Free humour Kindle books for 26 Apr 15

Poker: Tips to Texas Hold ‘Em, Poker Strategy and Making Money

by Ben Tolbert

Do You Want to Dominate Poker?

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Do you want to be good at poker? Do you want to know specific strategies that some of the best players in the world use? Poker can be a very lucrative hobby if mastered well enough. Throughout this book you will learn the best techniques on how to make money while playing poker. Such as reading opponents, their moves and their personalities.

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Romantic Road [Dot Com]

by Lee Boyce

Meet Harry Watt, self-dubbed London’s â??most washed-up’ 27 year-old. His wisdom tooth gives him hell and his mundane job in a faceless bank is bringing out grey hairs.

But these are all small-fry compared to other woes crushing him. His girlfriend of six years Scarlett Appleby has left him and had a personality transplant overnight. His cocky best-friend and flatmate Lennon Nash continues to breeze through life without breaking a sweat. Not to mention his Mum has terminal cancer.

He’s on a quest to get his life back on track and ensure his dreams don’t fall at the wayside. But in a desperate bid to help him get over Scarlett, Lennon convinces him to sign-up for online dating website Romantic Road Dot Com – â??where people who are single, mingle.’

As his foray into the wacky world of online dating delivers a welcome distraction to his Scarlett troubles and gives birth to alter ego, Teddy Diablo, he soon discovers Romantic Road is like a roulette wheel. Sometimes you land on a beautiful black, other times a revolting red – and on the odd occasion, you can end up with an entertaining, yet kooky, green.

This is Your Vagina, The Vagina is Where the Heart Is

by Purple Barbi

Falling in love is easy, our of love….not so easy. Junivicus (Ju-niv-a-kus) fell without a safety net and unknowingly never recovered. How long do you hold on to hurt? When is enough enough? According to her vagina the time is now!

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