights the benefits of the practice to the Reiki enthusiasts and gives a clear guideline on how to carry out the practice for beginners. Are you looking for a way to learn Reiki healing practices? This book will leave you knowledgeable and will guide you on your journey to becoming a Reiki master. Finally, you can take the first step and more.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Learn about the Reiki practice and its origin
  • Learn about the guiding principles and chakras of the Reiki practice
  • Learn about the important benefits of Reiki practice for balancing the mind, body and spirit
  • Learn about the attunement and initiation ceremonies of the Reiki process
  • Learn and understand the benefits of the Reiki self-treatment and hand positions.
  • Learn how to use Reiki for the treatment of others
  • Much, much more!
  • Balance Body, Emotion And Spirit

    It is very important to be well informed on ways of dealing with everyday problems and challenges. The Reiki practice offers solutions to many life situations and helps us understand how to deal and balance our emotions, the body and spiritual being. The principles of Reiki described in this book offer a basis to live in harmony with ourselves and others. The Reiki healing practice enables us to lead a healthy life with love and compassion and directs us on how to deal with negative feelings of anger and worry. The ultimate goal of every human being is to lead a fulfilling life filled with happiness. Practicing Reiki is a completely natural and stress free method to make this goal a reality.

    Get Started Today, Improve The Quality Of Your Life And Start Enjoying The Benefits Of Reiki

Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery

by G. Michael Vasey

A thrilling read about real wizards, warlocks and magicians who wielded immense magical powers and performed amazing spells.

Magicians who could-

– change the weather,

– those who healed the sick,

– raised the dead,

– made gold out of other metals,

– could be in two places at once,

– make fire with their will power,

– levitate,

– have seemingly endless lives and never age.

Many of their stories are really simply quite incredulous รข??

like the story of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who engaged in wife swapping at the instruction of a spirit entity,

or Nicholas Flamel who was shown a book in a dream by an angel that made him immortal,

or Austin Osman Spare who painted spirits with his eyes closed.

Fact is often stranger than fiction.

Harry Potter has nothing on these 13 Wizards, Warlocks and Magicians!

Mindfulness: Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners to Immediately Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Regain a Peaceful and Calm Mind for Life (The Peace of Mind Series Book 1)

by Tabitha Zalot

Mindfulness: Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners to Immediately Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Regain a Peaceful and Calm Mind for Life

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover the immediate ways and exercises to relieve yourself of stress, anxiety, anger, and depression for you to refresh your mind and body through the help of Mindfulness.

Sounds good so far…? Well, why don’t you just go ahead and download your own copy of this book right now!And let’s get started with the information about the early beginnings of mindfulness and its development through time. Starting from the early traditional practices of the Chinese, when the main purpose of the practice is the healing and calming of the soul, mindfulness has become one of the best meditation exercises for developing a healthy mind and body. These past few decades, wide and various researches about mindfulness have been conducted all around the world and studies have shown that it has benefits, not only for the body’s physical and spiritual state, but for treating psychological and mental problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress as well.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners to Immediately Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Regain a Peaceful and Calm Mind for Life

If you want to exercise your mindfulness to experience these benefits, then, of course, you have to start somewhere, and that would be on the first page of this book. All throughout the journey of learning mindfulness, you will need patience, practice, more patience, and more practice. In this book, you will find simple and easy steps and strategies of mindfulness exercises for beginners that will definitely grant you with its benefits and, thus, get you hooked. Mindfulness Meditation will benefit you physically, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. And all these perks of the exercise will be experienced by you with the help of the book.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you will learn…

  • Benefits of Mindfulness to the different aspects of your life
  • Basic Mindfulness Meditation exercises to manage pain
  • Simple Mindfulness Meditation exercises to reduce anxiety levels
  • Simple Mindfulness Meditation exercises to reduce anxiety levels
  • Easy Mindfulness Meditation exercises that will help you have a great quality of sleep
  • Mindfulness Meditation exercises for anger management
  • Mindfulness Meditation exercises to reduce depression and see life in a more positive perspective
  • Much, much more…

Download your copy today!

There’s a lot more information in this valuable book. I encourage you to get your own copy today and find out how you can free your mind and body with all the distress you are experiencing through the help of Mindfulness.

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