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Drawing: Drawing for Beginners – Master the Basics of Pencil Drawing with Timeless Techniques (How To Draw, Drawing Books, Sketching, Drawing Tips) (Pencil … Drawing Girls, Drawing Ideas, Drawing Tool)

by David Adams

Discover how to create stunning images with useful and easy drawing techniques

Are you ready to bring out your creative side and take your drawing skills to the next level?

If you are someone looking for a new way to bring out your creative side then I would suggest that you start with the basics in pencil drawing. This book will provide you with some tips and suggestions to help guide you through the process of learning the basics in pencil drawing as a beginner. Perhaps you used to love to draw when you were a child but in your adult years you drifted away from it. If you are looking to brush up your drawing skills the information that is gathered within these pages will certainly be most useful.

Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered:

  • Becoming familiar with Basic drawing tools
  • Learning about how to use light in your drawings
  • Knowing how to hold your Pencil while sketching or drawing
  • Learning How to draw basic outlines
  • How to draw Shapes and Curves
  • Using the Grid Method
  • Using the Tracing Method
  • How to Create 3D Shapes
  • Learning about Perspective in knowing the relationship of location point of view, size, and subject

Why should you download this drawing book?

If you are looking for some guidance to help you to develop your skills in pencil drawing then you would benefit from the information that is offered to you in this book. You will be given great tips on many different aspects of pencil drawing. Sharpening your creative skills as you go becoming more confident in your drawing skills as you progress. If you are looking for a hobby this would be a great hobby to start that is not only going to offer you fun and enjoyment but it will offer you this at very little expense.

The very basic tools you need to get started are some drawing paper or sketchbook, pencil, and eraser. If you are someone that is trying to quit smoking for example or stop overeating, you can help stop or reduce your bad habits by starting a good habit such as pencil drawing. When you are keeping your hands busy holding a pencil instead of a cigarette it is not only going to be fun for you but also a much healthier choice. It has been found that people who are trying to stop bad habits find it easier to quit them when they are keeping their hands busy doing other things. By keeping yourself occupied in learning how to pencil draw and then to use these lessons to create sketches you will gain much joy and satisfaction when creating something using your creative talents.

Here is a preview of the chapters that you’ll find inside this book:

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Your Pencil Drawing Supplies
  • Chapter 2 – Main Tool: the Pencil
  • Chapter 3 – Choosing a Drawing Mode
  • Chapter 4 – The Basics of Drawing
  • Chapter 5 – Adding Perspective to Your Drawings
  • Chapter 6 – Shading and Texture Techniques
  • Chapter 7 – Basic Hatching Techniques
  • Chapter 8 – Advanced Hatching Techniques

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Southern Fried Skeletons: Genuine Southern Recipes Included

by Ellen R. Rigby

Maggie Keith grows up in the finest Southern tradition, in Greenville, S.C., a popular debutante

and beauty queen who is elected class president and sorority officer. Her life

seems perfectâ?¦until the first of many family skeletons rattles out from a closet

and sets Maggie on a tragic collision course with a decision no kid should

ever have to make.

Set in the rollicking 1960s and early 1970s, Southern Fried Skeletons follows

one girl’s journey toward adulthoodâ?¦ only stopping along the way for sweet

tea and fried chicken with milk gravy.

Genuine Southern recipes included.

For more information about the author please go to

Sufficient Evil: The Eutychus Series

by K. Baker

When tragedy strikes Macey goes looking for answers and entangles herself with a killer.

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