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The Things in the Darkness

by Ira Gansler

“Terrifying and engaging, impossible to put down.” Henrique Couto, Writer/Director of Babysitter Massacre and Director of Haunted House on Sorority Row and Scarewaves.

“Creepy, contemporary riffs on Lovecraftian themes!” John Oak Dalton, Screenwriter – Among Us, Haunted House on Sorority Row, and Scarewaves.

An accident puts Kevin Tremmel into a coma. Upon waking, he is not the same. Is it psychological trauma or something darker at work?

Until recently, Kevin Tremmel was at peace with his life. He had a wonderful family, a meaningful career, and his life is finally settling down. Everything seems to be going great – until the night he dies in a car accident.

When the doctors revive him, it’s evident that he’s not the same. Strange urges and images haunt his waking hours, and he finds himself fighting frightening new impulses. Has the trauma of the accident caused a mental illness — or has he brought some malevolent being back with him?

In order to save his sanity, his sense of self, and his family, Kevin must discover what force is at work on him and how to overcome it. That or give up all he loves and become a servant to the things in the darkness.

It’s a Grimm Life

Cultures throughout the world have folktales that carry warnings hidden within. They illustrate what could happen if we surrender to our brutish nature. The first accounts can be found in the oral traditions of a people, passed from generation to generation, before pen touched paper. One of the most notable collections to be later recorded is Kinder- und Hausmärchen, translating to ‘Children’s and Household Tales’, published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1812. The impact this project has had on all parts of our lives, and throughout the world, is nearly incomprehensible.

It’s a Grimm Life is a tribute to these resounding folktales from the past, placing them in a modern setting. Each story is germinated from a Grimm seed, embracing the darker side of humanity and the world that we know to exist in the shadows, just out of sight.

Shadow People

by Micah Ackerman

Jabari Livingstone thought he had left his demons in the past, but the shadows that seem to preclude every tragedy in his life have returned. With his first child on the way Jabari needs to rid himself of the evil spirits, it’s a battle he can’t afford to lose.

Jabari enlists the help of Dr. Prado a demonologist and expert on the occult, together they discover the origin of these disembodied beings and fight the evil at its source.

The phenomenon of “shadow people” has been reported around the world and is often associated with sleep paralysis. Based on eye witness accounts, “Shadow People” by Micah Ackerman is a short story straight out of your worst nightmares.

The Key (Eternal Battle Book 1)

by Andrea M. Mouser

Poor little RJ has been used and abused by everyone. She hasn’t been wanted, needed or cared for since her dad died several years ago.

One day after a tragic encounter, She follows a bird, she believes to be her father reincarnated, farther into the cave. As she goes deeper and deeper into the earth she sees a light. She heads towards it. But falls down a cave shaft. She is thrown into a white room.

God has a mission for her. She is to collect orbs all around the world in order to close the door to Hell. One by one they will be absorbed into her body, completing the Key.

She is given a companion to protect her. If she doesn’t get these orbs in time the devil will be released. He wishes to destroy humanity in order to create his own demonic race. She doesn’t know if the people deserve to live after how they treated her.

Angel knew that by taking this job that she would be united with her soulmate. And it would mean she would not be able to be reincarnated with her in the future. Angel keeps the secret of their fate from RJ because she wants her to be happy for once in her life.

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